Hemispheric Synchronizing Produces Binaural Beats For Mental Peace ...

Increasing competition in every sphere of life is the main cause of the rising of the stress level of the people. The level of tension that keeps on increasing due to the personal or professional issues catalyzes the evolution of diseases within a human body. Controlling the level of stress, therefore , is considered as one of the most important things to be dealt with in present era. Meditation is one of the most effective means for doing this. Seeing the effectiveness of the process of meditation, several technologies have evolved to help people get mental peace and relaxation. Binaural beats technology, however , has come up as the most popular method among other ones. Hemi Sync CDs play these beats to help the beginners meditate properly.

To understand how binaural beats technology works in facilitating pure meditation, it becomes essential to study the functioning of the human brain minutely. The human brain functions at varied brainwave frequencies that are measured with the help of an ECG machine. These frequencies include beta extending from 14 Hz to 30 Hz, which denote a walking state in addition to alertness and concentration. The next frequency variation is referred as Alpha ranging from 8 to 14 Hz. It is an extreme meditation state with the opportunity for super-learning. Theta is the next on the human brain frequency list that extends from 4 to 8 Hz, which is mostly the unconscious state that is usually present in REM stages of sleep where dreams occur. Last one is Delta that ranges from 0 to 4 Hz, which symbolizes the complete loss of bodily awareness. Hemi Sync is a technology that distinguishes these frequencies and accordingly mixes and presents a binaural beat.

Hemi Sync technology creates multiple sound frequencies in order to create a beat for pure meditation. To make this process of meditation successful, a sound of a particular frequency is played in one ear of the recipient and another sound of a bit different frequency in right ear. As a result of which, the human brain is forced to create a third type of sound that is the mixture of both of them. This distinct beat is referred as a binaural beat. These binaural beats are very beneficial for the ones who meditate. These beats help people to enhance their level of awareness and opens up the human perception to a great extent. The variation in the binaural beat decides the consequence that it will pose on the individuals. The impact that this technology can impose on the meditating individual may extend from feeling every sleepy to very awake.

Hemispheric Synchronizing is a trademark in the meditation arena. This is because of the wide range of CDs and DVDs that it makes available to help the beginners meditate in a proper way with the help of the binaural beats that it generates. During the initial stage of popularity, varied mixture of products were created by the Hemi Sync meditation techniques. Some of the specific applications that came into focus at that period of time, such as, lucid dreaming, meditation, remote viewing, etc . to enhance self-confidence level, stress relief, relaxation, memory, concentration and many other benefits.

Binaural beats played by Hemi Sync audio products act as one of the most efficient source of making it convenient for the individuals to meditate properly and enhance their physical, mental as well as emotional body states.

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Binaural Drumming In The Head by Michael McGrath

There is a technology that exists which allows you to create very specific positive mental and phsyical states. By using binaural beats you can easily and quickly create states of deep sleep, deep relaxation, heightened energy and have more focus, creative ideas and much more!

Binaural beats are special auditory tones that are used to create specific brainwaves in the brain of the listener. The reason why binaural beats can act on the brain in this fashion is due to the fact that the brain has a tendency to follow the frequencies of certain outside stimuli. When tones, or even flashing lights like those used in mind machines, are presented to the brain in a certain way the brain will create brainwaves that are the exact same frequency as the lights or tones. This is a process known as brain entrainment.

So by flashing lights, or using special tones, at the specific frequencies it is possible to create specific brainwaves which have been proven to correspond to specific physical and mental states.

The beauty of using binaural beats for brain entrainment means you can now easily create the type of physical and mental states you desire within minutes. You can have more energy, get better sleep, stimulate create ideas, increase your retention of information or even stimulate endorphine release in the body to feel happy. In fact any physical or mental state can be produced through the use of binaural beats including a feeling of euphoria!

Binaural beats are most commonly used to create deep states of meditation. Extensive research into deep meditation has shown that very specific brainwaves are present during meditative sessions. Through the use of binaural beats it is now possible to entrain the brain to produce these exact same brainwaves and thus create the physical and mental state of deep meditation.

Binaural beats are a product of using two distinct tones. The two tones are very similar. However , one tone has a slightly different frequency to the other. When these tones are presented to the brain in a certain way the brain will produce brainwaves that have a frequency the same as the difference between the two tones.

To illustrate this I will give a simple example. Let's say you have one tone with a frequency 300 MHz and the other has 320 MHz. The difference between the two tones is 20 Mhz. When these tones are presented to the brain in a certain way, as binaural beats recordings do, the brain will produce brainwaves with a frequency of 20 MHz.

