5 Things I Learned This Week and more

5 things I learned this week

1. Some people see a problem in every solution; others see a solution for every problem.

2. Look for the best in every situation and you'll get it

3. Be careful what you give importance to in thinking and conversations with others.

4. Focus and concentrate on where you want to go, NOT away from where you don't want to be.

5. You will always move in the direction of your dominant thoughts.

Thoughts create Feelings and Feelings create Actions and our Actions create Our Results.

Pretty simple philosophy to the law of attraction you'd think.

I know for me that Clarity is Power.

When I stay clear on my purpose and know my outcome my life has meaning and I live with passion.

When I feel good, well, Good things happen.

I'll give you a quick example.

I was feeling good about my life and all the things I was grateful for.

I had a business proposition go through and I was so juiced up about it that I forgot about another proposal that I'd had written out.

Feeling excited and relieved I swam with my dog "Molly the Mauler".

I was in a state of total bliss about the money I'd receive from that deal and was feeling good.

Afterward I checked my email and BAM! The other proposal (the one I forgot about) was accepted.

I was feeling good and another good thing happened.

Here are my ABC's about feeling good:

A) Faith: A very popular book says "walk with faith and not with your sight".

B) Passion: Motion creates emotion. I do everything with Passion, i.e. walk 25% faster, and walk with a purpose.

C) Feeling: Vibrate to the universe what I want and intend to get it.

Peace and Abundant Blessings to you

Timothy Kendrick

Burn The Boats!!!

Burn The Boats
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In 1519, Capitan Hernando Cortes and a small army left the Spanish held island of Cuba and set out on one of the greatest conquests in the history of the world. Cortes was going to accomplish his goals no matter the consequences. He put to death some of those who opposed him, got himself appointed Capitan-General in order to get out from under Diego Velazquez's authority, and even destroyed his fleet in an attempt to motivate his men to adapt to his at-all-costs attitude.

Are you willing to

1. Be a person of action

2. Persist without exception

3. Make it a rule for yourself that you are not going to mentally embrace any negative thing that has happened to you up to this very minute.


The past is the past. Release it and live with a forgiving spirit.

The Watchman at the Gate

I am not sure why I remember the following but I do.
The year is 1993 I am escorting a Chaplain in Somalia.
The perimeter is still hot as the bad guys are always looking to raise havoc.
What puzzles me is the Chaplain I'm escorting did not carry a weapon.
I on the other hand was heavily armed. Few could comprehend how much munitions I had strapped to me 24/7.
As we went from bunker to bunker talking to the troops he strolled along like we were in a park on a Sunday afternoon (remember it is 2am pitch black and eerie, okay scary too).
I ask him about a weapon and he said "he did not need one, never carried one, and did not have a use for one".
I thought Hell he does not need an escort he needs a straight jacket. What the hell was I doing there!
I'm not sure.
Looking back it was the Law of Attraction and Faith

I'll try to explain,

When the Watchman at the Gate, i.e. the conscious mind is off duty the unconscious mind is unguarded. The unconscious mind never sleeps, it never rest.
So when the Watchman allows the negative thoughts (bad guys) to enter the perimeter and state certain thoughts. Those thoughts set other forces in motion and a desired or undesired result is attained.
The subconscious cannot argue. If a wrong suggestion is placed within it must be overcome by a strong counter suggestion, one with feeling, emotion and one that may require massive action.

To further enhance my enlightened state my watchman at the gate allowed me to have a beautiful dream last night.
I was in back in Iraq with a very close friend,

There was a beautiful night sky and a very odd cloud formation covering half of the sky, we were at peace.

So this morning at 5am when I was walking my dog I see the same sky with the same odd cloud formation.

I was at peace and I missed my friend.

My friend was with me in Iraq and this morning in my thoughts.

The watchman allowed a forgotten memory past the perimeter.

Fortunately this was to be a positive, healthy, and healing memory. (Not all of them are)

It is not what happens on the outside that matters it is what happens within me that matters.

Because what happens "within" eventually will manifest itself "without".

Look in the mirror and you will see exactly what I am talking about.

Look around your house, (Is it a mess?)

Look at the interior of your car. (Is it a mess?)

Look in the eyes of a stranger or a family member.

What do you see?

What do you feel?

