Turning Fear into Gratitude

Gratitude is a fantastic way to not only ease turbulent emotions like fear, but it can actually help
you to better appreciate your life as it is right now (problems and all), as well as continuously
keep attracting better experiences. There are endless ways to use gratitude, but here are a few
that should be useful relating to fear:
Focus on something you appreciate.
When locked into a fearful state of mind, you automatically focus on the bad things that are
either happening now or could happen in the near future. those fearful thoughts have a way of snowballing out of control in no time at all.
You can reverse this process by instead focusing on something you can feel genuine appreciation
for. This might be a cherished figurine your mother gave you, a favorite chair in your living
room, or a love letter from your spouse. Spend a few minutes looking at this object, and feel
grateful that you have it. Think about the reasons why you like it (or love it) so much, and let
those happy feelings flow through you for several minutes.
If there are no objects you can appreciate nearby, try taking a slow walk outside and appreciate
the trees, flowers, animals and people you see. Focus on something positive about them, and
soon you will find other positive qualities coming to your attention.
Focus on someone you love.
You can also do this with people (or pets) that you care for. Simply call them to mind and think
about how much you love them, how much you love spending time with them, and the many
ways they add joy and happiness to your life. The person or animal does not have to be living
either – you can look at old photos of your grandparents, your first pet, or childhood friends and
relive happy memories you shared with them.
Focus on the positive side of your problems.
Gratitude can also be a powerful pathway to seeing your problems and challenges in a new light.
Rather than focusing on the bad aspects and feeling fearful about them, shift your focus and try
to find one or more positive aspects. For example, a frightening diagnosis may seem
overwhelmingly bad – but you could affirm the fact that you are being given a new chance to
take better care of your body; or that overcoming the illness will help you and your loved ones to
become stronger and closer. Give thanks for the lessons and opportunities that are always hidden
in every challenge. Here is a simple script to help you shift into an attitude of gratitude:
Another Simple Way to Release Stress Now

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