Keep Your Eyes On The Prize

For those of you who enjoy reading my blog, you probably know that one thing I tend to believe strongly in is that to succeed in anything, you need to stay focused.
I usually preach the mantra of ‘keeping your eyes on the prize’ in regards to making money online or general success in life. But today, I wanted to write about something a little different.
I have a very good friend who for as long as I've known him has had trouble sleeping. I don't think he’s ever been officially diagnosed as having insomnia, but he rarely gets a decent night sleep.
He’s seen doctors and sleep specialists, but they all recommend sleeping pills. The problem though is that he doesn't like the idea of relying on pills to help him sleep. He exhausted all the options that were given to him...except for one.
He heard about an acupuncture treatment that can do wonders for sleeping disorders, but the thought of having needles stuck into his body scared the ba-jesus out of him.
He came to me a couple weeks ago with his dilemma. He knew that I am a person who usually gives a good perspective on situations and he wanted to know what I would do.
At first, I didn't know what to tell him. I knew how scary acupuncture seems and I didn't want to tell him to just get over it and get the treatment. I thought it was an insensitive way to help my friend.
I decided to tell him my philosophy about ‘keeping your eyes on the prize’ hoping it would shed some light on the situation.
I told him that his goal was sleeping well and that if acupuncture was the solution, he should work his way towards being comfortable with the needles enough so he could have it done.
I told him the first step would be to make an appointment and have a consultation with the acupuncturist. There wouldn't be any needles involved in hearing the acupuncturist out and it might be a simple way to get the process started.
My friend acknowledged what I was saying and agreed to make an appointment. When the day came, he was still too nervous. He said that he was really terrified of the experience and needed help to make him go.
I told him we'll take a step back. we'll do some online research about acupuncture so he would know exactly what he’s getting into. That should help ease his mind.
We searched and read through Wikipedia, but there were still a host of questions that were left unanswered. A simple google search produced a link to a book called Acupuncture For Cynics, which provided all the information he needed.
Click Here! for Acupuncture For Cynics"
Acupuncture For Cynics explained we could possibly want to know about the treatment in an informed and easy to understand way. The entire process was explained and discussed in a manner that helped ease our minds.
After reading the book, we both had a much better understanding of the process and how pain free it was.
He ended up going to the consultation and having the treatment done. The whole experience was much better than he imagined it would be.
His sleeping problems eventually got better and he attributed it all to the acupuncture, Acupuncture For Cynics and of course, keeping your eyes on the prize.

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How the Brain Affects Our Health

            Almost everyone is aware today, of the importance of protein in our diet.  Protein directly affects our muscles, tissues and organs.  It also directly effects the development of these organs, our brain included.  What happens if we don’t get the necessary protein or any of the other many nutrients our body, not just our brain, needs to function correctly?  It is through the use of our mind (or brain, whichever term you prefer) that we are able to absorb the necessary facts and figures and process it into useable pieces of information.
Nutrition refers to the nurturing of our body, in our ability to keep it healthy and functioning as it is supposed to do.  Our ability to provide the body with all the necessary food, vitamins, and minerals so that we continue to thrive in our daily life processes.
            How do we determine that we are providing the essential nutritional needs?  That knowledge comes by educating ourselves about what our individual needs are, the needs of our family, and then taking that knowledge and applying it to the foods we buy, that we prepare, and that our families consume.  Once again, through the use of our minds, we are able to take the guidance provided by the USDA, develop a journal and establish what our daily requirements are, so that take care of our necessary nutritional needs.
According to the guides published by the USDA, calorie needs vary from one age group to another, one gender to another.  So how do you determine what your individual needs are?  You can setup a journal for recording your daily caloric intake for about a month.  Make a note of your weight each day.  If you don’t gain any weight during the course of that month, you’re eating your recommended calorie level in order to maintain your weight.  Now, take that calorie information, check with a nutritionist about the recommended daily allowances of vitamins and minerals that you need.  Take both pieces of information, calorie intake and nutritional requirements, use the food pyramid and comprise a combination of foods that will help you achieve these recommended daily intakes, and still be enjoyable food. You now have an individualized healthy eating plan.
Over the course of absorbing the instructions for a healthy, well-balanced eating plan, we have used our mind through the whole process.  Our ability to think and reason, our level of education, and the exposure we receive to outside input on a daily basis affects our entire environment, but especially our health.  We make choices based on the information we have previously absorbed.  Our food, exercise, and recreation choices are no exception.  It just so happens that these choices can immediately affect our health.
Maybe now you have a clearer picture of the opportunities we have for our brain to affect our health.  It is more than just conscious decisions.  It is a result of brain development through childhood, adolescence, and adulthood.  It is a result information we have previously absorbed, and input we will continue to receive.