To achieve this is very simple. Through the use of stereo headphones one of these tones is heard by one ear while the other ear hears the second tone. When you use stereo headphones to hear the tones a strange thing happens. Because the tones are very similar the brain merges the two tones together to form just one tone. This works a little like your eyes. You see one image from the left eye and a slightly different perspective from the right eye. However , the brain will take the two images and merge them to form only one. The same thing happens with sounds. You hear a sound slightly differently in each ear due to the positioning of your ears from the sound but the brain merges the two sounds to make them one.

So once the brain merges the two tones that you hear in a binaural beats recording, to create one tone, another strange thing happens. Because the two tones have a slightly different frequency to one another the brain "hears" a beat type effect. In our example above these binaural beats would have the frequency of 20 Mhz. The beat does not exist and is actually an illusion of the mind!

Because the exact brainwave frequencies associated with different mental and physical states are known it is possible to use binaural beats recordings to create these exact brainwaves and thus the physical and mental states that are associated with them.

Now, thanks to binaural beats, you can create anything from heightened creativity to states of deep transcendental meditation and feelings of ecstasy!

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Thoughts As a Tool of Creation by Lilly Calandrello

Thought has been the subject of many wonderful books. My earliest exposure to the power of thought was through James Allen's book, As a Man Thinketh In this little book the author reveals how your thoughts create harmony or chaos in every aspect of life.

Thoughts affect us in a number of ways. Thoughts are a vital tool in creating the reality we experience. They create our emotional states. They affect our bodies and, therefore , our health. Thoughts influence our responses to life and our relationships. Thoughts determine our choices.

Take a moment to write down three thoughts you have had today. Do not make this too complicated. Simply write down three thoughts you have had in the last 24 hours. Any three thoughts will do. Please do this before you read the next section. It will help you to apply those ideas to your life.

Categories of Thoughts

Thoughts can be divided into three broad categories: what I want, or positive thoughts; what I can do, or action thoughts; what I don't want, or worry thoughts. Most thought is about the future or the past. Very few of us are able to stay centered in the present moment. For the sake of clarity, let us assume I have an upcoming surgery that is occupying most of my thoughts. If I am thinking about how fortunate I am to have an excellent surgeon, I am thinking positive thoughts. If I am thinking about the activities I need to do to prepare for the surgery, I am thinking action thoughts. If I am thinking about what can go wrong in surgery, I am thinking worry thoughts.

Worry Thoughts

If you were surprised to find most of your thoughts were worry thoughts, you are not alone. Most people are not aware of their thoughts. They go through the day with uncensored mental programming playing in the background of their minds. They experience feelings and reactions that they do not understand.

They believe their emotions and thoughts are something that happens to them; something over which they have little or no control. Many people feel it is their duty to worry. They adamantly defend their worry thoughts. They believe that if they do not worry they have not done all they could to prevent something negative from happening.

These people resist positive thoughts because they see no value in them. In their mind thoughts cannot affect the outcome of a situation, so why waste time thinking positive. It is almost as if the negative thoughts are preparing them for the worst possible scenario. For most worry thinkers, such mental activity is learned behavior based on faulty information about the power of thoughts.

Let us examine some of the premises upon which worry thinking is based. Note which of the statements listed below seem true to you. These may be some of the beliefs out of which your worry thinking has developed.

My thoughts are a reflection of who I am. I cannot control them, they simply happen to me.

You are not your thoughts. Thoughts are an activity of your mind. You have the right and the responsibility to choose your thoughts. Your thoughts are based on the things you believe about the world. They are a perfect reflection of your core beliefs, not your True Identity. At some point in your life you accepted certain belief systems out of which your thoughts are formed. You can change your beliefs and your thoughts.

Many of my thoughts are unconscious; therefore , I can not know what they are.

Thoughts are readily available in your mind. You may not easily see them because you do not consciously listen to your thoughts. You allow them to play repetitively in the background of your mind. When you focus your awareness on your thoughts you will be amazed at what you spend your time thinking.

My thoughts have no effect on my emotions or the events of my life.

Emotion follows thought. If you are thinking positive thoughts you will feel hopeful and uplifted. Worry thoughts create fear and anxiety. Worry thoughts inhibit the flow of energy blocking you from taking action in your life. Positive thoughts stimulate activity, assisting you in transforming your life. Worry thoughts keep you from seeing options, blinding you to possible solutions to your problems. Positive thought relaxes your thinking processes allowing you to see new ideas and recognize opportunities.

The fear and anxiety caused by worry thoughts will flow into your personal relationships, creating discord and conflict. The joy caused by positive thinking will improve every aspect of your life. Positive thought enhances the body's immune system, while worry thoughts inhibit the body's natural healing response.

If I do not worry, I have not done all I can to prevent disaster from happening in my life.

As I mentioned earlier, worry thoughts inhibit action. Action thoughts are fundamental to preventing disaster. When you have taken all the action there is to do, thinking positive thoughts is the most productive action you can take. There is no positive benefit to worrying.

