Think Positive about Your Self Confidence!

A person's self confidence is their ability to believe in themselves.  People with a high self confidence are optimistic, assertive, and eager individuals ready to take on the world and conquer the goals.  On the other hand, people with a low self confidence find themselves often distant and despondent, constantly questioning themselves and often passive or submissive.  Self confidence is the key to succeeding in your academic pursuits, athletic activities, employment field, and private life.  Individuals that entertain a high sense of self confidence usually go on to phenomenally succeed, whereas individuals with a low sense of self confidence tend to be brought down by their inner demons and fail.
The trap of low self confidence is extremely easy to fall into and extremely difficult to remove yourself.  That tiny voice in the back of your head that criticizes, questions, and insults can easily grow louder and louder the more you listen.  Instead of traditional angel on one should and devil on the other, someone with low self confidence finds the devil there more often than not.  Instead of boosting themselves up by enjoying their accomplishments or congratulating themselves on a job well done, individuals with low self esteem find their shoulder devil is constantly picking and finding fault in the midst of triumph.
They key to maintaining a high self esteem is positive thinking.  Individuals that think of themselves in a positive light are more likely to have a higher self confidence than those nay-sayers in the crowd.  One way to remain positive and keep and upbeat aura is to surround yourself with positive people.  Avoid individuals who criticize, nit pick, and put down.  These negative individuals are a sinking ship and will only bring you down with them.  By surrounding yourself with positive people, you will find it easier to maintain your high sense of a self worth and banish that devil from your shoulder.  If you find yourself in a situation where you must deal with individuals with a negative outlook, confront them on the matter.  Often, office gossip, school yard taunts, or home issues bury themselves deep within our minds and wreck havoc on our self confidence.  Instead of allowing yourself to be burdened by these harmful words and thoughts, fight back!  Refuse to stoop to their level, but insist the back biting and drama cease with the negative words.  This task is certain to be difficult and the easiest thing to do is to walk away and let yourself moon over the hurtful words and thoughts, but the right thing to do is to attempt to put a stop to the situation.  If the individuals refuse to cease, continue, or even worsen their actions, then break apart from the trend.  Unfortunately, this may mean ending relationships, both personal and job related.
If you find yourself surrounded by so-called friends who constantly make you feel poorly about yourself and lower your self confidence, it might be time to part ways.  Remember, friends, family, and loved ones are supposed to make you feel good about yourself and have your best interest at heart.  This is not always the case and friends by title alone can do more harm than most enemies.  Furthermore, personal relationships can have the same—if not worse—affect on one's self confidence level.  Quite often, individuals in abusive relationships find themselves despondent and upset about their situation.  If a loved one is making you feel poorly about yourself by constant criticism, abusive language, and distrusting actions, drastic circumstances may be due.  Make the case for a change in the relationship and make your loved one understand what his or her words, thoughts, or actions do to your self confidence.  If this fails, you may need to make a painful break, but remember, your loved ones are supposed to love and support you at all times.  If someone is failing to do so, they have not fulfilled their role in you life.

