What Verses Why

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As we've mentioned earlier, acting on our dreams, goals and plans can sometimes be
difficult. Life tends to get in the way of living, at times.
There are so many distractions and events going on in our lives, and in our heads, that we
get caught up in other unimportant stuff; hence, our dreams and goals get lost within the
And we come to the end of our lives and realize that we didn't do nearly as much as we
really wanted to do. We didn't spend our time doing what we really wanted but instead
got caught up in the insignificant, unimportant things in life. We didn't come anywhere
close to tapping our real potential.
You need something that will create that desire, that drive, that passion that will compel
you to do what you really want! To go for what you truly desire. Despite the distractions!
One of the best ways to ignite the rocket fuel of your desires is by finding out why you
want those desires to become your daily reality. You also need to find out why it will
cause you a lot of pain if you don't work towards your desires. Successful people ask the
right questions, remember?

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