If I spend all my time thinking positive thoughts and disaster comes anyway, I would have wasted my time.

I believe faith and positive thought create positive events in your life; but , even if that were not true, thinking positive thoughts has tremendous benefits for you. Positive thoughts create healing, produce enjoyable emotions, and reduce the stress in your life. Positive thought stimulates you to look for solutions to your situation and increases the energy you have to take action. Positive thought makes the journey worthwhile no matter what the outcome.

Someone once asked me, a spiritual teacher, what would happen when she died and found out she was wrong about the philosophy of joy she was teaching. I laughed and said, "You mean what would I do if I discovered I had been having all this fun for nothing? " I am sure you can see the absurdity of the question!

If I don't worry, I won't be prepared for the worst possible scenario.

If the worst possible scenario does happen, you will have plenty of time to be upset when it arrives. Spending months in anxiety does not prepare you for anything. You can not pre-experience emotions caused by a disaster. Worrying ahead of time will simply weaken you, limiting your natural ability to cope with crisis or loss.

Thoughts As A Tool of Creation

If you want to learn to soar above every situation in your life, you must learn to use your thoughts to create the reality of your choice. Earlier we discussed the way thought affects our emotions, responses, and our ability to see options and take actions. Thoughts, combined with emotion, create specific outcomes in your life. You can use thoughts to create the events in your life and not simply to affect how you respond to events life brings to you.

Thoughts combined with emotion are fundamental to creation. When people first learn about the power of thought, they fear every passing thought. It is not random thoughts which create your reality; it is those thoughts you predominately have which produce such a powerful effect in your life.

Creating reality with thought is similar to the process of hypnosis. You must focus all of your attention on the thoughts of what you want to create. Combined with an intense feeling, your thought goes forth to produce what you desire.

In the process of guiding a particular client recently... I shared the following with them, with faith that it would help to empower them to become more conscious of their thoughts, and how much the thoughts you have, really DO impact your life. After thinking about what was written... when I gave it some thought, I realized that this applies to many others as well, so I wanted to share it here too ( I don't think my spiritual student would mind):

Science and Metaphysics agree. The essence of all things is vibration. Science reveals that everything in the manifest universe is ultimately composed of packets of energy; quantized units vibrating at specific frequencies. Esoteric wisdom reveals that in the beginning, all things were created through sound (i. e. vibration); whether it be the "OM" of Eastern mysticism or the "Word"/Logos of Western spirituality.

Our thoughts, feelings and actions also have their own particular rates of vibration. These vibrations will set up resonance with whatever possesses identical frequency. In other words, your thoughts are inseparably connected to the rest of the universe.

This is why it is so essential to be a close observer of yourself. As you think, feel and act, so you create the primary vibration of your being. This fundamental vibration then creates resonance with identical vibration frequencies in the universe. The result is an attraction of circumstances, people, challenges and opportunities in exact vibrational resonance with your own dominant vibration frequency.

This principle lies at the heart of visualization techniques, affirmations and the whole personal development movement. When you visualize and repeat affirmations, you are helping to tune your very being to a specific vibrational frequency on the inner planes. Once that task is achieved, your mind comes into vibrational resonance with the object of your desires. Being now of the same frequency, this object (or goal) is inevitably attracted into your life.

However , for such methods to work, it does imply that you have changed your core vibration. This is very often the problem AND explanation as to why such techniques seem to fail for so many people. Over the course of many years, your inner conditioning is created from the habitual thoughts, feelings and actions that you engage in. This forms your self-image and creates the level of self-esteem you feel. It shapes the way you conceptualize the world you live in, as well as the way you respond to it. It is how you interpret your life experiences.

If a person simply mouths affirmations or writes goals out, without having touched the deep bedrock of their long-term conditioning, such activities will not have much effect. This is because the dominant vibration has not changed. You cannot go against what yourself-image, and your predominant conditioning, say you are.

Thought is where it all begins. As your conscious mind dwells habitually on thoughts of a certain quality, these become firmly imbedded within the subconscious mind. They become the dominant vibration. This dominant vibration sets up a resonance with other similar vibrations and draws them into your life. This is easier to understand if you consider that from the metaphysical view, the whole universe IS MIND.

Hence, to draw what you wish into your life, you should begin with the mind, and make it your primary focus. Most people do things the other way around, and come up with practical techniques to generate their desires, and then go out and try them. However , when these methods are not in tune with your dominant vibration, then you will have great difficulty making the desired results come to pass. You will also feel most uncomfortable if they do. You have trained your mind in a certain way, you have set the thermostat at a certain level, and now you are trying to exceed the limits you have set upon yourself by sheer force.