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Aim for Development thru Visualization and Affirmation

Aiming for development thru visualization and affirmation will ensure that you reach your goals with each step you take. In fact, visualization and affirmation can help develop skills that you can use to accomplish anything you set your mind to. You have the inner strength to move into the future, seeking a better tomorrow, so why not start visualizing what you can accomplish today.

It makes no sense to let our inner strengths go to waste. Sorry to say, but many people tend to let this happen. Many people sit on the settee watching soaps, drinking cocktails, eating popcorn and wasting priceless time. They could be out in the authentic world getting their groove on through exercise, goal affirmation, diet, self-development and visualization.

By learning the skills and practice to reach your goals, while relieving stress through meditation, one can center their attention on a brand new tomorrow. Meditating and focusing enables you to feel like the person you want to be. Success will come easier as you commence to make better decisions and smile more often. Make every effort to let stress go and to put action behind your goals. In fact, the bible tells us not to worry about the anxieties of the world. By letting the worries go, one can keep a mental image in your mind and on the future ahead. Of course, we all need to stay in the here and now, but it never hurts to visualize yourself looking into the future with a gold mine of achievement waiting at your entrance way.

In spite of everything, it takes you to make it happen. You want to tap into those inner strengths and find your weaknesses so that you can develop skills that help you to grow strong and healthy. Use your visualization by drawing mental pictures in your mind. Put yourself anywhere you want to be and then put forth some action to make it happen.

When a person can smile, they are showing their confidence to others. Most people will greet you with a smile. With constructive thinking, you will intensify your self-confidence for building energy through development in self-healing. 

Life is too short to keep putting off self-development. As an alternative, take action today and use your visualization skills and affirmation abilities. You can visit the Internet to find ways to advance your skills, but it takes you to put forth the effort. Apply yourself today and live on cloud nine for tomorrow.

Meditation is one of the ways to working toward a positive tomorrow. Use meditation as a guide to help you conjure up mental images in your mind so that you can visualize yourself in a brighter future. Meditation is easy. If you syndicate or merge some of the newest Neurofeedback solutions to develop your meditative aptitude. You can improve your visualization and affirmation skills simultaneously as the Neurofeedback music and positive voice clears your mind, thus relaxing you for meditation.

Yoga is another great exercise that builds strength of mind and body. You can visit the global PC network to learn the steps for a healthier you. With yoga, you want to start out on a low scale and work your way up the hierarchy. When you stay on track, it keeps you listening carefully, paying attention to your inner needs.

Subliminal learning is another technique that could take a long time to work you from beginning to end self-development, but believe me; it is worth the time and effort you put into it. Aim for self-development through affirmation and visualization. 

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Is your Relationship Causing You Stress?

