Ask, It Is Given

Ask, it is given
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"Ask, it is given." I know you have heard it a million times. You may think this is only true in stories and movies, and it will never happen to you. But I can tell you that this is a universal truth that works for everyone, including you.

Today I am going to reveal to you the real meaning of this truth, and the step by step process that you can use to live by this principle. Before I tell you the techniques, I would like to discuss with you why this law works perfectly and why this is an absolute truth.

Scientists have been studying the human brain for centuries. They know the anatomy of the brain very well, but they have failed to locate the place in our brain where our thoughts come from. They probably will never succeed, because thoughts come though our brain, but they are not manufactured in our brain. Where do they actually come from? They come from a pure unified mind field, where everything is manifested. Some people call this field the Universal Mind, or Cosmic Mind, some call it God, or source energy. They basically mean the same thing. It is the unified field that is the origin of thoughts, the origin of you and me, and everything in this world. We are all extensions of this field, and we are all one with the field. Think of the ocean and the waves. When we see waves, we see millions of different patterns, and we think they are all different and separate from each other, but in essence, they are all extensions of the ocean. We are extensions of the unified field in the same sense.

Since we and the unified field or God are one, then our thoughts are God's thoughts, our desires are God's desires. Do you think God will fail to fulfill his own desires? Of course not. Then why should we worry about our desires? Whatever we ask, it is given.

Then the logical question is: Why am I still living a life of struggle? Why am I still experiencing anxiety and unhappiness? The answer if simple. No matter what you are experiencing now, you have invited or asked for at some point in the past. Any time you have a thought of anxiety and worry, you are asking for more of the same. We are always asking unconsciously, and most of the time, we are asking negatively.

We are living in a negative world. Most people think negatively all the time. We don't need to blame anyone; this is the way life works. Without overcoming these negative forces, we are unable to grow; just as without overcoming the gravitational force, we could not climb up a mountain. Then the question is, how to overcome these negative forces or negative thoughts? We overcome them by replacing them with positive ones. It is easier said than done; I know very few people can do it. Over the years, I have learned some very profound and powerful techniques from the world’s best masters. These techniques are very easy to apply, but very powerful. I guarantee you, as long as you apply them, you will quickly see benefits within days, sometimes instantly!

Get your intentions clear!

In order to receive, you must first ask, and you must get clear on what to ask. We have 60,000 thoughts every day - which ones are important? And many of the thoughts are in conflict. Imagine you have a thought of going to London, but at the same time you have another thought of going to New York. Then which one should the universe fulfill? In fact there is no way it can fulfill either, there will be no result. So getting clear on what to ask is the first important step.
Technique No.1: Intention writing

The first technique for getting clear on what you want is what I call intention writing. This technique is from Brian Tracy, but I have modified it a little bit so that it works better for me. Here is what you do with this technique. Every morning when you wake up and every night before you retire, write down all the things you want in the form of intentions. And here is what it should look like.

"I intend to I accept this or something better"

If you want to have a new BMW car, you should state

"I intend to manifest a new BMW car now. I accept this or something better."

I don't recommend that you change the wording, because I believe this format is very powerful.

After writing down all your intentions, write these words " please make these or something better happen in the ways that are for the highest good of me and of all concerned. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Do it exactly like I say, don't change the words and the format. I don't have enough space here to explain why these words are so important, but trust me, you will see your results when you use it.

Technique No.2: Make a deal with your inner CEO

This is a technique I learned from Bob Scheinfeld. Prepare a small box, and put it in a private place where only you can access it. Write your top desires on pieces of paper, and put them into the box. You have to make a deal with your higher self (or God, Bob calls it your inner CEO). The deal is, whatever you put into this box is important for you.

By using the first two techniques, you will be able to post your request to the unified field successfully.

Get connected to the unified field
Technique No.3: 15 minutes short meditation

Meditate for 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the evening. Simply focus on your breathing, and when you find your mind wandering, bring it back to your breath. This technique will help you reconnect with the unified field, and restore your energy. The unified field works best for you when you feel the connection. This simple technique will make a huge difference in your life. Trust me on this.

The next two techniques will help you clear all your negative blocks, and work harmoniously with the field; therefore speeding up the process of manifesting your desires.

Technique No.4: 17 seconds of flip switch

This is my favorite technique, I learned it from the legendary Dr Robert Anthony. It dramatically changed the quality of my life, and will change yours as well. Most self improvement programs fail, because they don't work in the moment. When we have a negative feeling, we must correct it in the moment, don't allow it to accumulate. This is exactly what flip switch does. From time to time during the day, take at least 17 seconds to think about good feelings. Think of the people or things that you feel good about, and feel grateful for. Think of anything that makes you feel good, and focus on that for 17 seconds. You can do this when you are feeling bad, so that you can feel good; you can also do it when you feel good, so that you will feel even better. I suggest you make a list of things that you feel grateful for, or things you enjoy doing. Look at that list several times during the day, and focus on it for just 17 seconds. You will see dramatic changes in your life.

Technique No.5: 3 minutes Power Pause

This is John Harricharan's famous 3 minute power pause technique. It works like a charm. Before you do this exercise, make a deal with yourself that no matter what problem you have right now, you will leave it alone and take only 3 minutes to think about whatever you want to think. In this 3 minutes, you can think of anything. The exercise consists of 3 steps: step one: disconnect from your problems. Once you have made the deal with yourself, this step is done. The second step is to think of how you would feel if your desires had already come true, really experience it in your mind. The third step is to say thank you, and feel grateful. These are all done within 3 minutes.

Simple? Then do it.

Trust the Process

You will find there are times when you worry about whether your desires will be fulfilled. When this happens, you must remind yourself of the truth.

Here are things I tell myself to remind me of the truth.
"The life in me is inseparably connected with all life that exists and is entirely devoted to my personal advancement"

The second script I use is from Dr Robert Anthony's "Rapid manifestation" program

Here it goes: That which I seek is seeking me. I let go of how it will come to me and I focus on my heart’s desire. My higher self within me knows how to make it happen, so I just relax and let go. Everything that is necessary for the fulfillment of my desires is lovingly and harmoniously drawn to me. I accept this or something better. I am ready, receptive and grateful, and so it is.

Apply these techniques, and I guarantee you will see wonderful results within days.


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