The trap most people fall into is that they condition their future with expectations from their past. It's like driving with your eyes fixed on the rear view mirror the whole time. You cannot see where you are going because you are too busy looking back on past history.

Is it any wonder that, for most people, the future DOES closely resemble the past?!

The problem is that, by focusing continually on what you have become as a result of past conditioning, you guarantee that you draw this same dominant vibration into the future. This is also why your desired future can seem so far away from you. It is vibrating at an alien frequency and hence, in a real sense, it IS very far away.

Instead, you have to first change the dominant vibration within. Once your dominant vibration is in harmony with what you seek, the latter must literally be "attracted" to you without excessive striving! It will seem easy in comparison to what came before. In a very real sense, you have to become what you seek on the inside before you can ever have it in physical reality.

There are several ways to gradually change the dominant vibration of your inner being, and begin to resonantly attract what you seek. One important thing to do is to have a clear vision of your life as you want it to be; completely independent of the circumstances of your present or past. Lack of absolute clarity about their desired future could well be the number one reason why people fail in life.

You are creating something new from the universal intelligence, and drawing it into your reality. You do NOT have to base this upon the past, your perceived weaknesses, or anything else that derives from your limited self-image.

A good way to gain clarity is to write down in detail the attainment of what you seek. What would it look like? How would you feel if you achieved it? What difference would it make to your life? It may take you days, or even weeks, to create this vision, but it is
time well spent.

By creating a vision of your desired state and putting energy into it regularly, you use mind power to shape the very stuff of creation. You create this imagined "reality" in your mind to the point where your subconscious actually believes it to be physical reality and goes about making it so. It will attract the circumstances, the people, and the opportunities you need to bring about the vision you have created.

If you are doubtful about this, consider for a moment that you are doing this anyway. The only difference is that you may be unaware you are doing it. If so, your overall vibration is incoherent, and hence your results fluctuate wildly. By becoming conscious, you take conscious control of the creative process and can learn to manifest at will.

Another way to change your vibration rate is to act "as if". If you had already attained what you seek, how would you think and act?

Well, start thinking and acting that way right now. Again, this helps to impress the dominant vibration you choose upon your subconscious mind. Again, you have been doing this all your life anyway. Simply take conscious deliberate control of the process from now on. For instance, Cary Grant is known to have said: "I acted like Cary Grant for so long, I became him. "

Taking time to meditate regularly on the truth that all is vibration, seeing this reality in all its myriad guises, will also help reinforce it upon your mind - both conscious and subconscious. You will begin to believe it, and what you believe is what you act upon.

The reason most people achieve very little in comparison to what they are capable of is because they have no vision for the future whatsoever. Focused, single-minded concentration upon a vision you seek to create is what will actually cause it to happen. You have to read your description every day (preferably twice or more), and then vividly imagine it. Begin to live that reality now in your mind's eye, and you make its future manifestation all the more rapid. Do not even worry about how it will happen. Just do your part and let the universe, through the law of vibration, do the rest.

Fact - we do create our own reality primarily, individually, then in mass. Most do see that as true. We were given that by the creator of All That IS, or God if you prefer. The ultimate and unlimited power of creativity in this world. It is called Free Will.

Fact - thought is EVERYTHING. Thought is the process we utilize to create reality. Speech is the creative "force" that manifests that reality into Being. You ARE what you think you are. For as you believe so shall it BE.

Fact- There has been a change in consciousness, the awakening has indeed arrived, the human experience will never be the same again. We are at the threshold of forever, as one has said the next level. And It, IS, SO. Whether you believe that or not, doesn't matter. It will not change now. There will be a new heaven and a new earth wherein there should be time no longer. A world without sickness, disease or the aggressive nature man developed in the "beginning" of time.

Yes we DO indeed create our own reality. So how far can you take that? I say, as far as you want! It IS your choice for ultimately it's YOU who creates your tomorrows.

Look around you! What are the masses creating in these days? Can you afford to allow this to be your world? But you are NOT of this world nor AM I. Yes, we are in the world but we are not OF this world. You ARE different and you know that. Truly you are a "new creation". Behold! All things become new, old things are passed away. You see things that are not, as though they WERE. Peace is what you see. Not the peace this world speaks of but peace of mind. For that IS your inheritance.

Don't be conformed to this world but be translated, "transformed" by the renewing of your MIND to know what that good and acceptable perfect will of God IS.

There has been a change of consciousness, The mind is renewed daily. Even on this physical plain. So how could you ever go back to those limiting thoughts?

The only thing I would like to add from a personal standpoint, is that you can not and should not try to use your "mind power" to interfere with the free will of another person. I'm not implying to do this, but some individuals get the idea that this is possible and then become disappointed when it doesn't happen, therefore , thinking the process doesn't work. This technique should be used for yourself and nothing more. Use it to improve your life... if you do that, everything else will follow. You will attract the vibration you send out Like attracts like. Self work is most important during this time.

