Not exactly Cash on Delivery but even better.
Clarity is power.
The attainments of goals give our life direction meaning and purpose.
So her is what I call The C.O.D method to keep you on track.

1. Communicate positive thoughts with yourself. Remember what you put in is what comes out.

2. Observe the kind of actions your thoughts are creating

3. Dedication: Be dedicated to changing any negative beliefs that stop you from striving and achieving your goals.

I guarantee that daily practice of these 3 principles will increase your determination and energy.

Sadly, many wealthy athletes and entertainers can communicate with thousands of people every night but they cannot communicate with themselves.
When this happens, they self-destruct. THIS IS FAILURE. You can have it all and if you do not learn to control your thoughts, emotions, and communicate with yourself you will die a painful death.

Take a moment and answer the following questions.
What are you thinking right now?
What are you feeling at this moment?
Next is Observation.
Notice your reactions to people, conditions and circumstance.
Whatever disturbs you is unhealthy.
Whatever permits your negative emotions to take away your peace is unhealthy.
When I get nutty I ask myself these questions, even write them down so I can clarify it even further.
I have already said that clarity is power.
Honest self assessment gives me the leverage to take the actions necessary to attain my purpose.
Dedication to do whatever it takes to keep me on my path I have chosen.
Sometimes I must change the environment that I am in order to change my state. Other times I know I have these emotions and feelings inside of me and I've trained myself to call them up and feel them at anytime.
Life is what your thoughts make it, period.

We are always going to communicate with our subconscious or our other self.
We are going to observe what actions and our thoughts are creating.
We are going to dedicate ourselves to living in congruency with the positive uplifting emotions and actions to achieve our major definite purpose.

Take out a piece of paper and write down how you want to feel. Now as you write this notice how your body is reacting.
When you write something down does it take energy from you or does it get you juiced up and feeling something positive.
A feeling like you can now conquer your world
If it is draining energy from you reevaluate what it is that you have written down and write something else on the paper.
I cannot stress enough the power that words have.

Bullet Points:
Create within yourself a burning desire to continue through the challenges that come your way.
This will only make you stronger.

Action is involved in this. You can never think your way into right acting, you must act your way into right thinking.

Timothy Kendrick International

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