Persuasion Charisma: The Power of Authority

Today, since you are in this era of rapid change, you need to develop and master the art and science of persuasion to be able to succeed. Only one word can define and give you a rapid success in your life.

This is charisma. Charisma was defined to be the ability to inspire interest, to inspire enthusiasm or affection in others. But for the modern meaning, this word was defined as the power of leadership and authority.

Here, you need to learn the power of your charisma that can take you to your success.

The first thing you need to do is to get people to like you. I guess it is fact that no one ever wanted to talk or even listen to the person they don't like. You will just get annoyed by them. This why it must be your first move to allow your prospects to like you the first time they meet you. It is the way to start getting their attention to listen to what you are going to tell them.

Next is showing your sincerity and honesty. In business and sales, we cannot deny the fact that there are lots of dishonesty and insincerity. This is because this people are trying to hold on to their business even though they need to cheat. But with this persuasion charisma, you can hold on till you reach your goal. You just need to be honest and sincere to all your negotiations. With this sincerity and honesty, you can build a strong foundation of trust.

Next is finding the common interest between you and your prospects. This is creating sync with your prospects. Similarities can create and build deeper and strong relationship with others. And it is very easy to comfort each other if you both have the same likes. When people finds comfort with you they usually take much more time to talk and listen to you.

Another persuasion charisma is to have an authority over your field. This means that you need to be more expert in your field. The more you showed them your expertise, the greater the percentage of closing the deal with a big 'YES'. Expertise is really needed because most clients and customers needs to know more about your product or services so they will ask you a lot of question and you need to answer those question straight without pausing.

And lastly, you need to be passionate on what you are doing. Being passionate is showing a strong feeling and desire for something. Always remember that this is the key to motivating others. Sometimes, other people are motivated because of what they see from other people. Passionate is very contagious and infectious to other people around you.

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