How Self-Esteem Affects Our Confidence

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How Self-Esteem Affects Our Confidence
Our self-belief has a profound effect on our confidence and on the quality of our lives. If a person believes that he lacks basic skills to solve problems then he may lose heart and give up. In contrast, a person who has less abilities but who believes in himself stands a much better chance of being successful. This is because his self-belief gives him the confidence to try.
Have you ever wondered why only a few students in a class ask questions? Is it because the others have understood all the points made during a lecture? Or is it because they lack the confidence to ask a question? More often than not, it is the fear of making a fool of themselves that stops students from asking questions. In other words, they lack self-confidence. The only way this confidence can improve is when they start believing in themselves.
This is why self-belief is so important. It gives an individual the confidence to aim for the moon. It overwhelms negative thoughts, and drives away the fear of failure. It is the best antidote against self-flagellation, which turns several talented persons into under-achievers. It gives the students the confidence that they have nothing to loose. On the contrary, they realize that they have everything to gain by asking a question, even if it happens to be a silly question.
Abraham Lincoln is a fine example of a man who believed in himself. He lost every election until he went to the Senate and stood for the post of the President. He did not allow his failures in professional and personal life to erode his self-belief. Had he done so, the history of the US would have been different.
Self-belief gives us the confidence to accept failure. It teaches us the importance of positive thinking. Those who have self-esteem don't talk about failures; instead, they try to find out why they did not succeed. They look for lessons that can be learnt from their experience. This is not a simple issue of semantics. It is the power of positive thinking, and it is available to only those who have self-esteem.
Once again it is self-esteem that gives us the confidence to enter a new group, and become a part of it. Those who lack self-esteem are very reluctant to approach a new group. They don't want to expose themselves to the ridicule of being seen as shy, nervous or ignorant. They would instead prefer to stay in their corners.
In fact, lack of self-esteem stands out like a sore thumb at parties, at meetings, at conferences and at social or official functions. Individuals with low self-esteem avoid introducing themselves to others. They prefer to stay in the shadows, away from the sights of others. However, their colleagues who enjoy high self-esteem dominate the discussions. They are sought after by others for information. They are also invited to other meetings and parties -- all because their self-esteem gives them the confidence to open up before a group of strangers. It is the same student syndrome that is reflected in an individual's working life too.
Low self-esteem also lowers an individual's self-confidence. He takes to liquor or drugs to boost his confidence artificially. Nothing can be more futile or dangerous. Such behavior further destroys an individual's self-esteem. The best way to break out of this pitiable situation is to build self-esteem, which is not easy.  The individual has few options but to begin life afresh. The best is to look for a new workplace and a new set of friends, because it is easy to deal with people who have no preconceived notions about you.
But nothing will work until the individual develops self-respect and the self-belief that he is as good as others. He must realize that he is not the only one who has strong and weak points; the others too suffer from the same defects. The only difference is that the others project their strong points whereas he projects his weak points. All that he needs is to refocus his priorities. He will find the elusive self-confidence.


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Mind technique #5.

Ahhh, we're up to Mind technique #5...

This is one of my all-time FAVORITE techniques!!

Today you will learn about "Creative
Visualization", and how this relaxing activity
will empower you to attract greater Wealth, Love,
and More into your life.

Actually, the term "Visualization" is a misnomer.
With this technique, you will be using MORE than
just your visual faculties.  

When you do Creative Visualization - besides
seeing what you desire, you will also hear it,
smell it, taste it, and feel it.

That's the 'proper' way to do Creative

As you already know...


So for example if you are constantly worried
about not having enough money, you will get more life
experiences of not having enough money.  

** (Focusing on opportunities to make money will
get you a thousand times further than worrying
about the lack of it...)

But Creative Visualization is much more than just
'Positive Thinking'.

It's about putting your mind and body in the ideal
place first, and then flooding your subconscious
with a colorful experience of life as you want it.
The more relaxed you are, the more open your
subconscious is to receive the messages you want
to send it...

And the more senses that you involve in your
Creative Visualization, the more of an impact it
will have!


Let's say that you wanted to buy a new car.  The
meaning of a "new car" is too vague a term.  What
kind of new car do you want?    You need to be
absolutely specific.  

So you don't want a new car....  

You want a brand new, black BMW 535i sedan
with dark gray interior and a 360 horsepower

And once you have that decided, you're going to
"Creative Visualize" it.

=> You are going to SEE yourself walking up to it.
=> Your are going to FEEL how smooth and perfect
the outer body feels.  

=> You are going to get inside of the car, and
SMELL the leather.  You get the point.

Here's another important characteristic of the
subconscious mind: it can't tell the difference
between your outer world and your imagination.  

...Meaning that if you visualize an event in great
detail and with a lot of EMOTION, your
subconscious mind will BELIEVE that it's really

And the more times you practice Creative
Visualization properly, the more "real" it will
seem to your subconscious.  

This is KEY because once it believes your
visualization to be a fact, it will feel tension
when your current outer reality doesn't match up.

It will then go to your assistance by sending you
ideas, opportunities and motivation to transform
your outer world...

Now that you understand 'how' and 'why' Creative
Visualization works so well..

I have made a very special post on my blog for you
that gives you a:

Highly Effective 5-Step Action Plan for "Creative

==>  Here is where you can find it! 

Enjoy :-)

Truly caring fort your success,

Richard A. Luck

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component of seeing, feeling and manifesting
prosperity and abundance, NOW!

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Your 4th Mind Technique!

