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Build Self Confidence- Feel Confident and Succeed

From success in the workplace to successful dating, confidence is one of the most important qualities a person can possess.  When a group of 100 surveyed individuals were asked what the most important quality was when selecting a mate, the overwhelming majority said confidence was key.  In empirical studies of employers, when asked what the most important factor in prospective employees was, experience was listed highest, but confidence was a close second.  With confidence, gaining the respect of others is easy.
Confidence, or course, shouldn't be confused with cockiness.  Confidence is not just a positive personality trait, in today's competitive job market it's absolutely a requirement.  Knowing you are as important as your colleagues is incredibly important not just on a conscious level, but subconsciously as well.  Being assertive, rather than passive, will help you get what you want.  There's no reason to consider yourself inferior to others, so it's time to stop feeling that way deep down.
Some say you can fake confidence.  It's obvious that's not true. Insecurity shows like a neon sign and drags you down.  Faking is acting, and acting requires confidence.  How do you escape from a catch 22 situation like this?  The very nature of this problem is exactly the type of situation our confidence recordings are made for. Continue Reading Here

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