How to Create a PSI Energy Ball

Here’s an exercise from the Unexplainable store that is aimed towards helping you build your inner energy levels, and practice propelling that energy outward.

We are going to talk about PSI Balls. A PSI Ball is basically a ball of energy that your brain forms in your hands, which you can send outward or use to accomplish tasks. Many Wicca’s, Spiritualists, and Telekinesis practitioners use PSI Balls for great benefit. The art of using PSI Balls can be used for any purpose, but shows extreme success in propelling energy outwards.

Okay, onto the Practices:

This practice comes in two parts. The first part is all mental. The entire practice should first be played through your mind only with no physical action. After you complete the mind visualization, you can awake from your mind programming session, and try the exact same exercise with your physical body.

Mental Practicing

To create a PSI Ball, first you must build your inner energy up and focus your energy on a single point. A strong technique to accomplish this is to close your eyes and meditate for a bit. Focus and picture your hands in front of you. With your eyes closed, actually see your hands, see the creases and lines, see your skin pigment, and notice the small details that make your hands unique.

Once you have a vivid visualization of your own hands, think of yourself rubbing them together for about 30 seconds. Feel the friction with your mind, feel the heat build up, and feel the power being produced. This should all be thought, and you should not actually be moving your physical hands. Your body should be still and relaxed, and your visualization should be strong.

Now with your mind, picture yourself opening your hands as you were receiving a gift. Focus your thoughts into the middle of your hands, and mentally extract the surrounding power from your hands. Let this power group together in the center of your palms. Using thought, form and shape this power into a ball of light. Let your mind dictate the color and size of the ball.

Now that you are visualizing a ball of power in your hands, propel this PSI Ball outward away from your body by throwing it. Not like throwing an overhead fastball, but by gracefully lopping it in the direction you want.

Watch as the PSI Ball of power leaves your hands and drifts quickly towards a solid object. When the Energy Ball makes contact with a solid object, visualize the power silently exploding and breaking into a million small specks of light. Watch as the light disperses and disappears.

With practice, you should be able to see the entire process vividly and perfectly.

Physical Practicing

When you awaken from your Altered State of Consciousness in which you just performed the mental practices, immediately open your hands in front of yourself and repeat the practice with your eyes open and with physical actions.

You must learn to visualize with your eyes open and control what happens in your eyes. Physically rub your hands together, watch the energy form into a ball, and fling the energy ball at the wall. Watch the energy disperse as it makes contact with the wall.

The Purpose And Uses Of PSI Balls

When you have mastered the use of PSI Balls, the energy you created can be directed and altered to accomplish any task you want. You can send this energy to heal, you can send it to move an object, or you can just send love.

The Proper Brain State

The frequencies which your brain is operating is the key factor for developing Brain Powers. The human brain is not naturally tuned to use nor accept these powers, but the power is within all of us. You can achieve results just using your inner brain power, but altering your brain’s frequencies with Binaural Beats speeds up the process dramatically.

Our ESP Recording is exactly tuned to frequencies where you can control the direction of thought. You can achieve the same results with intense meditation, but it takes much longer and is not nearly as effective for beginners. It is recommended that you pick up a copy of our ESP recording and use it during the mental aspect of these practices.

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