Successful Mental Imagining

Identifying one's self with a successful mental image may help break
the habits of self-doubt and defeat which years of negative mental
attitude set up inside a personality. A different and equally crucial
successful strategy for altering your world is to identify yourself with
a mental image that will inspire you to make the correct decisions. It
may be a slogan, a picture, or any other symbol that's meaningful to
What will your picture state to you? There's one way to find out.
When you're faced with a grave issue or decision, ask your picture a
question. Listen, for the answer.
A different crucial ingredient for altering your world is to have
definiteness of purpose.
Definiteness of purpose is the beginning point of all accomplishment.
Definiteness of purpose, blended with positive mental attitude, is the
beginning point of all worthwhile accomplishment Remember — your
world will alter whether or not you decide to alter it.

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