What Does Success Truly Mean?

For most individuals, success is an elusive accomplishment. We look upon ourselves
as being better in terms of the next individual. Our nose perched high in the
air as we look patronizingly at the blue- collar worker on the bus. Is this the
correct way of viewing success? How should we specify it? Moreover, how do we
accomplish it?

In order to accomplish the success that we crave, there are crucial skills we need
to practice and master. Many of these skills have pragmatic, daily
applications. Some of them are eye-openers, letting us see how what we think is
an innocuous activity might actually be that one action which keeps success
from our grip. They're not fresh ideas. Rather, they're often-forgotten ones.

Success is comprised of 3 main components: Completion, omission and conception.
Completion is merely completing the tasks that we set for ourselves. It might
be things as everyday as going to the grocery and paying the bills to something
as big as completing college or getting that promotion. Finishing the tasks we
set out to do is crucial as it gives us a sense of achievement and confidence
in our abilities.

In discussing success, we must first specify the concept. A large number of
individuals specify their successes based on the concept of success that others
make for us. We label ourselves as "successful" if what we achieve
fits into the mold of what our parents, teachers, friends and co-workers expect
of us. If we get praise then we're a success, if we're met with damaging
emotions then what we're doing must be the opposite of success. But is that
what success truly is?

You've been the top marketer in the last 3 years. You're well- accredited at work and
most of the individuals stops to say, "Hi" at your personal office
which looks across the sea. Life looks good. But, given all you've done, why
are you not feeling more successful?

Really successful individuals are assured individuals. They've transcended this need
for substantiation from others and have learned to produce and acknowledge
their own individual successes based on their own personal criteria.

Admitting our own successes constructs confidence and brings energy into our present
plans. We have to self-acknowledge ourselves to build momentum and assurance.
It's crucial for us to take time daily to notice our individual, daily
successes. This helps us transfer from getting our confidence from others to
capturing our confidence from ourselves. Take time daily to consider all the
little things you were proud of achieving that day and write it down. If you
feel down, pull out your success sheet and be proud of it.

Take a few minutes today to ask yourself, "What does success really mean to
you?" Live by your own success criteria, not others. Establishing
meaningful relationships and sharing with other people, is what success truly


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