How to Allow For More in Your Life Right Away

Article written by David Cameron, CEO

How to Allow For More in Your Life Right Away

There is a simple but very powerful way in which you can
allow for more successes in your life right away. It is a
way in which there is nothing to do really, yet you create
so many new changes and successes. The first time you try
it, it will amaze you as though it were magic. How powerful
it is!

So what is this powerful way? Before we answer that, think
of a coin. A coin has a heads side and a tails side. Imagine
that you hated the tails side of a coin and did everything
you could not to ever see or be anywhere near the tail side
of a coin. In other words you resisted it. What do you
suppose is the natural outcome of that resistance? This is
not a trick question. The answer is very simple. Simplicity
is perfection. What would happen is that you would never see
the heads side either, and so you would never see the whole
coin. Of course! It is simply clear that you cannot have a
coin with just one side. Resist one side, and you loose the
other, and you end up with no coin. It is the same thing
with a bird. Any one wing on its own is useless for flight,
but both wings together make flight!

And now here is the simple but powerful way:

By universal law, embracing one side allows it's opposite to
manifest automatically.

That is it.

Before we look at this more clearly and powerfully, consider
that life is composed of this and that, up and down, left
and right, night and day, and so on. Look at the infinity
sign. It is two sides joined in the middle, is it not? You
find yourself in the middle, where you find the third
reality, the powerful way we are talking about here. Let us
see how.

The reality you see outside of you is composed of two sides,
polarities, dualities. These two sides always appear to be
opposites of each other, like poverty and wealth for
example. Poverty and wealth look like two completely
different realities, yet metaphysically they arise from the
same Oneness. Have you ever shone white light into a prism?
It splits up into the colors of the rainbow. And if you
shine a rainbow spectrum into a prism it comes out of the
other side as white light. That is how life moves through
you from the nonphysical and shines out into your reality as
seemingly opposite things.

Life happens through you but never to you. This
automatically means that you create your reality,
consciously and unconsciously or even from your Higher Self,
but only you create your reality.

Now think of something in your life that you are currently
pushing against, resisting, perhaps even hating. Now we will
first brush over the inefficient way of handling this. The
inefficient way is one which we are all very familiar with,
because we think it works! What we do is resist and fight
against that which we don't like. This is inefficient
because, by universal law, what you resist persists. That is
so because whatever you give your attention to grows. So if
your mind and emotions are on that which you hate, you only
expand it. And that is why the vast majority of humanity
appears to be stuck in various struggles every now and then.
These struggles are unnecessary. You do not get peace by
hating and fighting against war; you get it by focusing on
peace everywhere. If you don't believe this, imagine what
would happen in your family if you tried to attain peace by
force or by keeping peace within your on self and with
others. Which would be more effective? Now multiply that on
a global scale.

So what is the efficient powerful way then? First, let us
quickly define realities. You have the reality you are
resisting, you have the opposite reality that you desire and
are trying to get to, and then you have a third reality of
creative power that you only get to when you embrace both of
the first two realities. It is like having the coin's head
as one reality, the tail as another, and the whole coin and
the spending power as the third.

And now, here is the powerful way: Embrace that which you
hate or fear, own it and accept it with self-honesty for you
cannot change that which you avoid. This will reveal the
secrets and gifts of that reality and show you insights you
never saw when you were resisting. Also, automatically, this
makes room for it's opposite to manifest in your reality.
You need do nothing for this to start happening. And as it
starts, you will notice changes in your life outside and in
your mind and emotions. The first change will be inner calm,
followed by external changes. Notice these and move into
them, giving them your attention, and making this reality
grow. So now you will begin to be surrounded by the two
realities, initially both at first. For example, if you were
fighting against poverty and then embraced it, new insights
would arise and you would know yourself as Who You Really
Are in relation to poverty (you would discover that you are
not a victim, you would free yourself from limiting ideas).
Then, as you embrace that and drop the resistance you had to
it, abundance will start to creep into your life
automatically. Initially, they will be both the remnants of
poverty manifesting in your reality, and the new reality.
The more you embrace and allow, the better it get. Now, the
most important thing: See and understand the connection
between the two sides! How are they related in relation to
you? You will start to see, for example, that you create
realities. You will start to see the connections between
your thoughts and emotions and specific ideas in you, and
your out reality. This is how you get to grow into a more
deliberate creator. By understanding the inherent order and
simple perfection that lies amidst the apparent chaos and
contradiction of the two seemingly opposite realities, you
know yourself and the source of both sides! Thus you find
yourself in the middle, the middle of the infinity symbol.
And this is where the powerful way lies.

From then on, that aspect of life becomes effortless! Where
have you heard this before? The rags to riches story! We
have all heard of how people went through rather troubling
times only to emerge at the other end with victory that we
all wish we had! That person can be you, everyone, simply by
letting life through. You gain control of your life by
letting go of the need to control it, for you have no needs,
just desires. And there goes another paradox of two
seemingly opposite ideas, one which you can only understand
fully by embracing and experiencing both sides so as to
emerge in the middle, the point of power and understanding!

There is much available to us nowadays in terms of high-
level wisdom and insights. Seek them and understand, if you
wish to have the key out of the box. You may also have a
look at the book What If You Knew The Answer To and the
Reason For Everything In Your Life which is available at and looks into the completeness of the
understanding we are talking about here. I wish you success
and wellbeing.

Article written by David Cameron, CEO

Brought to you by Timothy Kendrick International

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