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We all know the possibilities that daydreaming can offer. We are
all looking for that perfect escape from the dull routines in our
lives, or when we finally have a quiet moment to ourselves.
It's the perfect distraction that we create for ourselves when none
other is available. It seems like such a simple pleasure to let our
minds drift, but we also know how powerful it can be to escape into
our inner world, leaving reality a million miles away.
Suddenly, you are living the life that you have always wanted, a
life that was not even possible in the real world that you have
left behind. You can achieve anything that you imagine: that
perfect home, a loving family and circle of friends, financial
success, freedom to travel and pursue personal interests and
Perhaps you are even more creative, and have not limited your
daydreams to goals achievable in the real world: maybe your inner
world allows you to reconnect with loved ones that have passed on.
Maybe you can revisit moments in your past and relive them, and
make different choices so that you can move on with your life
without regrets.
Maybe you've created a side of you that is invincible, and you are
no longer held back by your fears: you are no longer scared to fly,
scared of dying, scared of losing someone close to you or scared of
being alone.
You may have allowed your mind to dream the impossible: traveling
through time, through space, or be able to instantly appear (or
disappear) in any situation.
That calming, vague feeling that washes over you when you are
daydreaming may seem like you are just letting your mind wander.
However, whether you realize it or not, you are starting to place
yourself in a state of hypnosis, and what you are doing is allowing
your mind to astral project throughout your imagination.
Astral projection is the process of allowing your spirit and
imagination to leave your body, thereby being able to achieve what
you can only dream of. The part of ourselves that experiences
astral projection exists in the fourth dimension, so we are no
longer bound by the same conditions that prevent us from living
without borders in reality.
Steve G. Jones is a leading expert in the limitless field of self
, and he has compiled the ultimate traveler's guide to
astral projection. Astral Travel Now contains two modules and a 60
minute Astral Projection hypnosis session. This will allow you to
make the most of your trips to your Astral Travel destinations.
You'll learn to maximize and control your out of body experiences
and reach spiritual and emotional heights. You'll be able to
protect yourself from the damaging effects of negative thoughts and
fears while you move through the astral plane. The possibilities of
moving through astral projection are only limited by the scope of
your own imagination.
Discover the unbelievable power of astral projection on your
emotional freedom and happiness. Connect your mind with the
limitless creativity of your soul, and learn to embark on an out of
this world adventure
where your spirit is unleashed, and
Begin to Astral Travel now...
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