Figure out who you are and what you want. What you believe to be reality will be your reality. This is true in our physical 3-D world and in the other realms. It is always your choice What you want is what you will receive. Be aware of your thoughts, hopes and dreams.... Make your reality what you want it to be!

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Subliminal Messages - Hidden Hypnosis, Persuasion, Training ...

Subliminal Messages are all over the place!

1- Subliminal Messages in Artwork

2- Subliminal Messages in Music

3- Subliminal Messages in Advertising

4- Subliminal Messages in Movies

Subliminal messages, or hidden messages, contain a hidden stimuli with a planned response.

With the recent advances in technology, subliminal messages can now be created and distributed with a standard computer by the average person. The applications range from self help to seduction and from advertising to weight loss. People use subliminal messages to create desires, expectations and beliefs about anything they desire through subconscious programming.

Subconscious programming is exactly like setting an airplane on auto-pilot. Once your subconscious mind understands clearly what you want, it will draw the object of your desire to you and guide you to it automatically.

Most people have experienced this and label it as "good luck" or "bad luck" and leave it at that. It has been scientifically proven that the subconscious mind controls the results that we experience in our lives. In other words, what you think, feel and believe about yourself right now determines what your results are going to be right now.

Your subconscious mind is an amazing "recorder". It has recorded and stored everything about your life and uses the information it has stored towards your life right now. It has stored all of your thoughts, attitudes, emotions and experiences. This is what you draw from to make your decisions from minute to minute right now.

This is where the secret lies...


You can plant "manufactured" images, experiences, feelings, attitudes and thoughts in your vast memory bank and, if done properly your subconscious mind will not know the difference between these real experiences and these new manufactured experiences and images. You can choose to plant new experiences, attitudes and beliefs that will support you in any direction that you want to go. Literally, every thought that you think gives birth to a creation. EVERY thought has creative power. The subconscious accepts whatever you pretend is real and will use it to create your outer reality. The thoughts that you think, regarding those things that you want, set into motion the creation, and eventual fulfillment of that which you want. And likewise, the thoughts that you think, regarding those things that you do not want, set into motion the creation, and eventual fulfillment of that which you do NOT want.

Weight Loss -- The diet of your future. Your weight is finally perfect. The slim down was easy this time. Your health is good and you feel great. Exercise is easy because you are more focused on the outcome and the outcome is good. The food you eat is nutritious and low fat and tastes good because it is good for you and makes you feel better and look better right away, right now. You are happy and continue to feel better and better about your weight, body, health and appearance. You are doing it!

Addiction -- Alcohol addiction, drug addiction and sex addiction treatment and recovery easily proceeds because of your willingness. You are willing to try and learn new things and are happy, joyful and satisfied by daily progress away from all false dependencies. Your soul and spirit are continuously satisfied moment by moment with your truth and direction of your spirit. It's all you ever wanted and now you have it. Enjoy it today and share it with others!

Self Esteem -- When it comes to your self esteem, the truth has set you free. Your self esteem is growing and becoming stronger every day because you only think of yourself in the light of strength, power and positive light. The truth of your power is reinforced by your willingness to help others and makes you feel the inner strength you have earned.

The inner desire of the wise and conscious soul is to externalize, to create a tangible manifestation of what it internally holds to be true and thereby experience that belief. It is through that experience that the transformation occurs. Your life is not your master, it is your child. Every moment of your life is infinitely creative and the universe is endlessly bountiful. Just put forth a clear enough request and everything your heart truly desires will come to you.

Let's "get lucky" today!


Nelson Berry www.subliminal-message.com

Copyright 2012 Nelson Berry

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Increase Brain Power With Brainwave Entrainment by Greg Frost

Imagine if you will that the brain is like a stereo system, and you have inside, some of the best and most exciting music in the world. The only problem is that the volume knob is stuck at 4 out of ten and there is nothing you can do to change it. This is the same state the brain is in, it is stuck at a very low volume and for the longest time, there seems to be nothing that we as a human race can do anything about it. Science and medicine has already established that the brain is capable of so much more and their research only extends to and has only revealed about 30% of the entire brain. That is why we can say that there are many unknown potential that is stored on our brains.

Every day, there is something new to be discovered about the brain and how it functions and every day, there is another revelation about some function of the brain that can be used to improve and somehow evolve the human race. One of the more recent discoveries is the fact that the brain produces electromagnetic waves, borne from the very functions of the neurons in the brain and from the natural processes of the actual mind.

