There Is Power Within You

If you knew the power that is within you, you would not want nor
need of anything in your life. If you understand the incredible ability and
strength and power that you hold inside the form you call body, you would
not expect anything from anyone or anything, and you would realize your
incredible potential to create your life by your design, as well as effect the
world in an intentional manner. You would offer amazing opportunities for
the world to advance and grow beyond your wildest dreams. If you only
knew, the power that is within you. One of the first steps in this process is to
discover your life purpose and exactly what you are meant to do with your
There is only one thing in the entire world, and that is energy.
Everything is energy. You might look around you and think, "but Dwayne, I
see a telephone, a chair, a desk, a computer, everything is not energy." I
would tell you to look closer, and not to believe what you see on the surface.
Sure, everything has a form, but every form is nothing more, and
nothing less, than energy that has come together and grouped itself in a
specific manner in order to create that form. There is only one thing in the
entire universe, and that is source energy. Source energy is that which
everything is made of, and made from. Nothing has come into physical
reality without the aid and help of source energy.
Since everything is source energy, and everything that has come into
existence has done so through and from source energy, that means that you
are also a product of source energy having come from it and through it in
order to come into existence. Since you are source energy, and have been
created by source energy, you too are a piece of the overall puzzle of the
universe which is completely connected through source energy. This means
that you too can create just as source energy does, and has.
You might look around you and see an out there and see a world
where there are computers, and roads, and houses, and cars. You might also
think there is an in here, a world inside yourself full of thoughts, emotions,
ideas, and personality. You might even look further in both directions and
see the MilkyWay galaxy, or inward and see organs, cells, and atoms.
The truth and reality of the matter is that there is no out there or in
here, they are one and the same.

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