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Team motivation is one of the most crucial factors that decide the fate of a team in workplace or elsewhere. Till date, team motivation has not been much valued by traditional organization. However, the contemporary scene is quite different. Nowadays, organization are taking the role of team motivation quite seriously and also attribute team motivation as one of the make-or-break factors that contribute to the growth and development of an organization.

Modern day experts consider team motivation as a part of team education. They also believe that those teams that share knowledge amongst themselves as a part of their team motivation recourse at the time of expanding their knowledge horizon shine better in their respective field of action. Also, there is no greater education other than team motivation.

Now coming to talk of the intricacies involved in team motivation, let's find explore the essential factors that determine team motivation:

Purpose: The first factor, rather the most important factor that determines team motivation is a rock-solid purpose. If you don't have a purpose or an aim, you will never be able to consider yourself a part of the team and thus make an essential contribution to team motivation. Again when you are asked to participate in a temporary job, it's essential that you share a keen interest in the job and share enough team motivation to perform the same. If your interests or expertise is not in sync with the rest of the team, you may never be able to perform the job well and bring about a decrease in the levels of team motivation.

Challenge: This is yet another crucial factor that determines team motivation. In human lives, we are only moved to action when a challenge is posed in front of us. Almost all rewarding team experience stories result from some challenging team motivation exercise. Again, team motivation can be negatively affected by the level of challenge. If a challenge is too tough and the team realizes that it's not something that can be easily achieved, a significant downfall of team motivation can be witnessed.

Responsibility: Team motivation is a lot about responsibility. If all the members in the team are responsible enough and make regular contributions to team motivation in the form of information and communication exchange, group debates, words of encouragement, positive criticism, and so on, team motivation is bound to bear fruitful results over time.

To conclude, team motivation is all about a team with a definite purpose; ability to face challenges, and take responsibility of individual and team actions.

- An experienced motivational speaker.
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