Self Mastery Alternatives in Psych

We spend our lifetime trying to solve problems. Most people despite how intelligent they may be will add to the problems instead of finding solutions to resolve the issues. Still, in many instances questions are answered, yet years down the road, the same researchers or other researchers will spend another decade looking for better answers. The list continues. It seems to never end, which makes any of us wonder if self-mastery the alternatives in psych can improve our life. Perhaps we may find some resolve, yet years down the road, we will still be seeking answers to solve our problems.
Because everyone has to put their two cents in, it is important to remember that philosophies, opinions, guess, et cetera is just that. You have to search deep within yourself to find the right answers that help you to work toward self-mastery. The self has many answers that are available from experiences, events, and knowledge. You have to sort through what you know; sifting through the details in order to discover what it is you need to help you continue growing. This is a part of self-mastery. When you are able to take control of your emotions, mental processes, and behaviors, then you are maturing. This is a good thing, but you have to continue growing throughout the process.
We all have to find our way in life. Part of this process understands the differences between nurturing and maturing. Nurturing is the process of developing, promoting, encouraging, and cultivating new skills. Maturing is growing and budding so that you improve your overall quality of life. Understanding the differences between the two will help you through the processes of self-mastery.
Throughout the process of nurturing and maturing, you will have roadblocks along the way. When the stress gets too much, take some time out for you to nurture yourself back to wellness.
You can enjoy physical exercise, which is good for relieving tension and stress. Exercise will build mental, emotional, and physical strength. You will start to feel good about yourself each time that you enjoy regular workout routines. Make it a habit. Making it a habit will enforce that you have the best tools available to enjoy life to its entirety.

Other methods have been used over the years to relieve stress as well. Many people have found many rewards by practicing meditation. You can go online to review the options available. Yoga is another great way to burn calories, fat, work on self-mastery skills, and reduce stress. Visit the Internet to find out more about the steps to building ultimate strength of mind.

The Internet has many options nowadays that it makes it impossible not to find a single solution to make your life better. You will need to apply effort however in order to make it happen. Without efforts, faith is no good. Take action today to improve your life for the better by building your self-mastery skills.

Appreciate that a psychological mind will walk you all the way through a series of self-development procedures at the same time, that person is evaluating the patient through advanced observation skills. This means you would have to develop your self-insight, consciousness and build on your scale of conscious responsiveness. You would perhaps need some learning tools if you were one of the median thinkers in the world. Practice then is the one of the necessary keys to progressing in self-insight and professional growth. Through practice, you can improve your motor skills, and other skills. You need sufficient techniques however, that work for you. Practice is no good if you do not have something to practice with. For this reason, you may want to visit the Internet to get in on the latest techniques for self-development.

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Self Growth Made Effortless With Support From Subliminal MP3s

Self Growth Made Effortless With Support From Subliminal MP3s

While many programs demand huge investments of time and finances, the path of subliminal messaging does neither and can get you want you want out of life.

Any choice to improve yourself starts with you and your determination to take that initial step and put it into action. A significant commitment is needed to reach the higher state of living you desire. With subliminal audio, self-improvement is easier than it’s ever been.

Although they are audio files that need to be played and heard, you’re technically not necessary to have to particularly concentrate on anything. The science of subliminal messaging inspires thoughts and gives foundations to thinking patterns bound for success in anything you choose.

On top of the easy approach, any logical resistances your mind would normally put up are bypassed by the subconscious comprehension achieved by subliminal messaging. This allows you to tackle the greatest issues in your own life and make changes that typical ‘conscious’ self help programs are incapable of.

By consistently suggesting things to the unconscious, you are able to open up new venues of possibility within yourself and get exactly what you want out of life.

There are a huge number of targeted subliminal tracks that will place you on the fast track to becoming the best person you can be. You can literally get subliminal albums for pretty much any area - from subliminal weight loss to stopping smoking, improving confidence, you can even get a motivation mp3 and much more

I know this all sounds fantastic, and subliminal audio really can be if it is used properly, nevertheless it is not an instant ticket to success. You need to really want the change and put in real effort in your everyday life to make it happen.

If you are focused and committed to changing then subliminal audio will be your best friend and help you to achieve your goals much faster, and much more naturally.

