Don’t let the past get in your eyes

Now is the only time there is. Don’t waste it by living in the past.
Your past can be poison to your soul or the elixir of life because of what
you learned. Do not dwell on it in a negative way. 

Ask yourself “what did I learn from it”?

Today is the tomorrow you dreamt about yesterday. You have the
ability to choose to live in this very moment. If you do “decide” to do this,
worry and fear will dissipate.

Now is all there is. Enjoy the peace. Realize that every step is a
new moment and a new day.

Expectation of positive good things, bring positive good things as
long as you are moving. I cannot stress enough to “act your way into right
thinking”. If it is peace, success, money, whatever you want move like
you already have it. Find a role model who has these things and carry
yourself the way they do.

One may call this a form of denial but taking this action is better
than living in your past misery. I speak of “perfect practice” makes perfect.

Find a successful person to model your new behavior after. 

Find what you like and what works for you. Trust your intuition.
Keep in mind there is a choice you must make in everything you do,
so keep in mind that in the end the choice you make makes you.

Wipe the past from your eyes.

Act your way into “right” thinking.

If you are stuck you can never think your way into right acting, 
you must act your way into right thinking. 

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