My Secret Squirrel

Leave it to your spouse to call you on the carpet when you are not
practicing what you preach.
We sit on our back porch quite a bit actually I t is really nice because the
land behind our house is conservation land. Some cool wildlife, especially
the squirrels.
One in particular, There are a couple trees behind us and they are about
20 feet apart. I watched this little guy every day. He'll be in the one tree
and wiggle his tail like he is contemplating something and then he runs
like hell on the limb and leaps 20 feet to the other tree branch with total
complete confidence.
Les Brown says "leap and the net will appear". I like that because my
secret squirrel just takes that leap with complete faith that he will land on
that other branch. One time he missed the branch but another branch
caught his fall. Hmmm.
So for 2 weeks I've been telling my wife about how cool it is that this little
guy has so much faith and confidence and I should write a story or a blog
about him.
Then I said something else about time to do it or some such silliness.
Then she says "any excuse will do” ARRRGGGHH. She layed me out
with that.
For two weeks I began to challenge my excuses to everything from
working, to and from on the highway. I questioned everything more
diligently than I ever had.
Any excuse will do, those words haunting me every time I thought of
putting off a task that would free me from my own self imposed slavery
Between my new friend, who I call my secret squirrel, and my wife calling
me on my shizznit. I decided that I was once again hit by an angel. A
squirrel angel, who knew his outcome and did not hesitate to leap
because it was a must to get to that other branch, Not to mention teach
me a lesson
Any excuse will do. This goes for anything and everything I want to
achieve in my life, or don't want to achieve.
I continue to remind myself not to major in minor things and know my
outcome. It does not matter if it is washing a dish, walking the dog or
signing a major contract. We can find an excuse for anything.
What old tapes have you been playing in your head and procrastinating
on if any? Starting today for the next two weeks challenge every excuse
you come up with that will keep you from getting what you want.
As for my secret squirrel, He still leaps from tree to tree and is probably
thinking "okay God how many times do I have to do this before Mr.
Kendrick catches on?"
Okay I got it,
Did you?

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