Feed Your Mind with Inspiration and Wisdom

Have you ever noticed that your thoughts tend to ―snowball‖ the
more you focus in a particular direction? The more you focus on
things that make you feel frightened, the more those fearful
feelings will continue to grow.
On the other hand, if you can distract yourself from those fearful
thoughts – even for a few minutes – you will notice that you
automatically start focusing in a more positive direction. Even
better, this snowball effect can last for hours, long after you have
stopped deliberately focusing on positive thoughts.
For this reason, deliberately feeding your mind with positive
material from books and films can have a powerful calming effect
on fear. Some of the best sources of inspiration and wisdom are
works of inspiring literature, empowering non-fiction books, and
films that deliver messages about courage, strength, and joy.
Not only can you absorb positive thoughts by reading the books and watching the films, you can
take it a step further and jot down a few insights about them in a blank journal and explore how
they might apply in your own life.
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