What this initial discovery was momentous enough, for science, using the normal and quite ordinary E. E. G machines at their disposal, had discovered the way in which the brain communicates with one and another. Somehow, this important discovery would have led to quite something else, but there was an unexpected turn of events in the case which there was another discovery about these brainwaves. These brainwaves also had the ability to evoke certain super states of the brain and all you need to look at was the 5 categories of low to high brainwave activities and just what kind of benefits they could reap with the mind. For example , the list of benefits would include things like better mental focus, better mental agility, more creativity, the ability to learn more, absorb a new language faster, evoke an accelerated healing process in the body – these are just some of the examples that you can take to the bank with you.

For one thing, there are still plenty of grey areas when thinking about just how these brainwaves and the brain has this relationship, and why it is there is this electromagnetic flux in the brain in the first place. These topics are still under discussion and with this we might even find more improved ways that can improve and evolve us as a human race. In the meantime, all we need to do is to utilise the already existing technologies that are available to the brain, which in more common consumer terms, is called brainwave entrainment audio CD’ s which you can buy online from any digital merchant. These are the easy to use, easy to access technologies that can help you evoke the brainwaves you need to enhance your capabilities. This is how you will be able to increase brain power with brainwave entrainment.

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The One-minute Cure For Virtually All Diseases

If you're like most people, every single day,
you probably hear of some new "scare" that
threatens your health and increases your risk of
contracting some kind of disease.

How many of the following scares have you heard

* When you microwave food in plastic containers
  (including plastic wrap, the plastic trays that come
  with frozen TV dinners, and even plastic baby bottles),
  the plastic seeps into the food or beverage, and
  produces carcinogens that give rise to a variety of

* Commercial hair dyes, especially those that contain
  chemicals such as diaminoanisole and FD&C Red 33,
  cause rare cancers such as non-Hodgkin's lymphoma,
  Hodgkin's disease and multiple myeloma.  One study
  even claims that at least 20% of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma
  found in women is caused by use of hair dyes.

* Taking high doses of vitamin E supplements increases
  the risk of lung cancer by 28%.  [This is according to a
  study of 77,000 people who consumed 400 mg of Vitamin E
  per day.  The risk is even higher among smokers who take
  high doses of Vitamin E.]

* Granite countertops, one of the most sought-after upgrades in
  residential housing, may be emitting dangerous levels of
  radiation.  Although not all granite is radioactive, some of
  the more exotic granite varieties, particularly the red, pink and
  purple granites, have been detected to have dangerously high
  radon levels, and thus pose a serious health risk.

* Canola oil, which has been touted as a "healthy" oil since 1986,
  has been linked to high lung cancer rates in Chinese women
  who used the oil in wok cooking.  Consumption of canola oil
  has also been shown to cause fibrotic lesions of the heart,
  CNS degenerative disorders, prostate cancer, anemia, lung cancer,
  constipation, irritation of the mucous membranes and many
  toxic effects, according to many nutritionists and biochemists.

No matter how many health scares you hear, you always have to
remember that the consumption of unhealthy substances, exposure
to dangerous chemicals or carcinogens, or even viruses or airborne
organisms are NOT the cause of disease.  Usually, they are just the
catalysts that bring about the real CAUSE of disease, which is
OXYGEN DEFICIENCY in the body's cells and tissues.

In the case of viruses, harmful bacteria, pathogens or disease
microorganisms, they thrive in the body only because the body
is oxygen deficient at the cellular level.  Just like mosquitoes
seek out stagnant pools as their ideal habitat, but do not CAUSE
the pools to be stagnant - so, too, do viruses and germs seek out
their natural habitat (that is, diseased cells and tissues), but do
not cause the cells and tissues to be diseased.

There's no longer any need for you to fear disease anymore
because there is a simple one-minute therapy which employs
the only oxygenating substance that stimulates the movement
of oxygen atoms from the bloodstream to the cells to a
dramatically greater degree than is usually reached by all other
means.  Therefore, your cells and tissues are flooded with
oxygen instantly, thereby rendering your body uninhabitable by

If you've ever worried that your past unhealthy lifestyle or
unhealthy habits (like smoking or excessive alcohol
consumption or repeated exposure to a toxic environment)
may come back to haunt you in the form of a terrible disease,
even AFTER you've changed your ways; or if you fear
getting diseases that "run in the family" or diseases that
normally occur as a consequence of "getting older," you can
now cast aside your worries and fears.

The simple, extremely low-cost, safe and effective therapy that
I reveal in "The One-Minute Cure: The Secret to Healing Virtually
All Diseases" [http://www.1minutecure.com]
is just what you need for ultimate freedom from disease.

Now, you might say, "Why should I use the one-minute
cure instead of all the other therapies I've heard about that
also supposedly cure diseases?"

That's a great question, and I'm glad you asked.

