The article that follows is a small excerpt from The Warrior-King Society's Monthly Newsletter

The article that follows is a small excerpt from The Warrior-King Society's Monthly Newsletter
If I had a superpower and could grant you the lifestyle you wanted, what would that look like?

Now, let me ask you: Is that what you really want? I've noticed what people really want is modified by a few boundaries that are, for the most part, imaginary or imposed by others.

You must separate what you want from what you think you should want. Do I want this because my parents told me I should want it? Because society wants it? Because you think it will get you more favor with the opposite sex?

Many men secretly make decisions only after having conversations with replicas of their parents, friends and a "desirable female" template inside their minds.

You may have not noticed it yet, but if you pay attention to the conversation which goes on in your head before you make a decision you'll find yourself passing through a series of these templates you've constructed.

This is not bad if you realize it and take it for what it is - just a little more input for the decision. The mistake comes when you mistakenly think it is your desire or input.

"How would you have lived differently if you had never tried to please your father? If you never tried to show your father that you were worthy? If you never felt burdened by your father's critical eye?" (The Way of the Superior Man, by Deida p. 19)

Do it totally because you want to, because you've considered the options and still want it� (Be More Selfish)

Next, is it bounded by what you think is possible?

If you really want to build the coolest skyscrapers in Manhattan but are settling for building townhomes in Podunk, Arkansas because you feel like you can't measure up, then free yourself. You're compromising your own masculine power and everyone around you can feel it when they're in your presence.

"How do you propose to force your ideas on them?"
"I don't propose to force or be forced. Those who want me will come to me."
Then the Dean understood what had puzzled him in Roark's manner.
"You know," he said, "you would sound much more convincing if you spoke as if you cared whether I agreed with you or not."
"That's true," said Roark. "I don't care whether you agree with me or not." He said it so simply that it did not sound offensive, it sounded like the statement of a fact which he noticed, puzzled, for the first time.
"You don't care what others think - which might be understandable. But you don't care even to make them think as you do?"
"But that's, that's monstrous."
"Is it? Probably. I couldn't say."

(Excerpted from "The Fountainhead" by Ayn Rand, p.26)

You might fail. You might get to Manhattan to build the coolest skyscrapers ever seen and find yourself barely living in terms of income, but you'll be full of Life. This will attract others to you. Before you know it opportunity will find you. When this core of purpose and masculine power is focused others will "fall under the spell of your power."

Roark says, "I don't propose to force or be forced. Those who want me will come to me."

But, even worse than others sensing your lack of power, you'll feel it too, you'll know you're not living up to your fullest potential. You'll know you're not a Warrior and can therefore, never be a King. This will sap your energy. It will be difficult to attract and keep a woman. Business deals will fall through. Projects will not get started or will never be finished.

Your life will slip away one day at a time until you're on your death bed, full of regrets.

Decide now to accept nothing less than your fullest potential and go for your Ideal Lifestyle.

Here's my Ideal Lifestyle (in shortened, less specific form):

My time is my own. I don't have a set schedule. I can work from anywhere: this week it may be a nice cottage on the beach, next week a Hotel Suite overlooking Central Park. I have at least one beautiful woman in my life who thinks I'm the greatest Man to ever walk the earth. I earn the majority of my income through passive investments. The rest of my income comes from writing on subjects I care about.

The steps to designing your ideal lifestyle are:

1. Think about what you would do if anything were possible.

2. Distinguish what you want from the voices of influence so you get to your pure desire.

3. Make a list of things you do not want to deal with. (My list: set schedule, office, employees, etc.)

4. Create a picture of your Ideal Lifestyle.

5. Answer: How would I know if I�m there?

6. Create a list of �next steps.�

7. Work on the next step each day.

We'll cover more about lifestyle design in a future issue of The Warrior-King Society's newsletter.

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