Reducing your Stress Using Meditation

Many people have stress these days.  We have it due to school, work or home issues.  There are some people that can leave it all behind while others are facing the burden everyday. 

The Art of Stress

With General Adaptation Syndrome, the model designed by Hans Selye, identified the three stages that people will go through when they are stressed out. 

With the first part, the body will go on a kind of alarm system that will help it to realize a threat.  With this state, Cortisol is released through the body.

The second stage is when the body will become unable to deal with the stress until it is deleted. 

The last stage will help the body break down and this will cause exhaustion in the immune system.  This can make it hard for the body to fight off illnesses and many people will get sick.

How does Meditation Relieve Stress?

Meditation can be a great method to help reduce stress in a person’s body.  With the calming mind that it gives you, a person will feel more in control and be able to deal with certain things better. 

With the reduction of stress this does mean that you are done with meditation.  The stress that your body goes through will make your immune system prone to getting sick easier. With reducing your stress in the body, you will be better able to stay healthy.

Practicing meditation will help to improve your health and give you a better shot at fighting off illnesses.

The next time you are stressed out, you need to think about calming the body down.  Your problems may no always go away, but you will be able to better emotionally deal with them. 
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