Beware What You Put Into Your Subconscious

You see, regardless of how confident you are, the media
keeps reporting all the BAD NEWS throughout our world
today. So many are feeling like there is NOTHING they
can do to change their situation.

Everywhere I go, people are easily depressed.

They talk about how the economy is awful, the millions
of jobs lost and more coming, people getting laid off,
the threats of war and terrorism and so much other
doom and gloom.


As you look around at your surroundings, there are
still lots of people who are EXTREMELY confident
about their circumstances even though all the bad
news continues haunting us over and over again.

How is that possible? You might ask yourself...
Why is it there are so many people who are still
HAPPY, while you aren't?

In today's article...

I am going to share with you EXACTLY how so many
I know can be extremely happy and even confident
that their lives will always be full of abundance.

You see, I don't know what your current circumstances
are. I do know that everything that you know about the
current recession is all OUTSIDE of your reality. The
doom and gloom comes from one bad seed after another
that the media and other NEGATIVE people surrounding
you are planting to scare you and diminish your life.

If you can shut out the NEGATIVE chatter and IGNORE
what they say, what you hear, your mind will FOCUS on
reaching your goals. Their negativity need NOT result
in YOUR OWN NEGATIVE self-talk!

Look all around you. There are still people who are
spending freely at the grocery store, movie theater,
shopping mall, and everywhere else.

Ask yourself these questions:

"Why do they buy products?"
"Why do they still spend the money?"
"Why do they pay for entertainment?"

What I am trying to tell you is regarless of whether
we are in a recession or not, there is ONE TRILLION
DOLLARS spent per day. People are still spending
money all the time.

The only difference is... many more people today want
to make sure that every single dollar that they spend
is worth the value they get in return.

So, how you perceive your situation totally determines
whether you will EXPECT SUCCESS and MANIFEST it as a
self-fulfilling prophesy....or expect to struggle,
suffer, and fail - and manifest that just as easily!

Are we really in recession?
Are we really in crisis? (OR)

Has the MEDIA brainwashed your thoughts into expecting
doom and gloom? Has the MEDIA scared so many into
feeling miserably and to cutting back, so much that
our society has bought into these fears and manifested
them as a result!

The key point I am trying to mention to you is...


Stop listening to those people that are negative about
life. Did you know that many see this "crisis" as a
blessing and EXPECT to profit because of it?

How is that possible?

LOOK. Have you seen the price of the food go down?
Did you see the gas prices DROP to $1.50 from $4.37
per gallon?

Stock prices are now at bargain basement levels and
being scooped up by those who KNOW that our current
down cycle will eventually be followed by an upward
cycle where everyone will want to buy at the higher
prices when the masses flood back in!

Brought to you by Timothy Kendrick International

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