5 Things I Learned This Week and more

5 things I learned this week

1. Some people see a problem in every solution; others see a solution for every problem.

2. Look for the best in every situation and you'll get it

3. Be careful what you give importance to in thinking and conversations with others.

4. Focus and concentrate on where you want to go, NOT away from where you don't want to be.

5. You will always move in the direction of your dominant thoughts.

Thoughts create Feelings and Feelings create Actions and our Actions create Our Results.

Pretty simple philosophy to the law of attraction you'd think.

I know for me that Clarity is Power.

When I stay clear on my purpose and know my outcome my life has meaning and I live with passion.

When I feel good, well, Good things happen.

I'll give you a quick example.

I was feeling good about my life and all the things I was grateful for.

I had a business proposition go through and I was so juiced up about it that I forgot about another proposal that I'd had written out.

Feeling excited and relieved I swam with my dog "Molly the Mauler".

I was in a state of total bliss about the money I'd receive from that deal and was feeling good.

Afterward I checked my email and BAM! The other proposal (the one I forgot about) was accepted.

I was feeling good and another good thing happened.

Here are my ABC's about feeling good:

A) Faith: A very popular book says "walk with faith and not with your sight".

B) Passion: Motion creates emotion. I do everything with Passion, i.e. walk 25% faster, and walk with a purpose.

C) Feeling: Vibrate to the universe what I want and intend to get it.

Peace and Abundant Blessings to you

Timothy Kendrick

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