The Secret Door To Success

How to... Manifest a Miracle

The Secret Door to Success

excerpt by Florence Scovel Shinn

Never voice lack or limitation for "by your words your are condemned." You combine with what you notice, and if you are always noticing failure and hard times, you will combine with failure and hard times.
You must form the habit of living in the fourth dimension, "The World of the Wondrous." It is the world where you do not judge by appearances.
You have trained your inner eye to see through failure into success, to see through sickness into health to see through limitation into plenty. I will give you the land which you though seeth."
The man who achieves success has the fixed idea of succes. If it is founded on a rock of truth and rightness it will stand. If not, it is built upon sand and washed into the sea, returning to its native nothingness.
Only divine ideas can endure. Evil destroys itself, for it is a cross current against universal order, and the way of the transgressor is hard.

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