Exercise Benefits Memory, Mental Health


By Janice Wood

Reviewed by John M. Grohol, Psy.D. 
Exercise Benefits Memory, Mental HealthResearchers at Dartmouth College have found that exercise can benefit memory, as well as help children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).
Over the past few years data has shown that exercise creates neurobiological changes, according to David Bucci, an associate professor in the department of psychological and brain sciences.
His latest research finds that the effects of exercise are different on memory, as well as on the brain, depending on whether the exerciser is an adolescent or an adult. Researchers have also identified a gene that seems to mediate the degree to which exercise has a beneficial effect, which has implications for the use of exercise as an intervention for mental illness, Bucci said.
He said he began his pursuit of the link between exercise and memory with ADHD, one of the most common childhood psychological disorders, noting he is concerned that the treatment of choice is medication.
"The notion of pumping children full of psycho-stimulants at an early age is troublesome," Bucci said. "We frankly don't know the long-term effects of administering drugs at an early age — drugs that affect the brain — so looking for alternative therapies is clearly important."
Anecdotal evidence from colleagues at the University of Vermont pointed Bucci toward studying exercise and ADHD. Researchers observed that ADHD children in Vermont summer camps, athletes or team sports players were found to respond better to behavioral interventions than more sedentary children. While systematic empirical data is lacking, this association of exercise with a reduction of characteristic ADHD behaviors was persuasive enough for Bucci.
Coupled with his interest in learning and memory and their underlying brain functions, Bucci and teams of graduate and undergraduate students embarked upon a series of experiments to investigate the potential connection between exercise and brain function.
Early on, they found that laboratory rats that exhibit ADHD-like behavior demonstrated that exercise was able to reduce the extent of these behaviors. The researchers also found that exercise was more beneficial for female rats than males, similar to how it affects male and female children with ADHD.
Next they investigated a mechanism through which exercise seems to improve learning and memory called brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), which is involved in the growth of the developing brain. The degree of BDNF in exercising rats correlated positively with improved memory.
The researchers also found that it had longer-lasting effects in adolescents compared to adults.
"The implication is that exercising during development, as your brain is growing, is changing the brain in concert with normal developmental changes, resulting in your having more permanent wiring of the brain in support of things like learning and memory," says Bucci. "It seems important to [exercise] early in life."
Bucci's latest paper was a move to take the studies of exercise and memory in rats and apply them to humans. The subjects in this new study were Dartmouth undergraduates and individuals recruited from the Hanover community.
According to Bucci, an interesting finding was that a person's genotype for BDNF affected whether exercise benefited learning and memory.
"This could mean that you may be able to predict which ADHD child, if we genotype them and look at their DNA, would respond to exercise as a treatment and which ones wouldn't," he said.
The notion that exercise is good for health, including mental health, is not a huge surprise, he concludes. "The interesting question in terms of mental health and cognitive function is how exercise affects mental function and the brain," he said.

