My Wife’s GPS System

My Wife’s GPS System

If my wife says turn left, I turn right. Not because I am being cantankerous but because she is very challenged when it comes to directions.

For Valentines Day I bought her a GPS (global positioning satellite system). I know I'm such a romantic. She loved it because she has challenges with traffic everyday driving to her office in Tampa and Sarasota etc.
The peace it brings her is amazing. No stress, knowing where you are going and shortcuts to get there.

Now this is how our subconscious works. We have a target and know our outcome. What happens? A roadblock, traffic jam, accident or one of many other situations possibly created by our conscious mind appears.
Now let's just say this GPS is our subconscious mind, our inner self. The roadblock, construction, or accident ahead is our conscious mind.
W e do not listen to our INNER SELF when our conscious mind creates these roadblocks to our outcome (our GPS knows where we want to go). Our subconscious mind never sleeps and is always throwing at us intuitive and inspirational ideas to act upon if we choose to do so.
The subconscious knows where it wants to go. We have planted that seed and typed it into our GPS. So why do we use our conscious mind to try and force a "square peg in a round hole"?

Remember what I said previously in my book PTSD: Pathways Through the Secret Door about a plane taking off from Tampa going to Atlanta is off course almost 90% of the time.
The pilots and the GPS in the aircraft know the outcome, Atlanta. So the adjustments are made through the pilot or the navigational system to get to the Atlanta Airport.

So the next time you have that intuitive or inspirational thought write it down. It may be the key to opening a door (roadblock) that you have put inadvertently in front of yourself.
I have personally found these subconscious thoughts (GPS) can come at any moment especially WHEN I AM LIVING IN THAT MOMENT.

1) Know your outcome.
The seed would not have been planted in your subconscious mind if it was not supposed to grow. "
2) Learn how to Detour (change your approach) by allowing your subconscious to inspire। Your inner GPS has no limits only possibilities and a much easier roadmap to your final destination.

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