Your  Ideal Day
5-Step Action Plan!"

... Yes, of course it's F'ree :-)

You can find it Here. 

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Your 4th Mind Technique! 

Today I'll show you the huge benefits  of using
'Repetitive Writing'.

Aaaargh! Now stay with me here...

The Repetitive Writing mind technique  is not as
'exciting' as some of the other  techniques, but
its benefits far outweigh the 10 minutes that it
will take you to  complete this task!

Writing out your desires over and over  again will
further influence your  subconscious mind -- which
if you haven't  guessed by now is the KEY to
achieving all  your desires and dreams. Yes, all
of them!

This mind technique takes different aspects  from:

1) Affirmation Imprinting (creating  powerful,
effective statements of your  desired outcomes..

2) Subliminal Messaging (flooding your
subconscious mind every day with your  desired
outcomes) and..

3) Ideal Day Generation (unleashing the  magic of
writing down your thoughts and  feelings)....

Like I said earlier, the actual 'process'  of
writing down your statements will  become boring
very quickly.  

I urge you to do it anyway.  

Is brushing your teeth fun?  Hardly,  but you do
it anyway because you want  your teeth to be and
feel healthy (and  to avoid the drill next time
you visit  the dentist!)

It seems that mean old 3rd grade teacher ALMOST
got it right....

She, like most people using affirmations,
structured the statements incorrectly.   She
focused on the negative.

Like when she told you to write the  sentence "I
will not talk in class" fifty  times on the

As you already know, the subconscious sees  in
images and can't visualize the word "not."  

In the example I just gave you, all it  recognizes
and "sees" are images of "I",  "talk", and "in

The well-meaning teacher thereby "reinforces  the
exact opposite behavior than she had  intended".  

And guess what happened the next day?  

You got in trouble for talking in class  again!
And how did the teacher discipline  you?  

You guessed it.  She had you writing those
sentences again, unknowingly reinforcing  your
negative behavior!

As you know, to re-program your mind  effectively
with 'positive' behaviors,  I wholeheartedly
recommend the success  accelerator videos.

Imagine having thousands of positive  life
altering affirmations flooding your  subconscious
mind every day?

It's very powerful. 

So let's now put this information into  practical


STEP 1:  Just Three...

Pick a maximum of three behaviors you  would like
to change.

Ideally, you would want to work on just  one
first, until you started to see your  intended
desires materialize, before  moving onto other

And if you really want to accelerate the  process,
pick the same goal as the one  you are working on
with your Affirmation  Imprinting.

STEP 2:  Meet the 3 "P's"

Make sure that your sentence is formatted

This is the exact same step you used when  you
created your affirmations.  

To recap, your sentence should be personal,
positive, and present tense.

STEP 3:  A private book

Buy a spiral notebook.  You will be using  this to
write your sentences in.  Having  a central place
is much more effective  than writing on whatever
scrap of paper  you happen to find.  

Sometimes you won't remember if you wrote  your
sentences out that morning or not.   Having one
place to look to find out will  solve this.

STEP 4:  Make your statement 'real'

Write the date at the top of the page  and write
your sentence over and over  again on each line
until it fills up  the entire page.   

An average spiral notebook is between  25-30 lines
per page side.

From personal experience I find this to  be the
perfect amount of times to write  your sentence.

You will do this exercise first thing  each
morning, and then again just before  going to
sleep at night.  

Once your subconscious mind fully absorbs  the
statement you are trying to send it  and provides
you with the tools to make  it a reality -- only
then would you  start with your next desired

** Remember**: Repetition influences your
subconscious  mind - and influencing your
subconscious  belief system (with your desired
outcome)  is the golden *key* to reaching your
goals  and dreams.

This is why subliminal messaging can  have such a
powerful - and unexpected  impact on people's

In the next lesson, we will learn about  one of my
all-time favorite Mind  techniques:  "Creative

Take care,
Richard A. Luck
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What Are the Symptoms of Low Self-Esteem?

People with low self-esteem rarely live their life to the full. They distance themselves from others, and are thus denied their love and support. They rarely, if ever, make full use of their abilities. Instead, they end up brooding about the injustices of life. Such people are a loss to themselves, their family and to society. Some of them even take to crime, alcohol and drugs.