Live In The Moment

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Live in the moment. Yesterday is already done and tomorrow may never
come. All you have is the present. Every moment is precious, so make
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When you immerse yourself in the present moment, you don't
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✴ The best example I've ever seen about living in the moment is the
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Millman, a world champion athlete.
When a tragic accident leaves him paralyzed, a mentor appears who
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never walk again, Dan stuns them all when he uses his philosophy to
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Not only can living in the moment eliminate your fears for the future,
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I am no stranger to self-help books. I've read dozens of them over the past few years, written several myself, and I've come to same conclusion most of you have – they don't really work.
Well, that's not quite true. There are some shining gems that actually give what they promise and actually provide quality content. And Mind Secrets Exposed is one of those few examples of a great self-help book that actually delivers on its promise.
Greg Frost is the brains behind Mind Secrets Exposed and his latest offering focuses on the enhancing the power of the mind so that it can accomplish great things. Mind Secrets Exposed is a comprehensive guide on harnessing the power of the mind and tapping into its hidden potential and channeling it into success and happiness.
With Mind Secrets Exposed, readers are promised the ability to gain success, wealth, happiness, peace and anything else they would like to accomplish or have. I am glad to say that it doesn't disappoint. Mind Secrets Exposed comes in two formats – an e-book and an audiobook, the standard for self-help books.
The book is written in a personal and casual manner, such that even the most novice of readers can grasp the concepts easily. Each chapter ends with action steps that provide tips and advice on implementing the chapter's lessons into the reader's daily life. These action steps are a welcome addition to the book, as it provides impetus and direction for the reader to take action – this way, the lessons in the book become more than just words and concepts and is turned into actual results.
Mind Secrets Exposed does not provide a quick and dirty scheme for becoming a better person – those books generally deal in myth and are typically not worth your money. Instead, Mind Secrets Exposed can turn you in a better person and a success machine with some investment in time and effort.
Beyond the book itself, Greg Frost has also included Quick Wealth System, which is a fast and easy training program on creating wealth in your life and a monthly newsletter that provides even more content dealing with success, the workings of the brain as well as a motivational and success coaching program.
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Success Monthly is offered via a monthly membership scheme, but the first month is free for anyone who buys Mind Secrets Exposed. While paying a monthly fee might sound like too much of an investment for some, the content provided in the first month is enough to convince me to maintain my membership.
All in all, Mind Secrets Exposed is a fantastic addition to any library and is a must-read for anyone who is interested in unlocking the mind's full potential. The book promises to turn you into an achiever and a person capable of accomplishing anything and it delivers on that promise in spades.
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Healing Wounds

When going through our healing of wounds we likewise have an excellent chance to clear our inner 'file drawers' where aged, disregarded, buried matters are stored beside the fresh ones. These techniques are especially helpful in this respect, enabling us to decrease the strength of residual notions from old grief along with new, raw feelings from the fresh ones.
We likewise learn compassion by our own experiences of sufferings. This is generally acknowledged in the observance that many of the better caregivers for ill people are themselves injured healers. Closure isn't a time or date when you shut the door on your wounded feelings and feel it no longer. Closure begins the instant you soak up the fact that the situation happened. With each step along the path of healing wounds you take is a step toward further, deeper closure.
Several are led astray to feel they've reached an early end to their closure when they're in the grasp of waves of sorrow, anger and shame of the moment. Learning that healing has its own method, its own timing and its own meandering, hilly road toward ever better closure is a part of the process. It's an awareness regarding the procedure of grieving and healing; a growing intimacy with how your mind and feelings react and deal with emotional wounds.
 Heartache over our losses and wounds stops us in our tracks. It assists us in realizing a lot of disregarded truths and to acquire many helpful and life-enhancing lessons.
If you trust in endurance of the spirit and that you are able to recover, you might have fewer anxieties and even reach a place of much richer and greater admiration for all of the chances, blessings and lessons you've had and will have in this life. You'll pull through the closure process with Appreciation for the great experiences you recall and the lessons acquired; with gratefulness for the enrichments accumulated in your life so far; and with acute anticipation for the graces yet to come.
In this life there is transience in all experiences. Recognizing an end will bear on every and each relationship we have, including the elemental end of our relationship with all we have lived in this life, helps us to treasure every experience a great deal more. This awareness might be one of the biggest benefits of transitioning through the healing process.
Once we come through such grave challenges, other issues in our life shrivel up in comparison. As we clean-cut issues and feelings in the present tense, we frequently discover like issues lurking in the same file drawers. These might have been stacked away many years before, at times when we didn't bear the resources to handle them.
At present, with the successes of managing problems of grief and healing, you can do an exhaustive clearing up of such unnecessary baggage that you carry with you in your unconscious. This is the acceptance of grief as a part of healing; as that which bestows deep meaning to life; as a chance for clarifications; and as the terrific teacher it may be.
This is a branching out of our positive cognizance. That is, when we understand we're safe and need not fear our past experiences - which is for a lot of people very difficult- then all additional stress and fears in our lives become nothing more than added lessons. We understand that everything in our lifetime is manageable; there's nothing we have to worry about or fear.
We may than accept everything in our life as a lesson. Rather than saying, "Oh, my goodness! How will I handle this challenge?" we can state, "Hmmm! I‟m curious what intriguing lessons I'll get from this invitation to look deeper inside myself?" or "I question what I'll discover to clear up next from the file drawer that this hurdle is directing me towards?"

