Will Power Doesn't Exist by Dr. Robert Anthony

Life is like taking a trip on the river and reacting to the FLOW.
It is always about the FLOW.  The problem is most people take their
boat down to the river, put it in the river and then they
invariably turn it UPSTREAM and start paddling hard against the
current.  It never occurs to them to go downstream because they
think they have to struggle to have what they want.

Here is a simple idea.  Why not go WITH the current instead of
fighting AGAINST the current? But you may say, "Struggle and hard
work is the only way to get what you want."  That's crazy! Here is
the important point - NOTHING YOU WANT IS UPSTREAM. Ever! 

Every bit of struggle and determination, all that "I am going to
heal myself", "I am going to fix this", "I am going to make this
better", all of that has you focused UPSTREAM. What I want is for
you to feel the ease of letting go of struggle. You don't even
have to turn your boat around in the stream and begin paddling
downstream - just let go of the oars (struggle) and the current
will turn you automatically!

This is not about teaching you to go with the stream because you
have no choice. This is about asking the question and helping you
answer it.  Are you going willingly?  Are you going toward your
natural unfolding willingly, or are you going to continue to paddle
upstream? In every moment the choice of which way you are going to
go is yours.

Today will bring you a new awareness, a lesson or a manifestation
that you are making progress - IF YOU LOOK FOR IT!  No matter how
large or small, please record it in your Evidence Journal. It will
only take a few moments and will AUTOMATICALLY put you in the Flow.

Truly Caring for Your Success!

Dr. Robert Anthony

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