Invariably, people with low self-esteem are uncomfortable with success. They tend to believe that they don’t deserve success, and they have no clue as to how to savor success. At the same time, they do not hesitate to blame themselves if things go wrong. They take sadistic pleasure in telling the world that they knew things would go wrong. This is an important symptom of low self-esteem, and needs to be treated at the earliest.

People suffering from low self-esteem also have the habit of putting themselves down. They repeatedly tell themselves that they are not good enough and that they are bound to fail. Over a period of time this negative self-talk turns into a negative self-belief. More than that, they try and implant these seeds of negativity in people around them. They also gravitate towards people who suffer from similar problems. The end result is that they feed on each other’s negativity, and become much poorer individuals than they initially were.

A high level of dissatisfaction is another indicator of low self-esteem. There are people who spend all their time complaining. They neither see a positive thing in others nor in themselves. This cynicism eats away their self-belief, and erodes their self-confidence. In contrast, people who value their abilities enjoy high self-esteem.

Also, people with low self-esteem spend most of their time brooding about the past and worrying about the future. They don’t spend enough time living in the present. As a result, they don’t enjoy the present, even though it may be full of success. The net result is that they prevent themselves from enjoying life, and make themselves unhappy. It finally becomes a vicious cycle that feeds upon itself, and prevents them from breaking out of their negative mould

Such people are rarely relaxed and at ease. They keep looking for different jobs and lines of work. The reason why they are always looking for something else to do is that they are lack self-confidence. They drift from one crisis to another, and blame fate for their woes.
A few of them take to alcohol, drugs, food, sex etc to get a temporary “high”. But this rarely helps them in the long run. They fail to generate a sustainable feeling of happiness and contentment.

People with low self-esteem also have problems getting close to others. They are not comfortable with intimacy and create barriers to prevent people from coming close to them. They don’t like to open up to people and to reveal their innermost thoughts. They may be nursing some old bad experience with someone who caused them a lot of pain or who let them down when they were most vulnerable. By forcing themselves to live in a world of self-denial they are doing a great damage to themselves. They fail to benefit from the company of others, and keep entrenching themselves deeper and deeper into their negative world. They may ultimately reach a stage where they may be declared beyond salvage.

But this is not good for society. People with low self-esteem must be helped. Their symptoms must be diagnosed, and help provided if they have to be turned into useful members of society. This help can be given by family members, friends, teachers or by trained psychologists.

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Mind Technique #3

Ok! In Lesson 2 you learned about Subliminal
Messaging, which is unique in that it involves
very little effort on your part and creates the
mindset you desire quickly.

You can learn more about it here:
www.Subliminal-videos com

Mind Technique #3 is very exciting!
It's called: 'Your Ideal Day Generation'

This mind technique can be THE most important
thing you can do to achieving your dreams.

It doesn't need to be performed as often as
the others, but its impact is inspiring,
powerful, and long lasting. 

A certain magic occurs when you place pen
to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and
document what you are feeling or thinking

In a sense, your written thoughts and
feelings become more "alive".


If I asked you to describe to me your ideal
day right now, could you easily give me the

Chances are that you couldn't. 

And this is a HUGE problem because if we
can't see our goals, wants and desires
*clearly* our subconscious mind can't help
us achieve them.

Saying that I want to have lots of money
someday doesn't give the subconscious a
definitive target to aim for. 

How much is lots of money?  $500? 
$50,000?  $5,000,000?  And when will
"someday" be? 

In a month?  A year?  Ten years?  Next


To raise the odds of having the life
you always wanted, you must first write
down exactly how you would like that life
to be. 

Makes sense, right? 

It's going to serve as your guiding light. 
Whenever faced with a decision, you will
now be able to think:

"Will choosing this bring me closer or
further away from My Ideal Day?" 

This should quicken the time it takes to
make decisions...

...and will GREATLY improve the choices that
you make!

Not only that - but it will be your
"snapshot" into the future.

When you are struggling and feeling
defeated, you can always go back to
your Ideal Day and get motivation from it.


The Ideal Day Generation mind technique
will really get your imagination going. 

It should be exciting and FUN. 

Kind of like writing to Santa. :-)

You get to write down ANYTHING at all that
you would like in your ideal day. 