        Perhaps nothing is as important in our lives as our relationships with other people.  It has often been said that a happy family is the key to success.  Much of our joy comes from our memories of Thanksgiving dinners around the dining room table or Christmas presents exchanged in the family room.  But it is also true that the relationships that provide us with so much happiness can also be a source of stress.
         Mental health experts say that our interpersonal relationships can increase our stress level.  Since it is not possible—nor advisable—to eliminate these relationships from our lives, we have to work hard to ensure that our relationships do not get the better of us.  This means focusing our attention on the inherent stressors within relationships, and doing our best to eliminate or at least reduce stress where possible. 
        One of the major stressors in relationships is a communication problem.   For instance, you may become angry at your mate because he or she fails to do chores around the house.  However, the bigger issue at stake is the fact that you feel as if your mate doesn’t really love you.  By bridging the communication gap—by articulating exactly what your needs are in a loving and supportive way—you can help ease the tension in your relationship.
         Another source of stress can be a feeling that your mate is not supportive of your efforts, either at home or at work.  You may feel as if your spouse doesn’t appreciate all your hard work and effort.  This could, in turn, lead you to attempt to overachieve, thinking that, by doing so, you will win your mate’s support and love.  However, such a tactic could backfire, causing you more stress than you need.
         But your relationship with your spouse may not be the only relationship that is causing you stress.  You may also be burdened by problems in your relationship with your parents.  For instance, you might feel as if your parents disapprove of your career choice, your choice of spouse, or your choices when it comes to parenting your children.  The fear of disapproval can lead to tension which can, in turn, give rise to stress.  By trying to understand your parents’ perspective, you can help smooth out the tensions in your relationship.  Also, attempt to boost your self-confidence, as far as your decision-making capability is concerned.  This will help you to recognize the fact that your parents’ disapproval will not break you—that you can learn from their criticism and can become a better person for it.
        Sibling rivalries can also cause a great deal of stress.  You might feel as if you constantly need to compete with your brother or sister—that you need to have the better car, the prettier wife, the bigger house, the more prestigious job.  If this is, indeed, the case, you might need to re-order your priorities.  Recognize that your brother or sister is a talented individual, that he or she should be respected and appreciated.  Realize that competition between siblings is seldom helpful and more often counter-productive.  Once you stop trying to openly compete, you might find that your sibling calls a halt to the competition as well.  In this way, you can both learn to find common ground—to work together rather than against each other.
       In addition, you may experience stress in your relationship with one of your co-workers.  You might experience continual conflict, as you continue to disagree on the most minuscule details.  If the conflict appears to be overwhelming, you may need intervention by a supervisor in order to get your stress level under control.  The worst thing you could do is to let things simmer until they reach the boiling point.     
       It should be noted here that you cannot eliminate stress entirely from your relationships.  However, it is possible to minimize it.  By engaging in effective communication, trying to view conflicts from the other person’s perspective, and dealing with differences of opinion openly and honestly, you can reduce the amount of stress in your interpersonal relationships.   You may find that you are a great deal happier and even healthier as a result of such stress-busting techniques.     

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Hypnotherapy and NLP Certification Course

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Hypnosis is sometimes seen as just a silly gimmick that is often used as a way for psychiatrists to charge more money for their already-expensive sessions. But the truth of the matter is that hypnosis has been used to help rid people of vices such as smoking and excessive drinking. Some people in the health industry are now using it as a dieting measure, helping people suppress their appetites and change their thinking towards certain foods. This is not just hearsay…there is actual documented evidence of this.
Basically, hypnosis is a communication technique that is sometime used to create a trance-like state in a person. It is most widely recognized and used in clinical settings, practiced by hypnotherapists who use it as a viable counseling and psychotherapy tool. Hypnosis can also occur when you are alone and is referred to by some as “zoning out” or simply “daydreaming”.
Under hypnosis, people slip into an incredibly relaxed and comfortable state in the hopes of achieving promising results. Most hypnotherapy sessions are structured around a given way that the therapist makes suggestions in order to get patients to put together specific internal thought or emotional processes that will result in a desired behavior of the patient (such as quitting smoking, overcoming obsessions or other unhealthy habits).
When someone is in a hypnotic trance, they are susceptible to suggestion and are led by the therapist or whoever else may be hypnotizing them. Suggestions are made to reach the patient’s desired outcome through what are known as hypnotic language patterns. These patterns are often created thorough guided memories and repetition from the therapist.
While hypnosis does not ALWAYS work, its results are powerful enough to have it remain as common tool in therapy. If you think hypnosis may be able to help you or if you want to look into learning how to practice hypnosis, you’ll find everything you’re looking for on this page. These products are from experts in the field and will answer all of your questions.