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Society and Opinions of Others

Society has a way of making people believe they aren’t as
good as the next person. When they can’t measure up to
the standards of others, some people put up a front hoping
they will look better in the eyes of others.
We must stop trying to stand-out and start showing our
true self. It’s easier to remember who you really are than
trying to keep a web of lies from becoming tangled.
✤ Take time to remind yourself of your positive traits.
✤ Figure out who you really are.
✤ Every day remind yourself that you are unique.
Self-Reflection Questions:
I. Am I comfortable in my own skin?
II. Can I define my positive characteristics?
III. Can I reflect on my life and be someone I am proud of?

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Imagine Your Ideal Scene by Marc Allen

This Is The Essential First Step
This step is simple - all it involves is writing down a few pages of ideas - and yet it
proved to be vitally important, fundamental to the rapid growth I experienced after I did
it. It opened the door to every other discovery in my life, and has brought me to a level
of success and fulfillment that had been completely unimaginable to me before I did
this simple process.
A Powerful Exercise
The first step is called the “ideal scene process.” It is another way way to look at the
second habit Stephen Covey gives us in his book “The Seven Habits of Highly
Effective People”. This habit alone is a great key to success: “Begin with the end in
This is a simple, powerful key: Begin with the end in mind, and keep the end in mind,
always. Then you’ll discover that the opportunities that lead you there have always
been right in front of you - you just haven’t seen them until now.
Dream Freely And Define Success
The important thing is to allow yourself to freely dream, and then to clearly define what
success if for you.
The “ideal scene” exercise that follows is wonderful for giving you an easy, playful way
to clearly imagine what success is for you as the unique individual you are.
Imagine Your Ideal Scene
It all starts with a dream. The essential first step is to dream and to imagine: Imagine
five years have passed, and you are living your ideal life: doing what you want to do,
being who you want to be, having what you want to have.
Some of us don’t even allow ourselves to dream - and yet it is the essential first step.
Without the dream, achievement is impossible.
Take a bit of time to quietly relax, and then allow your imagination to wander. Allow
yourself to dream. Encourage yourself, the way you would encourage a child, to play
with different possibilities that could await you in life - if you but dare to dream.
Imagine you’ve been so inspired by the words and exercises in this course - and by
many other things you’ve encountered along the way - that you have created the life of
your dreams. You have become a success in every way you wish.
If money were no object, and you could do, be, and have exactly what you wanted,
what would it be?
Describe your ideal. Let it be as far-fetched as you want - we’ll deal with reality later.
For now, let your imagination soar. Don’t restrict yourself, and don’t edit it a you write it
– no one else has to see it, and you can always change it later.

List And Affirm Your Goals
When you take this next step you will see powerful results. Within your ideal scene are
bound to be several different goals. Take a clean sheet of paper, write “Goals” at the
top, and list your major goals, however many there are, on the page. I had ten or
twelve goals when I first did my list; now I have just six - my life has gotten simpler
over the years.
First we simply list our goals, in any way that comes to mind. Then we go back and
rewrite each goal as an affirmation: words that affirm those goals are now in the
process of being realized. The trick is to state your goals in the present, and yet put
them in a way that is believable to you at present, so your subconscious mind can get
to work on them.
The most effective affirmations are stated in the present tense, and yet are entirely
believable to you. They are worded so your goal is now in the process of happening -
not that it has already been achieved, which is not believable. “I am now a millionaire”
is stated in the present, yet it is something your conscious and subconscious mind will
have difficulty believing if, in reality, you are scrounging to pay the rent every month.
Here is the affirmation that worked for me:
“I am now creating total financial success, in an easy and relaxed manner, in a healthy
and positive way.”
As I repeated these words, something magical happened, in due time: All kinds of
opportunities appeared, all kinds of possible ways to achieve the lofty goal of financial
freedom started to become obvious to me, and then plans just naturally began to form
in my mind. That led instinctively to the next step: making a simple, written plan for
each major goal.
Once I started affirming my list of goals, I naturally over time developed clearer and
clearer pictures of each of these goals - and those pictures started to include some
very specific steps to take.
The Power Of Imprinting
The process works. My theory is that the repetition of your goals and dreams imprints
them on your subconscious mind, the deep, vast part of your mind that is intimately
connected with, and - in some mysterious way - united with the whole universe. By
simply repeating your goals, you are aligning yourself with the creative power of the
When we affirm we’re going to create our dream, in an easy and relaxed manner, in a
healthy and positive way, our subconscious mind gets immediately to work on it.
Two Powerful, All-inclusive Affirmations
There are two great affirmations to include in your affirmation sessions, or to say at
any time during the day if you find yourself thinking or saying anything limited or
destructive. The power of these words becomes obvious when you affirm them to yourself.
The first is from a famous French pharmacist, Emile Coue, who saw healing after healing
in his customers after he began giving them this affirmation instead of drugs:
“Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better.”
And when you’re affirming a particular goal, it’s very good to add the words that follow
as a kind of “cosmic insurance policy,” ensuring it will be for your highest good as well
as that of others: “This, or something better, is now manifesting in totally satisfying and
harmonious ways, for the highest good of all.”
Affirm it to be, and it will be. Discover for yourself the power of affirmation.
Write your list of goals, word them in the form of affirmations, and read them over
repeatedly. You are creating the foundation of your success.
You will be what you will to be.

