So what exactly are your motivations?

What makes you get really excited and motivates you? Finding out the answers to these questions will help you with your self-improvement and personal success. By understanding your own personal motivations, you will be able to unlock, comprehend, and guide your future much more easily.

Most of us want a better way of life. Although each of us may define what truly constitutes a better way of life differently, we all want to see things improve for ourselves and our loved ones. Chances are you are looking for ways to improve your life. But remember... the only person who can truly make a change in your life is you.

This simply means that you will need to move from your current train of thought to a different one. Such a journey may involve a few stops along the way. It will definitely require that you make changes while moving ahead, even on days when it seems like it would be easier to revert back to your comfort zone.

Change is vital for Motivations to move forward...

Chances are there is no one going to be holding your hand as you take your journey, prodding you along. No one is going to dangle food in front of you, tricking you into marching forward. If you want to move from point A to point B, you are the only one that can make it happen. In order to keep moving along the path, you need to find the right motivation.

Motivations are important. If you attach yourself to shallow inspiration and weak motivations, you will quickly find yourself ducking out of the overall process. However, if you are able to segregate what really matters most to you, it is possible to achieve your goals.

Identify and Master your Motivations...

The question then becomes what actually motivates you? For some people, it is very easy to recognize what motivates them. They are easily able to list them off. For these people, they are in touch with their true calling and have a full understanding of what keep them going each day and they work towards their goals. However, some of us are not so lucky. In the chaos of every day life, with work, grocery shopping, home responsibilities, getting the car repaired, paying bills and doctor visits, it is easy to lose track of our core motivations. For most of us, we have to really search for our motivators.

The first step is to remember what motivates one person, doesn't necessarily motivate everyone else. True motivations are very personal. Motivations are formed from our life experiences, background, education and true understanding of the world. There is not a set of motivations that work for everyone out there (aside from the basic physiological needs of course). If you are looking at someone else for your motivations, you are looking in the wrong place.

Live with Your True Motivations...

In order to find your true motivations, you need a bit of introspection. Begin by looking at your past successes and what kept you going during those projects. Look at the goals you have always held to the most strongly. In order to have full understanding of what core principals have inspired you, evaluate your goals. Your motivations are you own and no one else will be able to come up with a list of motivators for you. You will have to dig through your past and discover them.

Re-Discover your Motivational History...

The good news in all of this is that digging through you past to discover your true motivators is well worth the effort. Once you have narrowed down the motivators that "make you tick", you can begin to move forward to reach your maximum potential. While others are struggling because of ready made solutions and plans that don't match and only result in frustration, you will be able to move along with your plans and goals. You will easily be able to supercharge your self-improvement efforts, by aligning your plan of attack with a solid understanding of your motivations.

What are your motivations? If you do not have a true answer to that question, then it is time to develop one.

"It's about following through... it's about doing it. When you've found something that works, keep doing it." Discover more about self motivation from Simon Vics here:

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