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Increasing competition in every sphere of life is the main cause of the rising of the stress level of the people. The level of tension that keeps on increasing due to the personal or professional issues catalyzes the evolution of diseases within a human body. Controlling the level of stress, therefore , is considered as one of the most important things to be dealt with in present era. Meditation is one of the most effective means for doing this. Seeing the effectiveness of the process of meditation, several technologies have evolved to help people get mental peace and relaxation. Binaural beats technology, however , has come up as the most popular method among other ones. Hemi Sync CDs play these beats to help the beginners meditate properly.

To understand how binaural beats technology works in facilitating pure meditation, it becomes essential to study the functioning of the human brain minutely. The human brain functions at varied brainwave frequencies that are measured with the help of an ECG machine. These frequencies include beta extending from 14 Hz to 30 Hz, which denote a walking state in addition to alertness and concentration. The next frequency variation is referred as Alpha ranging from 8 to 14 Hz. It is an extreme meditation state with the opportunity for super-learning. Theta is the next on the human brain frequency list that extends from 4 to 8 Hz, which is mostly the unconscious state that is usually present in REM stages of sleep where dreams occur. Last one is Delta that ranges from 0 to 4 Hz, which symbolizes the complete loss of bodily awareness. Hemi Sync is a technology that distinguishes these frequencies and accordingly mixes and presents a binaural beat.

Hemi Sync technology creates multiple sound frequencies in order to create a beat for pure meditation. To make this process of meditation successful, a sound of a particular frequency is played in one ear of the recipient and another sound of a bit different frequency in right ear. As a result of which, the human brain is forced to create a third type of sound that is the mixture of both of them. This distinct beat is referred as a binaural beat. These binaural beats are very beneficial for the ones who meditate. These beats help people to enhance their level of awareness and opens up the human perception to a great extent. The variation in the binaural beat decides the consequence that it will pose on the individuals. The impact that this technology can impose on the meditating individual may extend from feeling every sleepy to very awake.

Hemispheric Synchronizing is a trademark in the meditation arena. This is because of the wide range of CDs and DVDs that it makes available to help the beginners meditate in a proper way with the help of the binaural beats that it generates. During the initial stage of popularity, varied mixture of products were created by the Hemi Sync meditation techniques. Some of the specific applications that came into focus at that period of time, such as, lucid dreaming, meditation, remote viewing, etc . to enhance self-confidence level, stress relief, relaxation, memory, concentration and many other benefits.

Binaural beats played by Hemi Sync audio products act as one of the most efficient source of making it convenient for the individuals to meditate properly and enhance their physical, mental as well as emotional body states.

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