Your Mind is Your #1 Doctor and Healer By Vishen Lakhiani

Your Mind is Your #1 Doctor and Healer

By Vishen Lakhiani / Source: The Silva Method
How much do you really know about your mind's ability to influence your body? How far have you pushed your mind?
And I mean really pushed your it.
Yes, most of you out there know just how powerful your mind is but have you used it as a tool for healing? A savior for your health? I know these are pretty big words but when you consider the countless stories of people curing the incurable, terminal illnesses disappearing, and rapid recovery from all sorts of ailments using just the mind, it's hard not to call your mind your #1 healer.
While most of you just love going to the doctor's and paying those hefty fees for consultations and pharmaceutical drugs, consider this: A pain-free life, where you are so in tune with your body you know you're going to be sick before it happens. You know exactly how to stop it, heal it, and prevent it.
Sound too good to be true? I used to think so but just check out these stories below:
"Last August my daughter was diagnosed with a reoccurrence of breast cancer -- Stage 4, metastasized all over her body. She decided not to undergo whole brain radiation and chemotherapy the doctors suggested. She is using all natural healing methods, organic juice, food, and supplements -- and meditation. I have been helping her by using Silva healing techniques, visualizing the cancer going away -- and it is! 8 months later, the cancer is more than half gone. I am sure the Silva Method has played a significant role in her healing. Thanks a lot." - Barbara Szabo
"M.R., a lieutenant in the US Navy, has suffered of some heart arrhythmia and was prohibited to be on a flight. He explained 'I came to the Alpha level frequently and envisioned a perfect heart with no defects. Three weeks later I was examined. No mitral valve prolapse! A congenital defect of thirty-three years had disappeared. All the diagnostic equipment and tests revealed a perfect heart. I was returned to flight status.'" - Louise Owen, United States
So you may have noticed the connection between the two. And that would be Silva. As some of you may know, the Silva Method has transformed my life in the past so I know, firsthand, that this isn't just false hope or a coincidence.

These stories are real and they are a testament to how your mind can take back
control of your body and health.
My own experience of Silva started when I was 17. I started the book
 Silva Mind Control Method (its name pre-1980s) and underwent some major
 breakthroughs that had a direct impact on my health. This was how amazing the
 Silva Method worked for me. A skin condition I had for 5 years cleared up in 5
weeks after I applied Jose Silva's imagery technique to focus on healing.
Later at the age of 17 I took the seminar and my abilities to heal myself only
accelerated. I remember once injuring my foot while practicing martial arts.
 We were given an exercise to practice kicking a brick wall and stopping our
 foot a few inches before striking the wall.
It was an exercise that required total focus and concentration. Except at the
 last minute the phone rang, distracting me and causing my foot to go further
than it should and WHAM against the wall. What a difference a few inches makes.
 This caused a massive swelling in my foot and a hairline fracture.
I sat down in pain and went into my Silva meditation level
 (also known as the "Alpha" level) and applied the Pain Control technique I had
learned in the seminar. Within minutes I was able to reduce the pain, bring down
the swelling and make myself well enough to walk and go visit a doctor.
And do you know what the best part of all of this is? It's that YOU,
 just like the people in the stories above and me, can be a self-healer too.
 This is a power that all of you have. It's just incubating in your mind.
 Waiting to be woken up!

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