Making Sense of Mental Energy By Ruth Leyse-Wallace, PhD, RD

People may say “I feel low in energy,” or “I feel energetic today,” but may mean different things by that. Depression may be experienced as “not having any energy.” The manic phase of bipolar disorder may be described as “having very high energy.”
“Energy” is defined in science as the ability to do work. For example, “Person A is able to lift 50 ft./lbs. over a one-minute period.”
In the field of nutrition “energy” refers to calories or kilocalories. For example, “Fat provides 9 calories/gram, while carbohydrate provides 4 calories/gram.” A person burns energy/calories as a part of sustaining life, maintaining body temperature, and during activities.
These two definitions do not seem to totally describe mental or emotional energy as experienced by individuals.

During workshops held by the International Life Sciences Institute in 2004, scientists discussed the concept of “mental energy.” The group defined mental energy as the ability to perform mental tasks, the intensity of feelings of energy/fatigue, and the motivation to accomplish mental and physical tasks. Core aspects of mental energy include 1) cognition (knowledge that is gained through perception, reasoning or intuition), 2) mood (a state of mind or feeling) of energy, and 3) motivation (an incentive for action). The group noted that factors that can influence mental energy include, among others, genetics, nutrition, pain, and sleep.
Hypoglycemia is an example of nutrition affecting mental energy. When a person does not eat carbohydrates at the right time in the right amount, blood sugar (glucose), and then brain glucose, goes down. This may result in foggy thinking, feeling weak, shaky, or emotional.
Vitamins and minerals are essential for converting the energy (calories) in food to the form of energy used by the cells (ATP). If any of these vitamins or minerals are in short supply, this energy conversion isn’t sufficient and people feel tired, unable to motivate themselves to act and do what they want to do. The energy that isn’t converted to ATP is channeled into fat storage. Examples of vitamins and minerals that are essential for converting food energy to ATP include thiamin (vitamin B-1), riboflavin (vitamin B-2), ascorbic acid (vitamin C), iron, and magnesium.
If a person feels low in mental energy or “tired all the time,” they need to assess their nutritional intake as well as sleep, health, medication side effects, and overall mental health.

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The Truth Statement

The Truth Statement

“Within me resides the energy that creates the heavens, moves the stars and makes my heart beat - the essence of Life.

I am the creator of my reality, by the vision I have of myself of which the manifestation is the reflection.

I am safe as God. The Universe loves and protects me. I am blessed to receive an abundance of love.

I am blessed with the opportunity to love, share and earn money, according to the gift I offer which grows daily.

God, the speck of the Universe within me, is abundance and I accept its harmony within me. I am one with it and I am grateful.


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Subliminal Messaging - A Simple Way To Boost Memory Function

17th century representation of the 'third eye'...Image via Wikipedia

Subliminal messages are becoming more and more popular. People are using them for a lot of self help areas now, and this is mostly because of their success in key areas like subliminal memory development

If you are not familiar with subliminals then here is a quick guide to precisely how they perform:

So How does Subliminal Messaging Work?

Subliminal audio might appear somewhat mystical, however they really work in quite a very simple way

Subliminal audio basically sends verbal statements into your unconscious mind without your conscious awareness. So even though you will not hear the subliminal statements , they still|| get into your unconscious mind gradually and naturally. With time these messages build-up and start working to eradicate any mental blockages you may have, and even any constraining beliefs, unfavorable self percetions, and inefective means of processing information.

So How Does This Help To Boost Memory?

Specifically a subliminal memory improvement album will typically perform in numerous ways:

  • Firstly to focus your mind and get rid of blockades and inefficiencies within your unconscious mind which are confining your capacity to process details. This basically means that you'll be competent to more naturally and efficiently process completely new information.
  • Then It will eventually sculpt the framework of your mind and how your mind activly works to move info around, stores it and recalls it. It will streamline all of your cognitive capabilities so that after you have learnt new things you will store it correctly and be able to recall it first time every time

If you find it difficult to remember peoples names, important dates, and exact details of various issues then subliminal audio might be useful to you. Using subliminals will clear your subconscious mind, enable you to take in information and facts, to store it, and remember it much more successfully.

