Self Mastery Schools of Thoughts

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Self-mastery schools reside in the chambers of psychology, since all human behaviors, thoughts, and feelings are psychological based. Many experts in the past have brought new ways to focus, which is helping people work toward expanding or building self-mastery skills. For this reason, many people are heading back to the schools of psychology. Margaret Mead for example, inspired many over the centuries by introducing them to the relations between culture and personality. Margaret had led anthropologists and psychologists to reach a better understanding of how personality and culture plays into self-mastery.

Because of the introductions, structuralism came into focus and this focus makes up the two schools of thought. These schools dominate psychological aspects and have for centuries. The second school of thought is functionalism. In the psychological environment, the focus is primarily on “the contents of the mind.” Great emphasis is placed on the roles of psychological process, adapt to their environment.” Like Wundt’s theory: when a person makes positive changes it serves to assist that entity with setting the patterns that allow the school of thought to guide his or her path to self-mastery.

Several philosophers founded the theory known as functionalism, which one of these entities was a student at the University of Harvard. His name is William James. Mr. James was born in the 1800s and left a vast array of ideas behind upon his death in 1910.

The original psychology textbooks printed in the late 1800s drove James to give attention to the notion that knowledge can produce a series of sources that comprise of more than introspection and testing. James made some remarks that led some to believe that knowledge also comprised of studies of animals, children, behaviors, and the minds functionalism. In other words, the mentally challenged minds led James to believe that Structuralists should give more attention and apply more effort to the series of rudiments of realization or consciousness.
James believed that consciousness was not solely injudicious; rather it was profound and boring. He had questioned that the structuralism as well as the functionalism left impressions from other people that led them to fanatical, advocates and challengers, and into the chains of events that drive to arguments. William James also felt that the conscious mind continued living only to serve as functionalisms. James believed that experts must understand the functions of the mind and how it works before even considering ways to move through self-mastery.

James showed very little interest in defining these notions, more willingly he “simply” was bent on, “describing, and the contents of the mind.” The school of functionalism began to “bore the imprint of Darwin’s biological notions, yet once more it became a discussion in the “central” roles in “psychological thought. (Pg.8 Westin)

Kuhn another inspired member of studying the mind believed that “the social sciences and psychology” are distinctively different from the primeval “natural sciences,” such as ecology and physics. Kuhn believed that these schools lacked acceptance of examples in which many scientific researchers would later agree. Kuhn was more bent on understanding the fragments in the various schools of thought, or what we will know as one’s perspectives. Paradigm is another interest, which this consists of the “broad systems of theoretical assumptions employed by a scientific community that includes communal models, metaphors, and techniques. Psychology lacks an integrated prototype but has a number of schools of thought, or perspectives that can be exploited to understand the psychosomatic events.” Pg. 9 Psychology 4th Edition

It pays to learn more about these schools so that you can find your way through the processes of self-mastery, since it is essential in order for you to succeed at your highest levels.

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Emotions in Healing the Hidden Self

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The old school songs and songs of today talk about emotions, simply because emotions are widely recognized as being a major part of many problems we face today. Rather people that lack control of managing their emotions is commonly referred as part of the problem. The fact is, emotions are part of the problem, and however, the emotions are ignited by something.

One of the older songs, “It’s just emotions taking me over,” says a lot. Emotions will take you over if you allow them too, yet, these emotions only strike when the subliminal mind is affected, or triggered.

Each day someone struggles with emotions. Many people find it difficult to manage these emotions. By exploring the subliminal mind however, one can learn to master the emotions more effectively.

Keep in mind, medical and mental health issues could hinder some people from exploring the subliminal mind to master the emotions. For this reason, you may want to weed out any medical or mental related complications before venturing into subliminal learning.

Once you have weeded out such complications you can move to address the emotional issues that you deal with.

How to invoke subliminal learning to manage the emotions:
Subliminal learning tactics takes some skill. First, you want to develop willingness, and the willpower to venture into this area of the mind where hidden messages reside.

Preparing is always wise. When you are prepared, it often makes it easier to overcome any problems that may crop in. thus, prepare.

How do I prepare to study the subliminal mind?
First, preparation develops from training, coaching, priming, warming up, practice, planning, organizing, and so on. First, set up a plan. Organize the plan so that you know which direction you are going. Put the plan into order and then start practicing daily until you are well trained to master the emotions through subliminal learning.

