Live In The Moment

Books By Timothy Kendrick
Live in the moment. Yesterday is already done and tomorrow may never
come. All you have is the present. Every moment is precious, so make
every moment count!
When you immerse yourself in the present moment, you don't
even think about – or fear – what may be around the corner.
✴ The best example I've ever seen about living in the moment is the
movie The Peaceful Warrior. The movie is based on the life of Dan
Millman, a world champion athlete.
When a tragic accident leaves him paralyzed, a mentor appears who
teaches him to live in the moment. Although the doctors say he may
never walk again, Dan stuns them all when he uses his philosophy to
become a world class athlete once again.
Not only can living in the moment eliminate your fears for the future,
but it can also propel you toward a life of happiness!


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