People from all over the world use subliminal messages and use it to develop themselves and develop their memory function , but if you are new to it then you can give it a try free:

Try Subliminals for FREE here and start rewiring your mind for success
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What Are You Thinking Right Now?

by Timothy Kendrick

What are you thinking right now?
What are you feeling at this moment?
Notice your reactions to people, conditions and circumstance.
Whatever disturbs you is unhealthy.
Whatever permits your negative emotions to take away your peace is unhealthy.
When I get nutty I ask myself these questions, even write them down so I can clarify it even further. I have learned that Clarity is empowering. Honest self assessment gives me the leverage to take the actions necessary to attain my purpose at that time which is a sense of peace.
Sometimes I must change the environment that I am in in order to change my state. Other times I know I have these emotions and feelings inside of me and I've trained myself to call them up and feel them at anytime.
Life is what your thoughts make it.

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Seven Ways to Overcome Procrastination

Seven  Ways to Overcome Procrastination

1. Recognize that there is more pain in procrastinating than doing the tasks you are avoiding.  Once you realize the true amount of pain in each of the choices, it will be easier to get things done.

2. Force yourself to do something before you absolutely have to do it,  and your self-esteem will increase.  And the next time you consider procrastinating, remember that when you did force yourself to do what you didn’t want to do, you felt better when the task was completed.  Remember that there was a good reward when you were finished.  This will give you a push forward when you are thinking about procrastinating.

3. Create a flow.  Instead of doing nothing, begin by doing something.  Take out the garbage, make the beds, recycle the newspapers.  Just perform a few simple actions to create a flow and get a momentum going.  Once you’re in the flow and going forward, getting started with what you need to do will be much easier.  Cleaning up can help you to feel more motivated.  Messiness seems to reinforce procrastination.

4. Get some leverage.  Sometimes we procrastinate on big things, important things.  Perhaps you are blocked and unable to take the next step and fearing some deep personal pain.  If you are considering changing jobs or your career,  or taking the next step in your relationship, you are no doubt focusing on all the things that could go wrong.  What you need is some leverage to both push and pull you forward.
The way to get leverage is to take a pen and some paper and write down as many things as you can come up with that you will miss out on, not just now, but over the next few years, if you don’t take this step now.  Really dig deep down into yourself, and feel that pain that you will feel not just tomorrow but in a year and in the next five or ten years.
Then write down all the positive and wonderful things you are likely to experience if you make this decision and move forward to where you want to go. Write down all those things you will experience and feel, not just in the next few days, but in one year, two, five years or ten. Get the old carrot and stick to work for you.  Put the problem in a longer time perspective to really give it an emotional power punch.

5. How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time…  Don’t look at everything you have to do.  Feeling overwhelmed is a very common source of procrastination.  Break large tasks down into smaller ones. Write these small tasks all down as a list.  Focus on just getting that one small task or part of the big thing done. Then move on to the next.  Take it one step at a time and don’t let yourself think about what comes after that step.  Before you know it, you’ll be halfway there.

6. Change your beliefs.  If you work to change your view on reality, the problems that repeatedly put you into a procrastinating state might disappear.  Examine your beliefs. Ask yourself if you could see things in a more beneficial and effective way.
Realize that you can choose your belief system about yourself and the world. The past is not the future.  You don’t have to hang on to limiting beliefs based on past experiences if you choose not to.  You are living in the present moment.  You can choose what you believe, and you can change your habits.

7. Make a small deal with yourself.  Make a promise with yourself that you’ll work on something for just five minutes.  Tell yourself that after those five minutes you can do something else if you desire.  Make a note on your schedule when you will come back to the task and work another five minutes on it.  No matter how boring and unpleasant a task may be, you can often talk yourself into working five minutes on it.
Remember, the simplest way, the experts all agree, to get out of procrastination is to just start.

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Which Works Better - Hypnosis MP3s or Subliminal MP3s?

Which Works Better - Hypnosis MP3s or Subliminal MP3s?

Hypnosis, a very well known for of personal development, is under competition from an increasingly popular method - that of subliminal messaging; mostcommonly normally used in audio form.

Having used both of these methods personally I am going to share my experiences on the benefits and limitations of each method.

