Motivation, Books, & eCourses

Have you struggled to get the things you want in life?

Have you purchased endless courses and tape sets to learn how to be effective?

We all have.

But are they working for you?

I'm willing to bet that you may have seen some results but the programs failed to deliver the big promises
they made.

This is because some of these guru's are successful but just aren't good teachers!

What does this mean?

These guru's may have achieved incredible results themselves but they just don't know how to bring out everything that they did to get there in their courses.

Maybe they aren't intentionally hiding anything from you but there are things that happen in their unconscious mind that bring them the results they get.

I can show you the unconscious secret that they can't show you:

Timothy Kendrick

PS. Take control of your mind, your heart and your life!
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