Law of Attraction Money Mistake: Holding a Mind-Set of Lack and Struggle

Based on your own life experiences, would you say that obtaining money on a regular basis is easy or difficult? In other words, do you have to work very hard to receive enough money to cover your monthly expenses, or does money seem to come to you effortlessly?

Take some time to think carefully about these questions because they reveal something very important: your overall mind-set regarding money and wealth. You can tell immediately whether you have a wealth mind-set or lack mind-set by looking at your life experiences.

Law of Attraction Lesson: Your Mind-Set Creates Your Experiences

The Law of Attraction is activated by your mind-set - in other words, the things you think, believe and feel on a regular basis. Here's how it works: Your thoughts trigger your emotions. Your emotional state emits a specific "frequency" of energy to the universe, and the universe returns events and experiences into your life, that correspond with your emotional frequency.

When you think and feel positively on a regular basis, everything in your life seems to "flow" more easily, including money. When your thoughts and emotions lean more toward the negative side on a regular basis, you experience more problems, setbacks and financial lack in your life.

Also important are your beliefs. Your beliefs form the structure of what is possible for you. If you believe you have to work hard to have a lot of money, you'll create exactly that experience for yourself. If you don't believe you deserve more than a certain amount of money, you'll block more from arriving. Whatever your beliefs are, they are your TRUTH, and you will subconsciously create "evidence" that supports that truth over and over again until you learn to do things differently.

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The Key to the Law of Attraction Lies Within Your Mind.

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