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The Women in the History of Self Mastery

Women have paved the way since the 17th century fighting to gain acceptance in the world of psychology. Many women made their way in despite of the obstacles including sexual discrimination. Despite of these irrational unconstitutional wrongs, some of the women in the history of psychology has made their way in the international databases, and has brought self-mastery ideas with them.

Some of the women in our history include Lillien Jane Martin. Lillien Martin. Lillien is one of the world’s well-known female American Psychologists who became exceptionally popular in the “field of gerontology,” in which she later opened a clinic in 1929 for the aged – Lillien was a brilliant psychologist – Martin was born in 1851 and by the age of seventy-eight, she was on the mission to study human behaviors. Martin trekked to the foreign countries even in her senior years, (87) journeying through the South American jungles. Her intention was to analyze human behaviors and bring in new ways for people to expand their abilities and skills, as well as work through the psychological disturbances that hold many people back from succeeding. Because she traveled through the foreign countries, she later became part of the Western movement in medicines. Martin made the famous recordings in the history of women in psychology. 

Throughout the centuries, Martin analyzed the many ways to help people work through self-development. This outstanding women figure of America journeyed into several sectors with the intent of helping others. Martin in her later years exercised to improve her own strengths and to improve her own self-mastery skills. Since the 18th century, psychologists such as Martin were discovering new ways to help people find their way through self-development despite if these people had mental illnesses or underdeveloped complications. LJM was of the prime psychologists’ between1851 and 1943.

In 1911, Martin worked as a psychologist teaching at the Stanford University. She became the American role model for all women. Martin became the first woman to take the lead at the department at Stanford University. She acted as the chairperson of the community. After her retirement, at age 65, a mandatory requirement she had adhere to, she became worn out from  giving up work and commence to do some exercises to build her strength and then she self-taught her self typing so that she could prepare for her imminent future unsuspecting to her and the people at Mt. Zion Hospital. Martin during the early 19th century was the party that discovered Mt. Zion, which is located in San Francisco, California. She started the mental hygienic clinic, which became the opening pre-school. By the age of seventy-eight and in 1929, Martin commences working and it leads her to reinvention of the older generation in a way that no one might expect. 

Martin and her mother with the same dreams in sight worked in unison to raise the funds in order to enroll Martin in college. Martin has initially tried to attend at the University of Cornell. However, the college denied her entry because of the women’s segregation that took place during this time. That segregation was still progressive; yet, Martin took the stand against such inhumane laws and struggled by Studying psychology in Germany in which Martin continued to combat sexual discrimination in order to make her way through academics. The inhumane laws in the United States of America did not hold Martin back from introducing self-mastery in more ways than holistic, rather also in ways that the world would live to tell.

To learn more about these great women and her efforts, read the Women’s History of Psychology. Here you can learn how Martin became one of the first women to work through self-mastery.  

Lack of discipline leads to frustration and self-loathing....

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us....

Lack of discipline leads to frustration and self-loathing....

Just be YOU....

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How to Say NO

We need to find the courage to say 'NO' to the things and people that are not serving us....

If you think you can or you think you can't either way you are right....

What the mind of man can conceive and believe, It can achieve....

In reading the lives of great men, I found that the first victory they won was over themselves....

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Meditation to Reduce Stress

People encounter stress everyday, some do at work or
school, others at home. While they are usually able to cope
with stress, sometimes the burden simply becomes too much
that people break down because of it.

The Science of Stress

In the General Adaptation Syndrome model designed by Hans
Selye, he identifies three stages that people undergo when

During the first stage, the body goes on a state of alarm
at the realization of a threat. In this stage, cortisol is
released by the body.