Here is a quote from a man who assisted me and others more than he will ever know

"It is important to exercise conscious control over our thoughts. Every thought has a bearing on that which appears in our life and affairs".
-Dr. Robert Anthony

Peace be with you

Timothy Kendrick

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The Positivity Space
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Memory Enhancement Techniques That Can Change Your Life

You might have a face that is anti-wrinkle despite being 60 years old, but your memory capacity will definitely be eaten up as you continue to age. Memory loss in old age cannot be stopped for sure, but it can definitely be slowed down. There are plenty of supplements out there but unfortunately, none of them is The Miracle Pill. Hence, the only way to give your memory a boost is to learn some of the memory enhancement techniques that can really change your life.

When using the memory enhancement techniques, the main idea is to make full use of our brain and memory so as to keep us thinking and “moving” at all times. Most of the memory techniques available here are easy to follow, as such; you would definitely not have to worry about going to the extreme ends of the spectrum.

Firstly, we must learn some of the ways whereby our memory power can be built up. Remembering information such as addresses, numbers and names will help to ensure that our memory is being worked out. This is also a form of memory exercise that allows you to exercise your brain to take and store in memory. Alternatively, playing mind-boggling games and puzzles will help out in developing your memory power.

Another technique to improve your memory is to learn the tricks of storing memory. This would refer to how different people are able to store in memory, within just a short period of time or so called ‘Photographic Memory’. The technique used to develop this photographic memory varies from people to people. But the more common one is to have a mental scenario of the things that you are supposed to remember. For example, when you are given a list of items for grocery shopping, simply use the words from the list to form a mental scenario. Example, if you are given a list of: cat, skirt and banana, try to create an image whereby there is a cat wearing a skirt trying to eat a banana. If there are plenty more items to add to the list, then just continue to link these items to the initial image. Lastly, just remember to link the last item back to the first item. Do explore newer methods of remember long twinning information.

Let us not forget that the most common method is the ability to keep up with a healthy diet at all times. Despite being relatively easy to do, many have ignored this and choose to lead the unhealthy and unbalanced diet, which consists of chips, chips and more chips! A healthy diet helps with the circulation in the body and as such the brain is able to benefit from this too. Foods like broccoli, spinach and blueberries are definitely encouraged. At the same time, remember to include a few simple exercises as part of the healthy routine. Believe it or not, simple exercises can help to rejuvenate the mind and soul. This will allow you to free yourself and loosen up the tensed muscle that might have accumulated whilst you were busy running around in rage in the office.

These memory improvement techniques do not cost you a single penny. However, you will definitely have to put in some discipline and effort to make sure that you are able to keep up with every itsy bitsy detail. Nothing can beat these free and easy methods!

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SilvaUltraMind System - The Largest Silva Mind Training Site on the World Wide Web - Discover a New Method to Control Your Mind by Jose Silva


SilvaUltraMind System  - The Largest Silva Mind Training Site on the World Wide Web - Discover a New Method to Control Your Mind by Jose Silva

What you believe is what you create

Think ahead 5 years. You've given yourself permission to be all you can and want to be.
You believed in yourself. You've taken all of the neccesary action steps to achieve it. Your wildest dreams have come true.
Now really feel it!
Pretend like you did when you were a child, every child has a great imagination.
Get emotional! touch it, smell it see it. expect it!
How do you feel about yourself? Pretty darn good I Imagine.

Now, Let's go the same 5 years ahead but this time you did not give yourself permission to be all you could be. You did not believe in yourself. You never took action on those little nudges from the universe.
How does this feel?

Which path will you choose? Decide Now

When I came back from Iraq and what my friend calls "The University of Fallujah" I had faced a demon that had haunted me for more than ten years.
That demon being Post-traumatic Stress Disorder..
I'd retired from the Army in 1998 and from 1998 to 2003 I had 27 jobs.
I was a mess and I knew I had to cut the wound open again so it would heal correctly. I was lucky or blessed, when I returned to the beast that fed me in 2003. That beast was war. I went to work for the government and I travelled all over Iraq.
I knew my old friend PTSD would catch up with me and when he did I self destructed.
This will sound funny but it was a relief to go back and know my outcome (a psycological collapse). It was just gonna be a matter of time. I had to heal. there is nothing sane about war. Nobody wins.
There is nothing glamorous about war, except in the movies.
Believe me when shit is blowing up around you and the bad guys are in the perimeter there is nothing sexy about it.
Just a wierd terrifying peace knowing that your time in this dimension of existance is about to change or end.

So I started over from square one. I started asking myself better empowering questions like the previous exercise and the questions that follow.

Do you believe you can do anything with your mind?
Do you create your own reality?
Do you achieve what you want?
Do you visualize success constantly?

Today I can say yes to the last 4 questions.

Those are important questions.

Those questions helped create my future in advance.