Hypnosis: Now a very mainstream part of our modern society. Everyone knows what hypnosis is, and it is widely proven and accepted as an effective form of personal development. It is often fast acting and can make a big change within the mind - perhaps even bringing results after just a couple of sessions. I do enjoy hypnosis, and although some people experience changes quite quickly I do find that it takes me more than a few sessions, and it isn't always practical to sit in a trance for 30 minutes a day if you lead a busy lifestyle, but some people, especially some friends of mine, do respond very well to hypnosis, so if you have the money, and the time to use it then it can be an amazing tool

Subliminal Messages: This is becoming increasingly popular and used, and there is a lot of stories of success on the Internet currently - it seems everyone is using them, and some people are getting some amazing benefits. Just like hypnosis, subliminal audio send positive statements and messages directly into your unconscious mind. This is how you are able to make lastingchanges to your belief systems, character traits, and long held bad habits. Probably the main advantage it has over hypnosis though is that you can use it while doing other things; you can listen to it pretty much anywhere and anytime. You won't enter a trance, so you can listen while you exercise, work, do other things, and you can even listen while you sleep.. On the other side the changes can be more gradual, as the subliminal messages build within your mind, but this would still be within a week or two which is still quite good to achieve a lasting internal change.

When it comes down to it there is no real single "best method", it is really about personal choice. A method which works for one person might not be so great for another - we we all work slightly differently.

Why don't you be the judge? You can download 3 FREE and powerful subliminal mp3 albums here with a massive $44.91 here. This way you can experience it totally risk free, and you can see how you react personally and if it is the right method of personal growth for you or not. Then if it works for you the sky is the limit! You can get confidence mp3 albums, albums for losing weight, brain training, success and much more!
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Why Repeat Positive Affirmations When You Could Use Subliminal MP3s?

Why Repeat Positive Affirmations When You Could Use Subliminal MP3s?

Despite being a long recognized, highly effective, and verified form of self help positive affirmations now are under some new competition - from subliminal audio.

Subliminal downloads are rapidly developing popularity thanks to semi effortless nature. On a fundamental level all subliminal audio messages are, are positive affirmations recorded onto an audio track, and made subliminal, i.e. the affirmations are moved to a lower sound frequency. Consequently you will not audibly hear any voices whatsoever, nevertheless the statements do still enter your unconscious mind directly, and when these statements start to build (just like positive would) they will start to modify your beliefs and behavior on a core level.

The Benefits of Subliminal CDs

So instead of standing at the mirror repeating affirmations over and over you can carry on with your business - in effect subliminal messages can save you lots of time and effort. The results is going to be the same, just with the additional benefit that you can play the mp3s without anyone's knowledge and let the affirmations to effortlessly sink straight into your subconscious mind as you carry out other tasks - when you are working, studying, and even when you are at the gym.

This is not to say that using subliminal messages are going to be absolutely effortless on their own - you still have to take a proactive approach and action towards your objectives, but they will the cutting edge, boost your motivation and strength of will, as well as generally making you much more prone to be successful. This change happens naturally - your thoughts change starting from your subconscious mind and over the period of a couple of weeks you will observe a marked enhancement in your self thought patterns, ways of thinking, and perhaps even your actions.

Exactly like positive affirmations they enable you to advance in virtually any area - from improving your motivation to boosting your self confidence, perhaps even enhancing any health issues.

So if you're experienced with repeating affirmations you should know what to expect from subliminals - the results isn't amazingly different, it will be similar, only with the benefit of saving you time .

Download Three Life Changing Subliminal MP3 Albums Valued At $44.91 Here
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The Secret Door To Success

How to... Manifest a Miracle

The Secret Door to Success

excerpt by Florence Scovel Shinn

Never voice lack or limitation for "by your words your are condemned." You combine with what you notice, and if you are always noticing failure and hard times, you will combine with failure and hard times.
You must form the habit of living in the fourth dimension, "The World of the Wondrous." It is the world where you do not judge by appearances.
You have trained your inner eye to see through failure into success, to see through sickness into health to see through limitation into plenty. I will give you the land which you though seeth."
The man who achieves success has the fixed idea of succes. If it is founded on a rock of truth and rightness it will stand. If not, it is built upon sand and washed into the sea, returning to its native nothingness.
Only divine ideas can endure. Evil destroys itself, for it is a cross current against universal order, and the way of the transgressor is hard.

