Reprogramming Your Subconscious Mind

✴ First and foremost, believe in yourself.
✴ Understand what is holding you back so you can overcome it.
✴ Spend time in quiet self-reflection, prayer, or meditation at least once a day.
✴ Guard everything that enters and leaves your mind.
✴ Know what you want in very specific terms.
✴ Remove all sources of negativity from your life.
✴ Surround yourself with success-minded people.
✴ Create a realistic plan to attain your deepest desires.
✴ Take positive steps each day toward what you want to attract.
✴ Focus on the present – as if you’ve already attracted the things you want.
✴ Create visual reminders of your goals.
✴ Make a recording of your favorite affirmations or buy a self-hypnosis CD.
✴ Avoid conflicting messages by matching your feelings with your desires.
✴ Write a newspaper report about your success as if it has already happened.
✴ Be an advocate for yourself.
✴ Have an attitude of gratitude.
✴ Choose to carry a positive attitude at all times.

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