Greatness is more than success; whereas success is limited to a particular area, at a particular time of one's life, greatness is a wholesome phenomenon. Greatness is a combination of several successes in a person's life that brings him public recognition and personal fulfillment. It is an immeasurable state of achievement in life.

A great warrior is one who has fought and won several battles and wars. In life there are several battles, some are spiritual, while some are physical.
These battles go on in different areas such as finances, family, friends, health, business, education, leadership and even religion etc. When success is attained in all or majority of these areas, then the person who attains such successes can be branded as a great personality.

You are not truly great until other people become successful through your direct or indirect input. To be great in life, you need to be committed to ensuring that you raise several successful people in your LIFE'S NETWORK.
Your greatness is only confirmed by the testimonials from this network of successful people. The bottom line is; you can never be great without impacting positively on other people.

Motivation is an inducement with a motive that causes motion or action. There is a motive behind every action and this motive produces a force that enhances the performance or outcome of that action.
A man who is motivated or induced with a motive will naturally perform better than a man without any form of motivation. The absence of motivation produces nonchalance and/or laziness.
Failure is a result of inaction and inaction is a result of lack of motivation, failure also is antagonistic to motivation. It can kill motivation when given the chance.
A great man is one who has learnt how to handle his failures and fears.

Self-motivation therefore is the act of staying focused on your motive and translating its power into a productive action with positive result.
It is an internal push within a person that causes him to take action in line with his motive. Self-motivation makes you active. It is the activation of a person's life caused by the motives in his heart.
I boldly prescribe Self-motivation as the antidote for laziness and failure.

To be great in life, you need to be a proactive person and the motive behind all you do on a daily bases should be hinged on attaining greatness.
When your state of mind is centered around greatness, it will make you to be two things:
A. An active person
B. A peoples person

You need to work and you need to be people conscious if you must be great. You do not necessarily have to do hard work but you need to work hard and better still, you need to work smart. Your aim should be to make as much people as you can successful in life.
This consciousness will keep you self-motivated at all times because you will always have what to do and you will always meet people who need your help.
So, stay motivated with good motives and your greatness in life with time will become obvious.
P.S. In order to remain self-motivated and become great, you need to read books, hang around great people and hear things that are in line with your motive: in this case - GREATNESS

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