It doesn't get any easier later, it just get's later

Peace be with you

Timothy Kendrick

Humans Have Astonishing Memories, Study Finds

If human memory were truly digital, it would have just received an upgrade from something like the capacity of a floppy disk to that of a flash drive. A new study found the brain can remember a lot more than previously believed.

Humans Have Astonishing Memories, Study Finds - Yahoo! News


How To Develop Good Memory

Quantum Mind Power.

I Don’t Know What I Want!

had several emails from friends who ask me what they should do when they don’t know what to manifest. They don’t know exactly what it is they are wanting from life.

This is actually quite a common question that many people have.

Here’s my recommendation for you…

Think about and say the following statement:

“I would like to attract life experiences that give me the clarity to know what I am wanting to manifest.”

And that’s it. The Law of Attraction will quickly go to work!

The Law of Attraction is working in every second of every minute whether you realize it or not. By asking for clarity on what it is that you want to manifest in your life, you will attract those experiences that will help you to understand.

Let the thought go and now allow it into your experience by feeling good.

You’ll quickly receive life experiences or inspired thoughts on what or where you should go in order to gain the clarity you desire.

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I'm Brent Webb, Author of The Golden Key!

When I first heard about the Law of Attraction I was thrilled!  I couldn't wait to begin attracting all of my DESIRES.  Unfortunately that didn't happen so easily.  I tried and tried, but I had minimal success.  So I began researching, studying, and practicing many concepts until I finally found a system that actually worked.  I developed a four point system, "The Golden Key," that completely changed my life.  I would now like to pass my success on to you. 

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The Golden Key
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Why is it Important to be Magnetic


Why is it important to be Magnetic?

When I am focused upon serving or assisting people I am very magnetic.
Why is it important to be Magnetic?

Because anything I accomplish is the direct or indirect result of someone else's help. Always has been always will be.

Sounds odd, I know. 

These past weeks I have found this to be true on more than one occasion.

I have been blessed to have many great teachers in my life.  Some you may have heard of and many (you reading this may even have taught me something) you may never know.

Recently my life has become a whirlwind of activity.
Many times it seems emotionally more than I can handle. 

This is when I get on the phone to my publicist Linda Marie.

I speak in sound bites, short and too the point.  Forgetting that she may have challenges and things she needs to share.  My mind races and I forget that listening is the great art of any business relationship.
She wrote a blog that got my attention.  It is about what I preach and recently found myself not practicing, basically chunking big projects down.

Here is the blog.  I swear she wrote it for me (lol)

There are so many people looking for ways to put their plans into action. They know what they want; they just don't know how to start. I know you have heard a million times just start but it doesn't seem to help anything. I have a one, two, three, approach to my daily life.

1. I start each day with me. What do I need to do today to take care of my needs? I found that if I dress as if I am going to be in public even if I am not I connect with people on a more professional level. I have to feel good about me in order to send the right message to those people I am working with.

2. I have a system of time management I stick with everyday. It is my 1. 2. 3. File, all ones get 15 mins and that is it. I have 15 mins for that task and it is done. Two's are the projects which are going to at up to an hour and they are in a file that I work on three times a week, but I can only do two of them on a day I am working with that file. My threes are in a file of things which are going to take some time to complete and I work on them twice a week. I give myself either the morning or the afternoon to work that file and keep the project in the file until it is finished.

3. The rest of the time I spend doing marketing and talking with people on the phone or online. I set a goal for the day as to how many new contacts I want to make for that day and I don't stop until I have made them.

That is what has worked for me.

Love, hope & faith.

Linda Marie

Linda is a Certified Hypnotherapist with a dozen websites and several other clients.
One of my favorites is her Small Business Therapy site She is also the Owner of Majik Mirror Productions

So today I am "chunking down" my projects because I discovered my lack of enthusiasm about certain projects is my soul’s way of directing me to another path.

To offer no resistance to life is to be in a state of grace ease and lightness. By "chunking down" my projects, books, blogs etc. I am no longer overwhelmed.

The most important thing I can remember today is this,

Every step I take toward a goal, no matter how big or small pays a dividend.

Most importantly is that I help others with the gifts and blessings that have been bestowed upon me

Giving is living and what you give you get to keep.

So being Magnetic and giving is a reaction to the Law of Attraction

Our New Keys to be Magnetic (if we choose)

1. Success means successful living.  More info here

2. When you are peaceful joyous and happy and doing what you love to do you are successful.

3. Your thoughts fused with feeling becomes a belief and according to your belief you will be magnetic drawing to yourself the people and tools you need at that moment to achieve your major definite purpose.

