The Watchman at the Gate

I am not sure why I remember the following but I do.
The year is 1993 I am escorting a Chaplain in Somalia.
The perimeter is still hot as the bad guys are always looking to raise havoc.
What puzzles me is the Chaplain I'm escorting did not carry a weapon.
I on the other hand was heavily armed. Few could comprehend how much munitions I had strapped to me 24/7.
As we went from bunker to bunker talking to the troops he strolled along like we were in a park on a Sunday afternoon (remember it is 2am pitch black and eerie, okay scary too).
I ask him about a weapon and he said "he did not need one, never carried one, and did not have a use for one".
I thought Hell he does not need an escort he needs a straight jacket. What the hell was I doing there!
I'm not sure.
Looking back it was the Law of Attraction and Faith

I'll try to explain,

When the Watchman at the Gate, i.e. the conscious mind is off duty the unconscious mind is unguarded. The unconscious mind never sleeps, it never rest.
So when the Watchman allows the negative thoughts (bad guys) to enter the perimeter and state certain thoughts. Those thoughts set other forces in motion and a desired or undesired result is attained.
The subconscious cannot argue. If a wrong suggestion is placed within it must be overcome by a strong counter suggestion, one with feeling, emotion and one that may require massive action.

To further enhance my enlightened state my watchman at the gate allowed me to have a beautiful dream last night.
I was in back in Iraq with a very close friend,

There was a beautiful night sky and a very odd cloud formation covering half of the sky, we were at peace.

So this morning at 5am when I was walking my dog I see the same sky with the same odd cloud formation.

I was at peace and I missed my friend.

My friend was with me in Iraq and this morning in my thoughts.

The watchman allowed a forgotten memory past the perimeter.

Fortunately this was to be a positive, healthy, and healing memory. (Not all of them are)

It is not what happens on the outside that matters it is what happens within me that matters.

Because what happens "within" eventually will manifest itself "without".

Look in the mirror and you will see exactly what I am talking about.

Look around your house, (Is it a mess?)

Look at the interior of your car. (Is it a mess?)

Look in the eyes of a stranger or a family member.

What do you see?

What do you feel?

Here is a quote from a man who assisted me and others more than he will ever know

"It is important to exercise conscious control over our thoughts. Every thought has a bearing on that which appears in our life and affairs".
-Dr. Robert Anthony

Peace be with you

Timothy Kendrick

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