The Power of Meditation

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The society that we live in today doesn’t teach us enough about how to understand ourselves from within. Because of this, most people don’t understand who they truly are which are spiritual beings. Instead, they believe that their bodies are their true identities. By believing that they are physical beings, they lose touch with the loving energy (soul) within them that focused them into existence. This causes confusion and traps them in the illusion (the physical reality) that was designed to help them spiritually evolve. In other words, their spirits are asleep and they are only awake at the physical level.

To understand who we are and why we are here, we need to reduce the distraction of illusions that are created by our conscious minds. This is where meditation becomes very important because it helps reduce distractions, bringing our bodies and minds to a finer state of equilibrium. At this level, disturbance is very minimal and our consciousness is in a state of ecstasy, spaceless and timeless. It is a state that is similar to the consciousness state of the Creator. This state can be referred to as pure potentiality, creativity, eternity, fulfillment, peace, joy, happiness and infinite possibilities. If we can perfect this technique and transcend to a higher level of consciousness, we will increase the power of creation within us. All we have to do is use the power of imagination and we can instantly create our own reality. Since we are nowhere near this level, it is impossible for us to fully use this pure potential energy of creation but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t try.

Perfecting meditation takes time, commitment and patience, but learning this technique will help you achieve a higher level of consciousness. Meditation will help you find your true purpose in life because it strengthens the connection between your body and soul. Your soul is a fragment of the One Infinite Creator and is a reflection of every other soul. Even though each soul is united through the consciousness of the Creator, it is unique from every other soul because of free will and self awareness. This is why you have your own unique personalities. Your soul also holds the knowledge and wisdom from your past lives. By strengthening the connection between your body and soul, it will be easier for you to access your pass knowledge.

Meditation is one of the cheapest and most effective way to heal your body. It is effective because it reduces stress and heals the body at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. Certain scientists found out that when people meditate, their DNA stretches. This allow their RNA to move in and access critical data stored in their DNA. Once their RNA downloads the data, it will have the necessary information to go out and help heal their body.

Below is a paragraph extracted from my book Staradigm about meditation.

Meditation helps you control your feelings and reduces distractions, making it easier to find inner peace. Most of us are not happy because we become too attached to external things, such as money and other necessities. When we do not have these necessities, our moods become unstable and we become depressed. Meditation helps to free you from these attachments by gradually allowing you to reach a state of mental equilibrium. In this state of balance, you will be able to control your feelings regardless of the circumstances. You will be able to feel Creation’s love within you and this love will allow you to feel the connection to all things. The love of Creation is beyond what you can comprehend in your current state of evolution. It is a state of balance, harmony, joy and ecstasy that no words can describe.

Meditation is one of the best ways to help you find true happiness and love. Many people live their lives trying to find true happiness and love, but instead they will end up finding pain and sorrow. The main reasons for this is because they are searching in the wrong places and they lack the understanding of love. You can’t find true happiness and love from external things until you find it within yourself first. The happiness and love within you is real, infinite and unconditional. The happiness and love you find from external things are usually temporary and will not be able to fill the void within you. Once you reconnect yourself to this infinite source of loving energy, all the answers to many of your personal questions will start to surface. Once this happens, you can start relying more on external things to help fulfill your emotions and needs, just be smart about it.

For more information about meditation and its hidden potentials, please check out my book Staradigm: A Blueprint for Spiritual Growth, Happiness, Success and Well-Being. My book goes into great detail about the benefits of meditation and shows how to use it to find inner peace. To learn more about Staradigm or to purchase it, please visit my bookstore or my Amazon book page.

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