How To Increase Your Charisma

We often wonder why there are certain individuals we simply abhor. While there are certain individuals that we simply love without no apparent reason at all.

We wonder why someone as violent as Charles Manson even after he was convicted with the Tate murders still hold control over his many followers. While someone as good natured as Vic Bugloisi (Manson's prosecution lawyer) was hated by Manson's many followers?

Ah, charisma! Some people have it, some people don't. What is it about charisma, that whether a person has it or not, everyone cannot contest the fact that it gives a person the "edge" over someone else. Charisma, is defined by Webster as a "quality that enables a person, especially a leader to capture the interest, devotion, and confidence of others."

What is it about charisma than puts the "wrong" person in the spotlight and the right person by the sidelines? Well, some says that there are individuals who are followed because they are feared and still, there are others that are followed because they are revered or have inspired their followers.

We must admit that we sometimes want to have that same effect on other people. To attract them is such a way that they might as well form a fans club for us. We long for even that of a simple effect that we attract people by our sides or that they gather around us when we speak.

There are simple steps to improving our charisma. Charisma is first developed by a good relationship with a number or certain people. Try to maintain this relationship a certain number of people, because in the future, these same people are the ones who can spread the word about you (if you plan to have a larger number of followers) Charismatic people are witty people. They are people who have the ability to say the right words at the right time. Remember that these two things go hand in hand. Without the other,, trying to improve your charisma is futile, because even the right words can seem inappropriate if delivered at the wrong time.

Confidence is also one thing. When we stutter all the time and forget the words or pause to reassure mostly ourselves than our audience, they will tend to think that you don't really know what you are talking about.

Good looks is not a requirement but it will help all the more. In Manson's case, he just didn't have a steady number of followers, he also have a steady number of women he can sleep with. When one thinks about it, most of his followers are women, this is because Charles Manson is one heck of a hunk. You'd look at him and won't think that this man is a serial killer. I mean, how could he?! With his boyish looks and those adorable eyes, he kind of looks like James Dean, and no! James Dean look alikes are no serial killers. Well, that what everyone thought until the court found him guilty of killing several people. Good outward appearance can help make someone do a 180 and notice you. This is where it can all start, before you can build a relationship with people or before you can have some loyal followers who actually believes in the things that you say, you first have to make them notice you and start a conversation with you. Or at least notice you enough, so that when you start a conversation with them, they will not hesitate to talk to you.

These are three simple steps in improving your charisma. These things will help you to be noticed when you're in a crowd, it will help you have friends and/or people who believe and enjoys the same things with you. Now, if you plan to take over some country or the world, you would need a lot more of this. If you want a Charles Manson or Adolf Hitler charisma, you better get up and start researching the library, because I'm afraid I cant help you with that.

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