First of all, I'm not making the claim that the
scientifically proven therapy I reveal in the book
"cures" any disease.  It simply brings the cells and
tissues of the body to an oxygen-rich state - and the
body then CURES ITSELF of virtually all diseases.

Secondly, I, too, have encountered an endless parade
of "natural" remedies, having been both an aficionado
and avid researcher of natural and wholistic approaches
to health for the last 30 years -- and having even written
articles about them as a contributing editor for wholistic
health magazines and publications.  Just the other day, I
heard about a doctor's "cancer cure" which involved
administering sodium bicarbonate to the breast or bladder
area via catheter, and claiming that 99% of breast and
bladder cancer is healed in 6 days.

Such claims may sound impressive until you consider
the fact that there are no other doctors, studies, or research
papers that corroborate those findings.  Therefore, the
doctor's claims of curing cancer may just be a fluke
lacking neither scientific evidence nor information on
long-term risks.

In contrast, over 6,100 articles in European scientific
literature have attested to the success of the simple therapy
I describe in "The One-Minute Cure: The Secret to Healing
Virtually All Diseases."  Furthermore, over 15,000
European doctors, naturopaths and health practitioners
have administered it to millions of patients to heal over
50 different diseases, including the "Big 3" - cancer, AIDS
and heart disease. 

Last but not least, the therapy has had a track record of
successful use for over 170 years, with no known risks
when used properly.

That's why I'm able to stake my reputation on the
efficacy of the one-minute cure, and urge you to find out
about it before the enterprises, cartels and agencies whose
financial interests are threatened by it force "The
One-Minute Cure" out of circulation.

Get the book while you still can at http://www.1minutecure.com
- and get a copy for everyone you care about, everyone
who's presently battling disease, and everyone you know
who doesn't have health insurance.

Remember, disease can strike your spouse,
boyfriend/girlfriend, father, mother, grandparents,
brother, sister, cousin, close friend - and anyone,
for that matter!  There isn't a person on earth who
cannot benefit from the information in "The
One-Minute Cure." Go to the website now and get a
copy risk-free before it's too late:


Wishing you the best of health and freedom from disease,

Madison Cavanaugh
"The One-Minute Cure"

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Are We Looking At Anxiety Disorders The Wrong Way? by Terry Dixon

Current explanations of the cause and cure of problems involving such things as: extreme nervousness, anxiety and panic; obsessive thinking and compulsive behaviour; phobias and depression have failed millions of people looking to understand and overcome these problems. Beliefs about illness / medical / genetic causes and treatments based upon these beliefs have not even come close to an answer.

Yet, when we look closely at these problems we can see that they are not: -

Diseases - They follow a logical psychological progression based on our life experiences and we can map exactly what happened and why, the effect it had on us and how this fits in with our problem.

Mental illness - most people with these problems are actually above average intelligence and are fully aware of what is happening, yet feel powerless to stop it.

Chemical imbalances - Synapses, those connections between the neurons in our brain (around 10, 000 for each neuron), are tiny spaces that are occupied by chemical messengers called neurotransmitters that carry information between neurons. Serotonin and Dopamine are two neurotransmitters regularly mentioned with regard to anxiety and depression problems and chemical imbalance, usually referring to deficiencies of these neurotransmitters, is often proffered as a reason for anxiety disorders and depression.

Well, anxiety and depression deplete our body of many resources, including: energy, vitamins and no doubt neurotransmitters. Surely, any chemical imbalance is the result of these problems not the cause. Balancing chemicals in the brain through the action of drugs may alleviate some symptoms to a degree but never touches the cause.

Curable with drugs - medication works on a physical level. These problems are psychological and the answer is psychological. Whilst short-term medication may be beneficial for symptom relief, drugs never touch the underlying reason for these problems. Indeed, the mere act of taking medication can make the underlying cause worse.

Due to genes - evolution and our genes provide us with predispositions not fixed behaviours. A way we are predisposed to behave given the right environment. That is, our life experiences. We cannot be programmed with fixed behaviours (eg. OCD or GAD) for we don't know the environment we will be born into... it would not be adaptive to react with extreme anxiety to unconditional love.

And most importantly, these problems are not 'disorders' or irrational - our mind and body are perfectly ordered in what they are trying to do, and we get them for the most rational reason there will ever be … for our survival.

We can spend a lifetime looking for the right cure for our 'illness' - if only we can find the right pill or method. Unfortunately, in doing this, we are looking at these problems in totally the wrong way.

When we look at the backgrounds of large numbers of people with anxiety problems, they are often strikingly similar in many ways. Negative life experiences and subsequent feelings involving self worth and insecurity occur across the board with such regularity and are so similar that it is hard to see how they cannot possibly play a major role in these problems.