Excerpted from the book “The MIllionaire Course,” by Marc Allen.

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The Things I Get

The Things I Get

Do you get everything you want?  You don’t? Well, I’ll declare,
That’s strange–I have the same complaint. Perhaps it’s not so rare.

The things we don’t want come to us, in bunches, every day;
But when we really like a thing, it seems to stay away.

We hope and wish and pray and cry, and scheme and work and plan;
While our desires remain beyond the reach of mortal man.

So, after years of fruitless hopes, I think I’ll cease to fret
And when I don’t get things I like, I’ll like the things I get!


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Meditation to Improve Concentration

Meditation to Improve Concentration

Today, there are a lot of things that help in keeping us
entertained. In the internet alone, there are a multitude
of websites that do such that like video sharing sites,
gaming sites and other websites which cater to our

While there is nothing wrong with entertaining ourselves, a
problem arises with our constant need for distractions.
Because of that, it becomes difficult for us to focus on
one thing.

We do not need to take extreme measures to help us focus.
There are practices which can do the job for us. It
includes the practice of meditation.

People take up meditation for different purposes and
improving concentration is one of them. There are several
methods by which meditation does its job.

One is through breathing exercises. Even an exercise that
is as simple as being aware of the times we inhale and
exhale can do wonders to our ability to concentrate.

While it may sound easy, it can be quite difficult
especially if one has to deal with distractions such as
outside noise.

Another method is by reciting a mantra. A mantra is a
phrase or a sound that is recited repeatedly. For
Catholics, praying the rosary is a form of a mantra.

The repetition becomes the center of the meditation to
which the person’s attention becomes focused.

There are other more methods by which meditation can help
improve concentration. However, the two mentioned above are
the most basic and could help beginners start out with the

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Personal Transformation: Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual awakening and enlightenment seems to be part of religious practices.  Spiritual awakening is a religious experience where the person who is enlightened had contact with the divine and supernatural.  It has been part of different traditions and practices, encompassing different religions.

Enlightenment is subjective since it fits on the individual’s perception and understanding divinity and religion.  It is also something which other people who do not share the same views may find different and sometimes frightening.  Even though, different religions have different understanding of the divine and supreme being, awakening experiences seem to have commonalities, as well as their differences. 

Different religions and traditions share that spiritual awakening and other religious experiences includes the person to detach from the world and unite with God or gods and goddesses.  The person would have deeper connection to the world after the awakening.  They would also attain innate knowledge and understanding of the world and other people.

Spiritual awakenings are not only experienced through religious activities and methods.  It can also be experienced through peak experiences, life and death experiences and situations, psychic openings and past life experience.  Those who have awakened would say that they would experience physical, mental, emotional and spiritual changes and difficulties.  But the awakening, even with its turmoil and difficulty, has been called blissful by some people.

It is a personal transformation and the awakened can experience different changes on their actions, habits and way of life. 

William James in The Varieties of Religious Experience, states that a spiritual awakening brings certainty and insight to truth which is unfathomable by usual sensory and intellectual means.  The experience can change the outer behavior, attitude, character and outlook of the person who have experienced the awakening.

For example, people who have a spiritual awakening would experience sudden waves of emotions.  Food intolerances and allergies develop after the religious experience. Some traditions say that because the human mind and body is opening to the divine and the spiritual, it gets more sensitive.  Getting more sensitive means that your body can have lower tolerance level to some things compared to how it was before the religious journey and completion. 

