Don’t let the past get in your eyes

Now is the only time there is. Don’t waste it by living in the past.
Your past can be poison to your soul or the elixir of life because of what
you learned. Do not dwell on it in a negative way. 

Ask yourself “what did I learn from it”?

Today is the tomorrow you dreamt about yesterday. You have the
ability to choose to live in this very moment. If you do “decide” to do this,
worry and fear will dissipate.

Now is all there is. Enjoy the peace. Realize that every step is a
new moment and a new day.

Expectation of positive good things, bring positive good things as
long as you are moving. I cannot stress enough to “act your way into right
thinking”. If it is peace, success, money, whatever you want move like
you already have it. Find a role model who has these things and carry
yourself the way they do.

One may call this a form of denial but taking this action is better
than living in your past misery. I speak of “perfect practice” makes perfect.

Find a successful person to model your new behavior after. 

Find what you like and what works for you. Trust your intuition.
Keep in mind there is a choice you must make in everything you do,
so keep in mind that in the end the choice you make makes you.

Wipe the past from your eyes.

Act your way into “right” thinking.

If you are stuck you can never think your way into right acting, 
you must act your way into right thinking. 

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The 20 Second Countdown

Why everywhere you look are top psychologists and doctors still teaching outdated methods for treating general anxiety and panic attacks?

It seems every time I do a search online there is yet another anxiety “expert” rehashing the same old ideas. Brown Paper bags, think happy thoughts, do your breathing etc. I am sure you have come across them a million times before already.
How are people supposed to solve their anxiety issue if they are continuously exposed to these techniques and methods that only teach people to cope with anxiety. Just coping is not good enough. Real solutions are needed.
I want to share with you something that does work. It is a very simple way to help end the fear of a PANIC ATTACK. (In later emails I will address feelings of general anxiety)
This is a very good exercise for people who want something practical to focus their attention on when they feel the pressure of a panic attack building.
Its very simple and easy to remember. Here goes…
The 20 Second Countdown
When you feel the sensations of a panic attack building do the following.
Tell the panic that it has 20 seconds to initiate the full panic attack. 20 seconds and no more. After the 20 seconds are complete it must stop making empty threats.
You are allowing 20 seconds for it to fully manifest but not a second more.
Whatever the bodily sensation is that you fear, it must happen within that 20 second time frame.
-If you heart is going to explode then it has 20 seconds to do so.
-If you are going to lose control, then your mind has 20 seconds to do so.
-If you are going to faint – 20 seconds! But absolutely no more time than that.
You get the picture.
By setting a specific time frame you establish boundaries of control. You turn it into a game where you call fear’s bluff. If it were a poker game, you are asking anxiety to show its hand.
This works because it establishes a sense of control within your mind and body.
You think to yourself “I am not prepared to spend my time worrying about this. I’ve had enough. I am going to be generous and give it 20 seconds but after 20 seconds and nothing has happened then the opportunity has officially passed and I am going to go back to what I was doing.”
Then start counting -but nice and slowly, don’t rattle it off as fast as you can. Really tease it out like you did when you were a child and you never wanted to reach zero. Teasing it out is the key because it allows you to feel generous and that you are giving anxiety every chance possible.
Deep down you know there is really nothing to fear.
To really help tease it out, break the last few numbers into fractions.
2…and three quarters…
2…and half………………
1…and three quarters… (last chance anxiety)
1…and half……………… (I really cant wait any longer)
Sorry too late we’ve reached the end.
By not rushing through the countdown you will feel your confidence soar because you are demonstrating real control and authority over your anxious thoughts and bodily sensations. You are saying “look, I am really trying to give you all the time I can to unleash X,Y, and Z, I am being very generous here with this countdown.
Count your way to freedom. Count your way to confidence.
If you find this type of exercise useful then click here to learn more,
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You are not limited to the life you now live

You are not limited to the life you now live. It has been accepted by you as the best you can do at this moment. Any time you're ready to go beyond the limitations currently in your life, you're capable of doing that by choosing different thoughts.

We each earn the income we do today because that is the amount we have limited ourselves to earn. We could easily earn 5, 10, 20 times more if we did not limit ourselves through the thoughts we maintain.

Don't believe that's true? Surely you know people who earn much more than you who don't have your education, your skills, or your intelligence. So why do they earn more than you?

I love the story of George Dantzig that Cynthia Kersey wrote about in Unstoppable. As a college student, George studied very hard and always late into the night. So late that he overslept one morning, arriving 20 minutes late for class. He quickly copied the two math problems on the board, assuming they were the homework assignment. It took him several days to work through the two problems, but finally he had a breakthrough and dropped the homework on the professor's desk the next day.

Later, on a Sunday morning, George was awakened at 6 a.m. by his excited professor. Since George was late for class, he hadn't heard the professor announce that the two unsolvable equations on the board were mathematical mind teasers that even Einstein hadn't been able to answer. But George Dantzig, working without any thoughts of limitation, had solved not one, but two problems that had stumped mathematicians for thousands of years.

Simply put, George solved the problems because he didn't know he couldn't. Bob Proctor tells us to "keep reminding yourself that you have tremendous reservoirs of potential within you, and therefore you are quite capable of doing anything you set your mind to. All you must do is figure out how you can do it, not whether or not you can. And once you have made your mind up to do it, it's amazing how your mind begins to figure out how.

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Not exactly Cash on Delivery but even better.
Clarity is power.
The attainments of goals give our life direction meaning and purpose.
So her is what I call The C.O.D method to keep you on track.

1. Communicate positive thoughts with yourself. Remember what you put in is what comes out.

2. Observe the kind of actions your thoughts are creating

3. Dedication: Be dedicated to changing any negative beliefs that stop you from striving and achieving your goals.

I guarantee that daily practice of these 3 principles will increase your determination and energy.

Sadly, many wealthy athletes and entertainers can communicate with thousands of people every night but they cannot communicate with themselves.
When this happens, they self-destruct. THIS IS FAILURE. You can have it all and if you do not learn to control your thoughts, emotions, and communicate with yourself you will die a painful death.

Take a moment and answer the following questions.
What are you thinking right now?
What are you feeling at this moment?
Next is Observation.
Notice your reactions to people, conditions and circumstance.
Whatever disturbs you is unhealthy.
Whatever permits your negative emotions to take away your peace is unhealthy.
When I get nutty I ask myself these questions, even write them down so I can clarify it even further.
I have already said that clarity is power.
Honest self assessment gives me the leverage to take the actions necessary to attain my purpose.
Dedication to do whatever it takes to keep me on my path I have chosen.
Sometimes I must change the environment that I am in order to change my state. Other times I know I have these emotions and feelings inside of me and I've trained myself to call them up and feel them at anytime.
Life is what your thoughts make it, period.

We are always going to communicate with our subconscious or our other self.
We are going to observe what actions and our thoughts are creating.
We are going to dedicate ourselves to living in congruency with the positive uplifting emotions and actions to achieve our major definite purpose.

Take out a piece of paper and write down how you want to feel. Now as you write this notice how your body is reacting.
When you write something down does it take energy from you or does it get you juiced up and feeling something positive.
A feeling like you can now conquer your world
If it is draining energy from you reevaluate what it is that you have written down and write something else on the paper.
I cannot stress enough the power that words have.

Bullet Points:
Create within yourself a burning desire to continue through the challenges that come your way.
This will only make you stronger.

Action is involved in this. You can never think your way into right acting, you must act your way into right thinking.

Timothy Kendrick International

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