No one knows your history better than you do. Therefore, set up a plan that revolves around your history, including your experiences, learning and knowledge. Consider the way you see things now. Arrange your plan so that it fits according to your needs or style of life.

Begin practice. Practice will train you to work through your problems effectively and to discover the hidden self. Warm up each time before you begin practice so that you are prepared for whatever you may discover.

You can plan each day to warm up by creating diagrams, mind maps, charts, or other solutions that give you improvising to work through your problems. By doing so you can develop strategies, ideas, plots, etc to allow you to make proposals at times your subliminal mind does not cooperate.

Using mind maps is a great way to develop strategies and ideas that will assist you with exploring the subliminal mind to master the emotions. Mind maps are often created from images you develop in your mind.

Once you have developed those images it will be easier if you write down what you imagine, your new ideas, strategies, et cetera. Draw sketches to assist you with imaging. This gives you an arrangement, which helps you to organize your thoughts and to prepare for whatever you may discover during the process of subliminal challenging.

Some of the best tools we have to discover the hidden self resides inside of you. Only you can master the emotions by exploring the subliminal mind while using innate tools, such as self-talk, subliminal exploration, meditation, et cetera. Take some time to learn the latest techniques so that you can work through subliminal exploring. Make it a goal to master the emotional reactions that causes anger, fear, resentment, doubt, and so on.

Your Are Not Your EGO

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The ego tries to exploit all situations into forms of praise for itself in order
to overcome its doubts. It will remain doubtful as long as you believe in its
existence. You who made it cannot trust it, because in your right mind you
realize it is not real. The only sane solution is not to try to change reality,
which is indeed a fearful attempt, but to accept it as it is. You are part of
reality, which stands unchanged beyond the reach of your ego but within
easy reach of spirit. When you are afraid, be still and know that God is real,
and you are his beloved son in whom he is well pleased. Do not let your ego
dispute this, because the ego cannot know what is as far beyond its reach as
you are.
God is not the author of fear. You are. You have chosen to create unlike
him, and have therefore made fear for yourself. You are not at peace
because you are not fulfilling your function. God gave you a very lofty
function that you are not meeting. Your ego has chosen to be afraid instead
of meeting it. When you awaken you will not be able to understand this,
because it is literally incredible. Do not believe the incredible now. Any
attempt to increase its believableness is merely to postpone the inevitable.
The word "inevitable" is fearful to the ego, but joyous to the spirit. God is
inevitable, and you cannot avoid him any more than he can avoid you.
The ego is afraid of the spirit's joy, because once you have experienced it
you will withdraw all protection from the ego, and become totally without
investment in fear. Your investment is great now because fear is a witness
to the separation, and your ego rejoices when you witness to it. Leave it
behind! Do not listen to it and do not preserve it. Listen only to God, who is
as incapable of deception as is the spirit he created. Release yourself and
release others. Do not present a false and unworthy picture of yourself to
others, and do not accept such a picture of them yourself.
The ego has built a shabby and unsheltering home for you, because it cannot
build otherwise. Do not try to make this impoverished house stand. Its
weakness is your strength. Only God could make a home that is worthy of
his creations, who have chosen to leave it empty by their own
dispossession. Yet his home will stand forever, and is ready for you when
you choose to enter it. Of this you can be wholly certain. God is as
incapable of creating the perishable as the ego is of making the eternal.
Of your ego you can do nothing to save yourself or others, but of your spirit
you can do everything for the salvation of both. Humility is a lesson for the
ego, not for the spirit. Spirit is beyond humility, because it recognizes its
radiance and gladly sheds its light everywhere.

