Power Words

Power Words

Don't say or tell yourself or others what you don't want. An example of this is I heard someone say, "I don't want drama in my life". The telepathic mechanism of your subconscious mind will pick out that word "drama", and that is exactly what you will draw to you.

Let's change "I don't want drama" To I want "tranquility". Now your telepathic subconscious says "okay that is what I will seek out for you".

John Maxwell speaks in his book "The Difference Maker" about these patterns of negative input.

This is how it goes,

Negative thoughts = negative beliefs = wrong (or unwise) decisions = wrong (or unwise) actions = continued wrong (or unwise) actions = bad habits = negative thoughts = cycle starts over again.

Simple, let's reverse it and look at it this way

Positive thoughts = positive beliefs = wise decisions = continued wise decisions = wise actions = wise habits = positive thoughts = cycle starts over again

Choose your power words wisely.

The words we use do shape our destiny. Our subconscious telepathic mechanism says basically "your wish is my command"

Persist Without Exception!!

Timothy Kendrick

Timothy Kendrick International

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