Never limit your ideas - especially when
it comes to wealth.  Is it possible for
you to have 200 million dollars in the bank? 
Yes, it is possible and that's all your
subconscious needs to know. 

And don't worry about how you will make the
events in your Ideal Day come true.  That's
exactly what your subconscious mind will be
working on. 

You worry about the 'WHAT' and your
subconscious (along with the powerful
universal laws of attraction!) will worry
about the 'HOW'.


** The above sentence is absolutely critical.
Please read it again, because I cannot
underscore the importance of this enough. **

Now, your Action Plan for designing Your
Perfect Ideal Day involves 5 important steps ...

To make sure you get the *most* benefit from
this great technique, I have outlined ALL 5
steps for you at my blog!
Go there right now and check them out!

In all due seriousness...

...this particular mind technique can
take you one BIG LEAP forward in
accomplishing your deepest dreams and

So visit here now to pick up "Your Ideal
Day 5-Step Action Plan!"

Yours in success,
Richard A. Luck

P.S. The responses coming in for the
Success Accelerator Subliminal Videos
is phenomenal!

(in fact I may even share some "success
stories" with you soon... :-)

Get a copy yourself, you will be
surprised with the fast effects...
www.Subliminal-videos com


Obstacles in Building Self-Confidence

  Know what’s holding you back.

It’s great that you have decided to build your self-confidence. However, there are a few obstacles that can keep you from achieving your goal. Most of the time, these obstacles are so obvious that they do not seem like obstacles at all, and all you can see is that your resolve to be self-confident is not taking you anywhere. Therefore, it is important to become aware of these seemingly harmless obstacles that have all the power to stop you in your path. Let’s have a look at what could be the reasons that you are not moving ahead in top gear. 

Are you undisciplined?

Some people simply have the talent to waste a lot of time without realizing it. They lack the self-discipline to stop their actions that waste time. Imagine a situation wherein you have a list of tasks to be completed successfully as a part of your confidence building program. However, the moment you enter your home you involuntarily grab the remote and start channel surfing on the idiot box. It’s only after an hour that you realize that you have been vegetating in front of the T.V in the time you had scheduled to do other tasks. You realize that you have already disturbed your schedule. In a self-development program, it’s you and only you who has the power to change yourself. Nobody will come to monitor your actions and progress. You have to keep a watch on your inner graph and see to it that it goes up! Avoid temptations and stick to your schedule.

Are you lazy and keep procrastinating?

Procrastination is one of the greatest and most silent killers of confidence. It does not let you complete your jobs and tasks in time; things keep mounting and finally you get overwhelmed by all the many things that have piled up and need your attention. The very basics of building confidence start with listing little things that are doable. You gain more confidence to take on greater tasks and responsibilities by successfully completing the lighter tasks at hand. However not being prompt and delaying important things till they become urgent makes you miss the opportunity of working on your confidence and puts you in danger of falling back again into your earlier cycle, thereby wasting all the effort and energy you had put in to becoming aware of your low confidence trap and getting out of it. 

Does your old self keep pulling you back?

Assume. Assume. Assume is the technique here. Assume that you are a different person with habits you wanted to inculcate. Imagine the way you would like to be. Imagine a self-confident you taking things in your stride. Then try to bring into your daily actions the way you have imagined yourself to be. “I dream by painting. Then I paint my dream” was the technique what the great painter Vincent Van Gogh followed. Your assumed self will make people react to you in a different way, according to your new self. This will establish your new self to the world and will help you keep up the new self before it becomes a habit – a second nature! If you behave indecisively and helplessly, you will invoke proportionate reactions from people around you, thereby reinforcing your previous self. This throws you back again. Remember that you cannot get ahead if you keep looking back. Realize this and stop sliding back. 

Don’t copy self-confidence. Do not try to become like someone else.

One of the greatest mistakes that people make when trying to increase their low self-confidence is falling in love with an image of their icon who may be a sport star or a film star or any celebrity and then they try to be like them. This is one of the greatest mistakes that people can commit when trying in increase their self-confidence. You have to be yourself at all costs. Getting inspired is wonderful but merely aping these guys won’t take you anywhere. There is no need for any two people in this universe to be exactly the same. The challenge is to be yourself in a world that is trying to make you like everyone else!

If you can spare just 10 minutes a day - I'll show you the secret to living the life of your dreams!

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