Which Works Better - Hypnosis MP3s or Subliminal MP3s?

Which Works Better - Hypnosis MP3s or Subliminal MP3s?

Hypnosis, a very well known for of personal development, is under competition from an increasingly popular method - that of subliminal messaging; mostcommonly normally used in audio form.

Having used both of these methods personally I am going to share my experiences on the benefits and limitations of each method.

Hypnosis: Now a very mainstream part of our modern society. Everyone knows what hypnosis is, and it is widely proven and accepted as an effective form of personal development. It is often fast acting and can make a big change within the mind - perhaps even bringing results after just a couple of sessions. I do enjoy hypnosis, and although some people experience changes quite quickly I do find that it takes me more than a few sessions, and it isn't always practical to sit in a trance for 30 minutes a day if you lead a busy lifestyle, but some people, especially some friends of mine, do respond very well to hypnosis, so if you have the money, and the time to use it then it can be an amazing tool

Subliminal Messages: This is becoming increasingly popular and used, and there is a lot of stories of success on the Internet currently - it seems everyone is using them, and some people are getting some amazing benefits. Just like hypnosis, subliminal audio send positive statements and messages directly into your unconscious mind. This is how you are able to make lastingchanges to your belief systems, character traits, and long held bad habits. Probably the main advantage it has over hypnosis though is that you can use it while doing other things; you can listen to it pretty much anywhere and anytime. You won't enter a trance, so you can listen while you exercise, work, do other things, and you can even listen while you sleep.. On the other side the changes can be more gradual, as the subliminal messages build within your mind, but this would still be within a week or two which is still quite good to achieve a lasting internal change.

When it comes down to it there is no real single "best method", it is really about personal choice. A method which works for one person might not be so great for another - we we all work slightly differently.

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