Daily Insights

Because I know you're like me and always looking for things that
can inspire and motivate you, I knew you'd be interested in a
program I'm sponsoring called "My Daily Insights."

Every day we feature a short motivational/inspirational quote
that provides something positive to focus on that day. Here's
an example of a Daily Insight:

"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters
compared to what lies within us." -- Ralph Waldo Emerson

That's it. Short and simple. Less than 30 seconds to read and
internalize. But, oh how powerful in helping us to keep each
day and each challenge in perspective.

Every Friday we feature an inspirational story that takes just a
few minutes (or less) to read. At the end of this email I've
included an example. I know you'll be touched by "A Red Marble,"
and that's just an example of what we run every Friday.

Even though I know you'll find it priceless, we are offering
this valuable service at no-charge. Even better, the daily
messages are AD-FREE! And just so you know, we won't sell, rent,
loan or otherwise distribute your name or email address. And if
you ever decide you want to stop receiving it for any reason,
there's a link in each day's message that will automatically
remove you from the program with no hassles.

To register now for "My Daily Insights" Click Here

I know you'll enjoy it.

Timothy Kendrick


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