Far from being an illness, something strange that has happened to us, or something that is wrong with us, we can see exactly how we develop anxiety disorders (and depression). They follows a logical psychological progression based on our life experiences and learning, and we can follow step-by-step exactly what happens to us and why.

Events in our lives and the effect they had on us conspire to bring about anxiety-related problems … life experiences that have made us feel afraid and unable to cope. Not usually single frightening instances (with the exception of some forms of PTSD) they more likely develop from general living situations which involve such things as: constantly being put down, being ridiculed, being made to feel ashamed, made to feel guilty and made to feel worthless. When we feel like this often , it's not surprising that anxiety takes over.

The interplay between experiences, thoughts, feelings and deep-seated survival instincts make these problems seem so powerful, that something drastic is wrong with us, yet the potential to develop anxiety problems lies within us all, it is a part of human nature, and it only takes the right (or 'wrong') set of experiences to bring them out.

Given a certain series of events, conditions and circumstances every single person on the planet can start to become highly nervous, over anxious and insecure for much of the time, for this behaviour reflects the way we all work as human beings.

And once nervousness and anxiety start to rule our lives it's not long before greater problems, those problems we define as 'anxiety disorders' today, start to take shape.

When we see anxiety disorders for what they are: behaviours learned and conditioned due to our life experiences, we can really do something about them.

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Heal Your Cells, Your Brain, Your Finances -and- The Planet That ...

We can now feed our BRAINS, as well as our bodies!!!

As we all know, there's Calcium from coral (complex mineral base) - and there's calcium from carbonate (they build sheetrock with it). MANY calcium supplements sold in today's market are calcium carbonate. This is just one example of the duplicity in the supplement world. There are SO MANY tales I could share here regarding the state of our (USA) nutrition - or lack thereof. It would ultimately bring me to the corrupt FDA, traitorous administration, the propaganda of our news, television - and all media, the deliberate "dumbing down" of Americans (begun in the early 70's), AND - the deliberate corruption of our very DNA! But that would fill a book...

For now, I want to tell you that I've found a company that holds itself to the highest standards in purity of production. They address the specific needs of our bodies. This is important, as if you put sugar in your gas tank, engine seizes.... The junk we put into our bodies… well it just ASTOUNDS me! (Did you know that Splenda came about during insecticide trials, when an Indian lab assistant mistook his boss's orders to "test", and instead, "tasted" - and remarked, "Mmmm... Its sweet! " - yes it's INSECTICIDE folks – that’s why its “slimming”!!! )

The B vitamins are eight water-soluble vitamins that play important roles in cell metabolism. They are responsible for the health of our entire central nervous system, which is controlled by our brains!

The B vitamins often work together to deliver a number of health benefits to the body. B vitamins have been shown to:
* Support and increase the rate of metabolism
* Maintain healthy skin and muscle tone
* Enhance immune and nervous system function
* Promote cell growth and division — including that of the red blood cells that help prevent anemia.
* Together, they also help combat the symptoms and causes of stress, depression, and cardiovascular disease.

Folic acid, or B9, produces a number of benefits including:
* Improves heart health by reducing homocysteine.
* Builds stronger bones.
* Helps normalize blood pressure.
* Improves mood disorders and thinking problems, especially in older individuals.
* Slows mental aging and *Alzheimer’s.
* Reduces Parkinson’s disease.
* Reduces colon cancer risk.
* Prevents Down’s Syndrome.

In June 2005 at the Alzheimer's Association International Conference on Prevention of Dementia. Ms. Durga and her team enlisted more than 800 men and postmenopausal women between the ages of 50 and 70 years. Subjects were randomly selected to receive either 800 micrograms (mcg) of folic acid per day or a placebo. The trial period lasted three years - the results:
* In the folic acid group, blood tests revealed that average folate levels were five times higher than they were at baseline.
* Homocysteine levels dropped an average of 25 percent in this group.
Subjects in the folic acid group performed significantly better than placebo subjects in cognitive tests that assessed memory, information processing speed, word fluency, cognitive flexibility and eye-hand coordination speed.
And the list goes on and on and on. It is nearly endless…

All B vitamins are water soluble, and are dispersed throughout the body - and ALL of the B's are ENORMOUSLY important to our absolute wellbeing!!! Most of the B vitamins must be replenished daily, since any excess is excreted in the urine. Vitamin C is the only other water-soluble vitamin that MUST be CONSTANTLY replenished for optimum health.

There is now a perfect source for these vital nutrients - delivered sublingually - bypassing the blood-brain barrier - so that your brain can heal itself & your body!!! What's anywhere near as exciting as that??? Well, YOU CAN NOW SHARE THIS INFO WITH OTHERS & WATCH ALL ASPECTS OF YOUR LIFE - AND THE WORLD - HEAL & TRANSFORM - AFFORDABLY AND HONORABLY!!!
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