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"Hey, just relax!"  To someone suffering from anxiety, those words are unsympathetic and unhelpful.  How could anyone possibly understand what it feels like to worry constantly?  Those who have lived with it for a while understand the heart palpitations, fatigue, nausea, chest pains, stomach-aches, headaches, and depression associated with long-term anxiety.  Those who have just started feeling it, find themselves immersed in a terrifying new world filled with uncertainty.  Say it aloud: That world ends now!
Anxiety is a general apprehension and fear that can't quite be defined.  It's an uneasiness about a situation rather than a fear of something specific.  Anxiety can be treated with drugs, but these often are addictive, have major side effects (including more anxiety), are expensive one use items, and can even damage your body and liver in the end.
Worrying does nothing to help your situation, no matter what it is.  Knowing that, you still know it's not as simple as just "relaxing," since your mind is so used to dealing with anxiety.  Think of it like a broken switch that cannot be turned off.  So it just keeps going over the same ground, blowing things entirely out of proportion.  In your good moments you realize you're overreacting, and things can't possibly be that bad.  So why do you find yourself doing it again and again?  Your mind needs some help remembering what it's like to be relaxed and in charge.  We can give you the tools to do just that so you can get back to having fun with your life.
How We Can Help
Our Anxiety Aid recordings help you cleanse your mind of the ruts that have been building up from constant worry so you can get back to enjoying the things you enjoy.  Our recordings tap into your subconscious and give you the tools to chase away the cause of your anxiety, whatever it may be.  Just think of how much you'll accomplish when your brain is free to do the things you want it to, rather than worry yourself sick.

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