The Ego-Body Illusion

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All things work together for good. There are no exceptions except in the
ego's judgment. The ego exerts maximal vigilance about what it permits
into awareness, and this is not the way a balanced mind holds together. The
ego is thrown further off balance because it keeps its primary motivation
from your awareness, and raises control rather than sanity to predominance.
The ego has every reason to do this, according to the thought system which
gave rise to it and which it serves. Sane judgment would inevitably judge
against the ego, and must be obliterated by the ego in the interest of its self-preservation.
A major source of the ego's off-balanced state is its lack of discrimination
between the body and the thoughts of God. Thoughts of God are
unacceptable to the ego, because they clearly point to the nonexistence of
the ego itself. The ego therefore either distorts them or refuses to accept
them. It cannot, however, make them cease to be. It therefore tries to
conceal not only "unacceptable" body impulses, but also the thoughts of
God, because both are threatening to it. Being concerned primarily with its
own preservation in the face of threat, the ego perceives them as the same.
By perceiving them as the same, the ego attempts to save itself from being
swept away, as it would surely be in the presence of knowledge.
Any thought system that confuses God and the body must be insane. Yet
this confusion is essential to the ego, which judges only in terms of threat or
non-threat to itself. In one sense the ego's fear of God is at least logical,
since the idea of Him does dispel the ego. But fear of the body, with which
the ego identifies so closely, makes no sense at all.
The body is the ego's home by its own election. It is the only identification
with which the ego feels safe, since the body's vulnerability is its own best
argument that you cannot be of God. This is the belief that the ego sponsors
eagerly. Yet the ego hates the body, because it cannot accept it as good
enough to be its home. Here is where the mind becomes actually dazed.
Being told by the ego that it is really part of the body and that the body is its
protector, the mind is also told that the body cannot protect it. Therefore, the
mind asks, "Where can I go for protection? " to which the ego replies, "Turn
to me." The mind, and not without cause, reminds the ego that it has itself
insisted that it is identified with the body, so there is no point in turning to it
for protection. The ego has no real answer to this because there is none, but
it does have a typical solution. It obliterates the question from the mind's
awareness. Once out of awareness the question can and does produce
uneasiness, but it cannot be answered because it cannot be asked.
This is the question that must be asked: "Where can I go for protection?"
"Seek and ye shall find" does not mean that you should seek blindly and
desperately for something you would not recognize. Meaningful seeking is
consciously undertaken, consciously organized and consciously directed.
The goal must be formulated clearly and kept in mind. Learning and
wanting to learn are inseparable. You learn best when you believe what you
are trying to learn is of value to you. However, not everything you may
want to learn has lasting value. Indeed, many of the things you want to learn
may be chosen because their value will not last.
The ego thinks it is an advantage not to commit itself to anything that is
eternal, because the eternal must come from God. Eternalness is the one
function the ego has tried to develop, but has systematically failed to
achieve. The ego compromises with the issue of the eternal, just as it does
with all issues touching on the real question in any way. By becoming
involved with tangential issues, it hopes to hide the real question and keep it
out of mind. The ego's characteristic busyness with non-essentials is for
Precisely that purpose. Preoccupations with problems set up to be incapable
of solution are favorite ego devices for impeding learning progress. In all
these diversionary tactics, however, the one question that is never asked by
those who pursue them is, "What for?" This is the question that you must
learn to ask in connection with everything. What is the purpose? Whatever
it is, it will direct your efforts automatically. When you make a decision of
purpose, then, you have made a decision about your future effort; a decision
that will remain in effect unless you change your mind.

Raising Self-Esteem

High self-esteem is a critical factor that can positively affect many areas of your life. On the other hand, if you have low self-esteem, it will act as a constant challenge . . . a hurdle you have to jump over each time you want to try something new, a constant force dragging you down.

While self-esteem can be difficult to change, it's not impossible. We've come up with a few time-tested tips for improving your self-esteem, and feeling better and more positive about yourself on a daily basis. Here are a few ideas:

  • Make a list of things you like about yourself – and refer back to it often. This list should include your successes and achievements, and your positive traits and qualities. The more you practice liking and accepting yourself, the more things you'll be able to add to the list.
  • Surround yourself with people who are loving and accepting. Don't let yourself get dragged down by the negative attitudes of others. Your true friends will like you the way you are.
  • Take care of yourself. Give yourself the care and attention you deserve, whether that means breaking a few bad habits, paying more attention to your physical health and appearance, or taking a break with some relaxing time alone.
  • Do what you love. Find a way that you can shine, using your strengths and talents to the best of your abilities. Pursuing activities that you're good at is one of the best ways to build self-confidence!

High self-esteem is a powerful motivator and an important predictor of future success. You can get started improving your self-esteem today.

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