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The Law of Attraction
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The Power To Achieve by Victoria Gallagher

Motivation - The foundation of becoming motivated to succeed at anything begins with intention; a desire to complete a worthwhile goal. As you are seeking motivational improvement it is critical that your subconscious mind knows that you have a worthwhile goal in mind that you would like to achieve and complete.
Once this part of you has this information, it must act upon that information. This tape will help you achieve new heights of success by helping you to visually clearly what it that you look forward to having the experience of achieving and completing. A goal could be something that will benefit you or benefit others. Goal Achievement - This is an extremely powerful and one of the most useful sessions you will ever find! Achieving your goals will seem so much easier to you with daily listening to this program as you learn to open up your childlike qualities that know how to imagine and believe in all their dreams coming true. You can too and you will as you learn to feel what it is like to achieve your goals while deep in your subconscious mind.
Positive Thinking - Why do different people react differently to the same situation? Why do similar life events evoke such varying reactions as depression, anxiety, hostility, elation, and even indifference?

Almost every minute of your conscious life you are engaging in self-talk, your internal thought language. These are the sentences with which you describe and interpret the world. By making a choice to change the way we think about the events in our lives, you can free yourself from overreacting and stress. As you learn to think in more positive ways, you attract more of what you want into your life.

Master the Art of Self- Discipline - Discover the Art of Self-Discipline by using the power of your mind to support you in keeping those big and small commitments you make with yourslf. In this session you will make a connection with a part of you known as your higher self, which will be there to help you to achieve discipline through keeping your agreements with yourself.

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Ramblings From The Bullet In My Soul

Here is an easy way to see if the outcome you desire is really, really what you want.

How does it make you feel when you do it or think about doing it?

Remember there is no logic in thinking so you must get emotional about it.

Does your heart race in a pleasant manner and time seems to stand still.

Or does it suck the life out of you and you dread every second of it.

Are you drained spiritually, mentally or physically after you have done the chosen path?

Your ego will say this is what I SHOULD DO or this is what "they" want. "They" without proclaiming who or what is nothing more than an excuse.

When I am following my joy through an easy and relaxed manner, abundance, peace and wealth flow through and around me.

Bombs could be going off and I would not even know it.

When I was a soldier for some odd reason I had many moments of ecstatic bliss.

I was at peace more than not when seriously heavy shizzit was going on around me. (war)

Many of my Superiors thought I was totally nuts (I was) and locked me up on more than one occasion.

I'm not saying I did not pay a price for that lifestyle. If you read my first book you will know.

I did pay a price although greater men and women than I have paid a bigger price.

I would not for a moment give up any one of those experiences that enlightened me and helped make me who I am today.

This leads back to my ego. "I" thought "they" were out to get me so I volunteered for every shit job overseas I could find because when I was around the Stateside Bases it was only a matter of time before my old patterns would creep in and my mouth would get me in trouble.

Besides I did not like that entire saluting ass kissing lifer crap. Remember this was my perception, my own B.S. (belief systems)

"I" wanted to be where I could kind of make my own rules (ego again). Most of the places I went there were no rules.

I remember when I landed in Somalia I ask an old-timer there "what are the rules of engagement?" He says to me "there aren't any". My kind of war. (I was a professional really)

I had no intention of coming back alive. (My plan, not the divinities)

So how do we know what is right or wrong for us, wise or unwise?

Remember the villain is the hero of his own story.

Well you just follow your bliss.

My bliss today is contributing to my fellow man.

This is why I always paraphrase Wayne Dyer's 4 phases of life when I say Athlete, Warrior, Statesman, and Spiritual Being.

Don't get me wrong, I touched many souls when I traveled the globe and many people who are no longer in this dimension of existence touched mine.

In spite of my insanity there were positive things that came out of it. Mostly when Divine Intervention intervened.

People ask me about spiritual experiences which I have had several powerful ones.

Well as far as I know about god.

1.God is this moment,

2.God is in everything

3.God wants us to be abundant so we can better serve our fellow man

4.God knows what he's doing, That's how he got the job!!

When the day comes and "they" chunk me in the ground the only thing that will mean a damn thing is that dash - between my date of birth and my date of death.

That little dash -

What does that little dash represent to you?

Now is all there is and all there will ever be.

What have you given to mankind in your moments of this day?

Remember, what you give you get to keep?

Whose soul have you touched today?

We don't die.

We are just a bundle of energy on a short trip through this dimension to learn, love, live and yes leave a legacy?

What is your Legacy you want to leave?

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