The senses are in a high and can be extra-sensitive.  Enlightened people would see auras around living things and some glittery particles.  The colors would appear more vivid and even see shapes and brilliant colors with eyes closed. Hearing is also sharper than before.  But some would testify that they would experience a decrease in hearing since they would hear different kind of sounds and have difficulty identifying the different sounds. 

Smell, taste and touch are also enhanced.  Which is why, some would be sensitive with food and smell.  Rashes can happen on the skin that can happen in the same time with healing moments or completion of some memories or anything that could have happened in the past.

There would also be moments when the awakened person would feel a sudden rush of power.  Some people would say that they would experience hotness running from their head to toe, while there are others who would say the feeling was cold. 

Just to stress on the point, the transformation that a person undergoes upon a spiritual awakening depends on the how they see and understand divinity and religion.  Not all of these personal transformations could happen to everybody who has experienced enlightenment. In some religion, some of these transformations are not acceptable while other traditions and religions would foresee these transformation essential.

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What Is Power

What Is Power?
If power begins in
controlling something, then are we powerless prior to controlling?

Yes and no.

We have potential, which is a power in itself, but unused and
undirected potential is NOTHING.

Are we powerless prior to controlling?

I would say we are not powerless, but ignorant (Which is a version of
powerlessness, I guess.)

We don't know that we have power and don't know to know to test it.

The end of all powerlessness begins with awareness.

A Samurai Warrior would learn this by practicing a meditation of
sitting on the top of a mountain with his arm extended and sword
pointing skyward in a position ready to fall. He would meditate on that
fleeting moment when a balanced piece of metal would turn into an
unpredictable falling/killing weapon. His awareness was on the
potential of the weapon. When he learned that then he could study the
application of it's power.

What is power?

What is power like?

How great is power?

Where is power now?

To Know. To Will. To Dare. To Keep Silent.

These were the powers of the Sphinx and they remain dormant in all of
us to one degree or another.

You don't know what you don't know. Thus you must seek knowledge in
whatever realm you wish to control.

You must Will and Dare to use that knowledge.

To keep silent. This is where power turns to craft. It is the most
subtle application of power. So subtle it may seem that things are all
happening in your favor when in fact they happen by your design.

A bolder resting precariously on a cliff, a bow string pulled tight,
these have a quality of potential force, What the Chinese strategist,
Sun Tsu, called "shih". With just the right action and the force is

The silent art of power and control is to see the potential force in
everything and arrange it so that, if released, it works in your favor.

The keys to this power are first to know what you want far into the
future and to know it in rich and glorious detail. The next step is to
develop a presice and detailed plan to your goal and to meditate upon
it day in and day out. By having this constantly on your mind you will
function with the greatest efficiency toward your goal.

You will see the world about and know "This action will lead me to my
goal. This action will lead me nowhere."

This task that is unnatural for most of us because of our natural
tendency to focus on the thoughts of the present and to respond to the
urgencies at hand. To master this skill we must alter our thinking and
see every action that we perform as an act of manipulating "shih".

To do this is the height of Sphinx-like power and makes mere men to
seem magical as if they controlled the forces of nature.

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How To Make Yourself Miserable

How to Make Yourself Miserable
How to make decisions that
make you feel miserable.

Being miserable is quite simple:

* Ask a series of miserable questions of yourself like

"What could go wrong about today?"

"What do I have to feel guilty about?"

"Why do bad things always happen to me?"

"Why am I feeling so terrible?"

* Make vague and unreasonable expectations and goals.

By making a goal or expectation unreasonable you'll make it impossible
to achieve. By making them vague you'll never know exactly if you
achieve them and you'll always be able to say "No, that's not what I

* Think the worst first.

For any event that occurs you have a million ways of thinking about it.
Go for the worst possible interpretation. For example, if you walk into
a store and teenagers are outside laughing and smoking cigarettes they
are probably laughing at you.

* Cling to past hurts.

Progress can be easily inhibited when you use past hurt of slow you
down. These can take the form of lingering on why your life has been so
terrible or even by saying “We've never done it that way
before. Why start now?”

Why you might want to stop feeling miserable.

* Without a doubt misery is the number one cause of suicide. If you
want to live you want to get rid of your misery.

* You will have more power (much, much more) and control over your life
if you stop all the misery producing processes and take responsibility
for your life.

