From My Friend James Lee Valentine

The Empowered Millionaire
Has A Meaningful Purpose

Mother Teresa said the greatest place to which one can travel

is to the hearts of the needy. She had a life's mission and

personal philosophy of helping people die with dignity.

In a similar way, James Lee Valentine has the overriding mission of

helping people live with dignity. It is the belief of James that every

human being has a responsibility to help his or her impoverished

brothers and sisters to increase their quality of life.

Many psychologists have claimed that our genuine happiness

can only result from having a meaningful purpose that contributes

to society. In the process of giving to others, we automatically

achieve a deep sense of satisfaction.

The responsibility of helping others is far greater than the mere

feelings of satisfaction that result. As Edgar Casey phrased it:

"We will enter heaven leaning on the

arm of someone we have helped."

The desire for contribution is an invaluable reminder of

the importance of having a magnificent life's purpose and

working diligently toward its attainment.

Don't look for the light to show the way.

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