Keep Your Eyes On The Prize

For those of you who enjoy reading my blog, you probably know that one thing I tend to believe strongly in is that to succeed in anything, you need to stay focused.
I usually preach the mantra of ‘keeping your eyes on the prize’ in regards to making money online or general success in life. But today, I wanted to write about something a little different.
I have a very good friend who for as long as I've known him has had trouble sleeping. I don't think he’s ever been officially diagnosed as having insomnia, but he rarely gets a decent night sleep.
He’s seen doctors and sleep specialists, but they all recommend sleeping pills. The problem though is that he doesn't like the idea of relying on pills to help him sleep. He exhausted all the options that were given to him...except for one.
He heard about an acupuncture treatment that can do wonders for sleeping disorders, but the thought of having needles stuck into his body scared the ba-jesus out of him.
He came to me a couple weeks ago with his dilemma. He knew that I am a person who usually gives a good perspective on situations and he wanted to know what I would do.
At first, I didn't know what to tell him. I knew how scary acupuncture seems and I didn't want to tell him to just get over it and get the treatment. I thought it was an insensitive way to help my friend.
I decided to tell him my philosophy about ‘keeping your eyes on the prize’ hoping it would shed some light on the situation.
I told him that his goal was sleeping well and that if acupuncture was the solution, he should work his way towards being comfortable with the needles enough so he could have it done.
I told him the first step would be to make an appointment and have a consultation with the acupuncturist. There wouldn't be any needles involved in hearing the acupuncturist out and it might be a simple way to get the process started.
My friend acknowledged what I was saying and agreed to make an appointment. When the day came, he was still too nervous. He said that he was really terrified of the experience and needed help to make him go.
I told him we'll take a step back. we'll do some online research about acupuncture so he would know exactly what he’s getting into. That should help ease his mind.
We searched and read through Wikipedia, but there were still a host of questions that were left unanswered. A simple google search produced a link to a book called Acupuncture For Cynics, which provided all the information he needed.
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Acupuncture For Cynics explained we could possibly want to know about the treatment in an informed and easy to understand way. The entire process was explained and discussed in a manner that helped ease our minds.
After reading the book, we both had a much better understanding of the process and how pain free it was.
He ended up going to the consultation and having the treatment done. The whole experience was much better than he imagined it would be.
His sleeping problems eventually got better and he attributed it all to the acupuncture, Acupuncture For Cynics and of course, keeping your eyes on the prize.

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