The second stage is where the body becomes unable to cope
with the strain until its resources are depleted.

Finally, the body breaks down which include the exhaustion
of the immune system. Because of this, the body is unable
to fight of sicknesses which then expose the person to

How Meditation Helps Reduce Stress

Meditation is one method which can help reduce the stress
levels of a person. By calming the mind and giving the
person a sense of control over things, the things that are
considered threats (the things which cause stress) become
easier to manage.

But the reduction of stress isn’t the end of the exercise.
Since stress can make people prone to illnesses, reducing
stress can help in keeping the person healthy.

The practice of meditation, therefore, can result in
improved health and resistance to illnesses.

So the next time you feel stressed out, try to calm
yourself down by practicing meditation. While your problems
won’t exactly go away, you at least become mentally
prepared to face them.

How to Find Happiness Doing What you Love

 Victoria answers the Question: "What's the most favorite Part of your job?" Helping people to find their happiness is really the key. But, not only that, doing that by utilizing the things I'm good at like, writing, being creative, having a good voice, and teaching people what I have learned.

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In the Realm of an Angry Mind

We all have rules we must follow in life. If we are not following those rules then consequences result. We are taught as children to not steal, lie, cheat, or hurt another person, yet some of us believe the rules are only set for certain individuals. At one time in our life we may had taking another direction, or else our emotions are the source that we use often to control our lives. Some of us even hurt others, including intimidating, humiliating, or assaulting the person physically believing we have the right to do so. When we hurt others, it satisfies our covetous side and the person often disregards the person harmed. The type of person described will offer charm others leading them to believe that they are a role model in society. Yet, the anger burning within the person will lead him or her to crimes, including robbery, theft, burglary, assaults, and so on. This type of angry person will harm others and never believe that consequences should be issued to him or her. For example, they may steal something from another person and reason that the person did not deserve it, while the perpetrator did. The person may batter his or her spouse and blame it on the victim, rather than taking responsibility for his or her action and behaviors. The anger then is a root of hatred of people rather than a hatred of what people do. This type will often become aggressive whether there is cause or not. Most times the person will act on his or her impulses, which includes risky behaviors. The person will often neglect responsibility and will assault, humiliate, intimidate, and control others around them. Now the anger is different in this case, since a personality disorders is obvious. There are many techniques available to help those with anger problems, but this type often refuses help and when help is available will often use it to their advantage. Most times these types will meet the criminal justice system, by paying fines, spending time in jail, and so on. This often continues throughout the person’s life, since no help has been proven workable for the personality types. Therefore, we are dealing with anger that is buried deeper than any technique can handle. A walk around the block, a ride on a bicycle, writing, dance, art, or none of the prescribed techniques or going to master the anger in the realm of these angry minds. The only possible solution is waiting until this type kills or commits a felony that will get them life in prison. Once in prison they will function best, since more control is on them. Until scientist come up with a technique that involves controlling and the law permits this, then these angry minds will exist and harm others repeatedly. The angry minds will enjoy harming others, including animals. They have no sympathy or regard for anyone, including a newborn child. They often enjoy dominating everyone around them, and will promise to change their behaviors obsessive when someone starts to care. This is a trap! If a person is telling you this, he or she is lowing you into a web of the mind of anger that will burn out of control until someone controls the mind permanently. The personality type will often avoid working, but when they do land a job, they often search for careers that put them in total control. Since prejudice plays a role in their lives, they often belittle the different gender, or race. Everyone is responsible for his or her behavior and actions, and they are excused from all behaviors including sexual, rape, murder, theft and so forth. We all can find an answer for controlling our emotions and anger; but in this case, no one has a known answer to date. Some examples of angry minds can be seen in the case studies of Ted Bundy, Charles Manson, Jack the Ripper, John Wayne Gacy, Henry Howard and other named Serial Killers. If you walk in the realm of an angry mind, walk with extreme caution. In conclusion, anger management is no master to the angry minds.

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