4. Repeat the word “success” frequently to yourself daily with feeling and emotion.

5.  When you give, if you complain about giving it stops the flow of your magnetic attraction

To be truly Magnetic a successful man is not selfish his main desire in life is to serve humanity.

Peace be with you

Timothy Kendrick

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NMHA-Anxiety Disorders - Anxiety Disorders (General)


NMHA-Anxiety Disorders - Anxiety Disorders (General)


Anxiety Disorders

Most people experience feelings of anxiety before an important event such as a big exam, business presentation or first date. Anxiety disorders, however, are illnesses that cause people to feel frightened, distressed and uneasy for no apparent reason. Left untreated, these disorders can dramatically reduce productivity and significantly diminish an individual's quality of life.

How Common Are Anxiety Disorders?

Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in America; more than 19 million are affected by these debilitating illnesses each year.

Anxiety disorders cost the U.S. $46.6 billion in 1990 in direct and indirect costs, nearly one-third of the nation's total mental health bill of $148 billion.

What Are the Different Kinds of Anxiety Disorders?

Panic Disorder-Characterized by panic attacks, sudden feelings of terror that strike repeatedly and without warning. Physical symptoms include chest pain, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, dizziness, abdominal discomfort, feelings of unreality, and fear of dying.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder-Repeated, intrusive and unwanted thoughts or rituals that seem impossible to control.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder-Persistent symptoms that occur after experiencing a traumatic event such as war, rape, child abuse, natural disasters, or being taken hostage. Nightmares, flashbacks, numbing of emotions, depression, and feeling angry, irritable, distracted and being easily startled are common.

Social Phobia-Extreme, disabling and irrational fear of something that really poses little or no actual danger; the fear leads to avoidance of objects or situations and can cause people to limit their lives.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder-Chronic, exaggerated worry about everyday routine life events and activities, lasting at least six months; almost always anticipating the worst even though there is little reason to expect it. Accompanied by physical symptoms, such as fatigue, trembling, muscle tension, headache, or nausea.

What Are the Treatments for Anxiety Disorders?

Treatments have been largely developed through research conducted by NIMH and other research institutions. They are extremely effective and often combine medication or specific types of psychotherapy.

More medications are available than ever before to effectively treat anxiety disorders. These include antidepressants or benzodiazepines. If one medication is not effective, others can be tried. New medications are currently under development to treat anxiety symptoms.

The two most effective forms of psychotherapy used to treat anxiety disorders are behavioral therapy and cognitive-behavioral therapy. Behavioral therapy tries to change actions through techniques such as diaphragmatic breathing or through gradual exposure to what is frightening. In addition to these techniques, cognitive-behavioral therapy teaches patients to understand their thinking patterns so they can react differently to the situations that cause them anxiety.

Is it Possible for Anxiety Disorders to Coexist with Other Physical or Mental Disorders?

It is common for an anxiety disorder to accompany another anxiety disorder, or in some cases depression, eating disorders or substance abuse. Anxiety disorders can also coexist with physical disorders. In such instances, these disorders will also need to be treated. Before undergoing any treatment, it is important to have a thorough medical exam to rule out other possible causes.

The content of this fact sheet was adapted from material published by the National Institute of Mental Health.

I have a question for you.

Do you always achieve your goals?

Of course, "always" would be a tall order for most of us, but there are

always some people who seem to get that ball in the net more often than

others. (And I'm not only talking Beckham here).

When you start to ask what makes the top achievers stand out from the

rest of us, the answer always boils down to the same thing, doesn't it?

You and I know it can't be age or race or circumstances.

It's not even ability!

It's about your attitude, my friend, pure and simple.

The question then becomes this: If you're not achieving all your goals,

how do you change your attitude?

I have to confess, I have not found answers more clear or more useful

than in "Master Success Secrets."

There are answers in there you can USE, do you know what I mean?

One of the real gems of the whole package, (and it's full of gems, I

assure you), is called "Stop Worrying & Grow Ri/ch". (Wouldn't you

just love to do both of those things?

Now, that gem of gems is not gonna be there forever - it's just too

precious. So I really recommend you get your hands on it before Trevor

Emdon, (who writes this amazing stuff) takes it away & becomes

mega-famous for that one book alone!

I've had chance to review this book, and you won't get me endorsing any

old thing, as you know. This one is far from being "any old thing."

Very far.

"Master Success Secrets."

'Nuff said?

Go get your hands on it then!

My best regards as always,

Timothy Kendrick.

"Master Success Secrets."

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