How to stop making miserable decisions.

* Set reasonable goals using the S.M.A.R.T. goals process. If you don't
know what this is do a google search.

* Know when your emotions are trying to influence away from your goals
and work to keep your focus.

* Agree to take responsibility for your life and especially for your
emotions. This is very hard work but very rewarding.

What you will have to give up when you stop making miserable decisions.

* You will have to give up on the belief that your suffering makes you
unique. The fact is suffering is ordinary and boring to most people.
We've all experienced it and there is little you can say about your
suffering that will make us think of you for very long. What is
exceptional and unique is someone who makes no excuses for their life
and decides to excel and feel joy AS A CHOICE.

* You will have to give up blame. This means blaming anyone or
anything. It means even giving up blaming yourself.

* You will have to give up on fear and timidity. Only boldness and
audacity can overcome a longstanding habit of misery.

Final note.

While all of this may seem vary callus and cold it's important to point
out that this is not an essay by which you should judge other people
but only yourself. Bad things do happen to good people and it's a good
idea to help them when you can. On the other hand, if you find someone
who is persistantly and habitually miserable it's generally a good idea
to keep your distance from them lest they infect you with their misery
and, beleive me, they can do that more easily than you think.

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Posting About Health Concerns on Facebook, Twitter

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Posting About Health Concerns on Facebook, TwitterIf you’re thinking about posting your health or mental health concerns on Facebook or Twitter, you may want to think twice.
According to an article published last week in The LA Times, health insurers will often turn to social networks to check out someone’s story — especially when that person is receiving medical leave or disability payments from an insurer. If you’re filing (or intending to file) a health insurance claim, be careful.
This once-hypothetical scenario is now commonplace, as insurers look for ways to keep cutting costs and payments to what they perceive as people intending to commit fraud against them. In fact, insurance companies don’t just randomly check out a social networking website when a claim comes in — it is now standard practice, according to Peter Foley, vice president of claims administration at the American Insurance Association.
While many of us naively think, “Well, this doesn’t affect me… I would never commit insurance fraud,” this goes way beyond simply insurance fraud. Ordinary people — people suffering from depression, bipolar disorder, or anxiety disorder — may find themselves being denied their benefits because of a photo uploaded to Facebook. In once case, the photo showed a woman apparently having fun on the beach when she was supposed to be depressed.
The LA Times’ Shan Li has the story…

Struggling with depression, the 30-year-old [Nathalie Blanchard] from Quebec, Canada, took a medical leave in early 2008 from her job as an IBM technician. Soon after, she began receiving monthly disability benefits from her insurer, Manulife Financial Corp.
A year later and without warning, the payments stopped.
A representative of the Toronto insurance company told Blanchard that Manulife used photos of her on Facebook — showing her frolicking at a beach and hanging out at a pub — to determine she was depression-free and able to work, said Tom Lavin, Blanchard’s attorney.
Can clinically depressed people not have fun? Not according to the DSM-IV definition of depression. Nowhere does it state that a person who suffers from major depression cannot experience times where their depression temporarily lifts. Nor does it suggest that a person who is depressed can’t go on vacation and attempt to lift their spirits. Which sometimes happens… but the lift is nearly always temporary. Once a person returns home, the depression sets in again.
In the case mentioned in the article, Ms. Blanchard is suing because apparently the insurance company cut off her benefits without warning and without first talking to her doctor.
Which is even more scary, if true. Imagine that your health or mental health benefits cut off not because of a careful and considered medical review of your health and mental health data… but because of photos you uploaded to Facebook!
The challenge we have today with social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter is that people tend not to always use the best judgment in choosing what to share with others. And even if they do, they may not realize that Facebook’s sometimes-complicated and ever-changing privacy settings may allow the public to view components of your life you thought you had sealed off from public view.
The easiest and safest thing to do is to ensure your Facebook profile is locked up tight — friends only for virtually all of the information you share — and that you pick and choose what to post on any social network. Once posted, something may live a lot longer online than you ever intended. So be mindful and intentional in what you post, thinking about the worst case scenario… “What if a future employer saw this? Or my mom? Or my insurance company?”
Is that being overly conservative, cynical even? Perhaps. But at least I’ll have my insurance.
Read the full article: Insurance fraud and social media: Insurers are scouring social media for evidence of fraud

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