The Six Tiny Keys To Knowledge

You future success or failure is going to depend largely upon your ability to absorb facts, skills procedures and put them to use.
Our Brain likes to store the information it receives into a organized fashion. This make it easier for our mind to comprehend and retain.
We can help our brain to comprehend and retain this information by organizing the flow of this information.
Any idea, any word, any phrase and any sentence can be turned into a question just by putting one of these six little words in front of it.
You should memorize them as they are very valuable words. These important words have being described as the Six Tiny Keys to Knowledge.
You can use these six keys with great success to remember information from newspapers and magazines by using who, what, where, when, why, how.
Journalists and some authors are trained to write using these six questions to arrange and organize text.
At a high speed you can search through the text looking for information that answers these questions and when you spot what you are looking for you make sure to take note.
Searching through newspapers and magazines like this will keep you up to date with your chosen field and the ways of the world. It will take you no time to go through an entire newspaper. Once you have located relevant articles you can read over them at a slower pace to absorb the information.
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