Subliminal Programing - How It Works

The human brain is a very powerful tool. However, it has been estimated (by Einstein) that we only use about 5% of our minds consciously. So, to use more of our brain, we have to learn to use our brain not just consciously, but also at SUBCONSCIOUS levels. It is your subconscious mind that is the real power center of your being. The subconscious mind serves as our personal computer. It regulates your heart, plays chemist for your digestive system, and analyzes input from your senses like an ultra sophisticated computer - which it is

Subliminal is defined as: “Below the threshold of conscious perception”. The threshold of consciousness is the dividing line between something can be processed by the conscious mind and something that enters the subconscious mind without any processing.

While inadequate to produce conscious awareness, it is able to evoke a response that can influence the behavior and mental processes of one's mind.

The subconscious mind does not have these reasoning skills, and thus has no ability to distinguish right from wrong, or judge the information it receives. When a message enters the subconscious mind, it is taken as a true fact and stored for future reference. For this reason, the strength of subconscious messages has virtually no boundaries, and can thus be dangerous when used improperly.

However when used properly they can definitely be counted on to show results.

Subliminal programming is a technology that has been around since the 50's. It involves sending a message direct to the subconscious mind, therefore bypassing the critical conscious mind. This can be achieved a number of ways, such as whispering quiet suggestions against a music background, or flashing messages at high speed in front of the eyes. While these suggestions cannot be consciously heard or seen, our subconscious mind will be able to receive and store these suggestions as the human brain is highly susceptible to subconscious messages.

These suggestions when repeated over time on a day-to-day basis with consistency will then be able to influence your attitudes and abilities. So with the right messages, subliminal programming can be used as a powerful tool to help improve your abilities and change your behavior.

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